Does a Hipstamatic photo fall under photojournalism?

Hipstamatic and the Death of PhotojournalismPictures of the Year International is a photojournalism contest that's a pretty big deal. This photo of the 2nd Platoon under fire in Afghanistan by New York Times photographer Damon Winter took third place this year. It was taken with the iPhone app Hipstamatic, which slathers photos with moody effects. The fauxlaroids produced by Hipstamaddicts and Instagrammers are semi-controversial enough when they're just throwaway snaps of everyday life, spewed hourly or daily by regular folk—TV-dinner art—but what about when these tinted, tilt-shifted and vignetted photos are the artifacts of photojournalism, photography that ostensibly tries to tell a truth? Like photos of war.

Chip Litherland, who's shot for the NYT, WSJ and others, says of the winning Hipstaprint:
The fact it was shot on a phone isn't relevant at all and fair game, but what is relevant is the fact it was processed through an app that changes what was there when he shot them. It's now no longer photojournalism, but photography.

via Gizmodo

What is your take? Do you think a Hipstamatic photo can depict reality in a genuine way? Should it have been allowed in the Pictures of the Year International contest?

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