Hi everybody!

Just wanted to give you a little update about theMET. Alice and I have had a busy traveling October. We've flown to San Francisco, twice, to meet with one of our favorite ad networks, Federated Media and our social networking platform, Ning. We also just arrived home last night after a conference in Las Vegas, where we learned about the state of the internet and picked up some useful tips on how we can make theMET even better.

Now that we're back, we're really excited about the rest of this year as well as 2011.

We do this every so often but I thought it would be a good time to ask you, our community - Is there anything you think we could do better? Do you have any suggestions or contructive criticism for us?

We really value your opinion. Thanks!

(Pic above is not a plug for Southwest but us hamming it up at their booth.)

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has no one really replied to this yet? wow so I'm the first then...

speaking strictly as a freshman to TMM and as someone who isn't an American or living in the states or Canada(i live in South east Asia)...and i mean this in the most honest & politest manner...

LOVE everything else...

but wee bit too many political discussions lately i.e. Palin for PUSA,does it matter Obama has a Muslim name etc...

but i guess that's unavoidable...or is it?
Thats all.
I can see where the political stuff might not seem that important to someone coming from the rest of the world but these are big issues here in the US. I think that they cover a lot of different issues here on theMet and I would understand if you wanted to avoid this stuff on here. Obviously I would not be able to comment on what is happening in your part of the world. Also we are only two weeks away from the elections so things won't be as political after that.
Thanks for the reply, JT,

You are definitely not all alone. Around 45% of visitors come from outside the United States. I know that U.S. politics can be somewhat dry, but I do think it plays an important role in the global scene. We will always try to cover world news as much as U.S news. Thanks again for the feedback.
As soon as I got into the music posted in the sidebar it disappeared! Yeah I know, that was a while ago... but still I always love listening to new and amazing music!

The Met is pretty amazing as is so there isn't much I'd like to see changed. Although I guess a few things I'd like to see featured are maybe a few amazing recipes or up and coming musical artists. Everyone has done amazing exhibiting up and coming visual artists.

Ohhh or what about featuring the artists within this community like once a week or a month? (I believe that you just featured a member a few weeks ago?)

Ideas, I have them :D
I love the idea of doing recipes.
Haha, I love the playlist too! I always listen to it when I feel dull with my own playlist.It was great while it lasted.
Hi Kristine,

We really appreciate your feedback, especially since you've been part of our community for so long now. Although we liked rockin' out to the music player too, we took it off because we want to make the site appear as uncluttered as possible. Maybe it will be a reappearance in the future...

And in regards to spotlighting artists in our community, I think that's a great idea. I know Alice has been interviewing a lot more artists lately, and I'm trying to do the same. I think it definitely adds originality to the post.

I think the working in recipes and musical artists are also great ideas. We'll have to think about ways incorporate that in the future. Thanks again for your honest feedback!
I think some cool things would be to feature some fun travel adventures, tips about where to eat and what to do in certain cities, or having a small meetup/conference. In other words, just some new things to do/ try out or experiment with. All in all though, The Met is by far one of my favorite sites.
Hey Kevin,

I've been thinking more and more how theMET has become its own little city. Travel and adventure tips is a great idea. Hopefully in the future, we can get some traveling correspondents who could write about their expeditions. We're also always thinking about how we could create a successful offline experience...

Thanks for always contributing great content, btw.



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