Artists (Singers) Who Make You Throw Up In Your Mouth (A Little)

My list:
Miley Cyrus
Hilary Duff
Jonas Brothers
John Secada
Gloria Estefan

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Clay Aiken
NOOO!!!! Don't say that, he's the man! I know secretly deep down inside, when you're all alone at night you mix him into your sets...DON'T DENY YOURSELF!
Alicia Keys
Danity Kane
Cheetah Girls
Enrique Iglesias
Michael Bolton
James Blunt (album #1)
Woo...Danity Kane!!! totally agree with you on that one!
Jonas Bros
High School musical stuff
Kellie Pickler
What a funny topic! I never liked Beyonce's voice. She's talented in many ways, & hugely successful--all of those things. I just don't like.
There are too many to note...WAY too many
Kara Dioguardi

Celene Dion!

I read once about she treats everyone around her like crap. Apparently she thinks she's better than EVERYONE else.
Mariah Carey!!! Celine Dion!!! I recognize their talents, BUT I would like to see more of these SCREAMING women do more than show off their voices.And to stop acting like PRINCESSES!!!!



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