Owners dye their pet dogs to look like exotic animals. Cute or silly?

Daily Mail: The Chinese are always quick to embrace bizarre trends, and it is not unusual for owners to take their dogs to grooming parlours where they are not only given a shampoo and trim, but a multi-coloured dye job as well.

Recent figures show money spent on pets across the nation has seen nearly a 500 per cent increase between 1999 and 2008 - but, arguably, at the cost of their pets' dignity.
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I was quite taken aback looking at these photos. Though they may look cute, especially the panda looking ones, I'm actually astounded to what people can do to their pets, especially man's best friends. The owners are forcing them to look like some animals they're not. It's ridiculous. Aren't we as owners supposed to love them and embrace them for what they are? What are your thoughts about this?

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I admit these look awesome!

However, is anybody ensuring that the dyes do not harm the animals - either in terms of adverse skin reaction to the chemicals, or causing damage to their nose and eyes.

Sad to say, China is hardly a world leader in animal welfare.
I definitely hope the dyes are NOT toxic!!! But China had a bad reputation for producing unsafe products, like for example, candies, milk, etc. So I'm worried!
Let me respond to this by sharing with you an annual occurrence that happens here in Macon Georgia. Each year we host the international cherry blossom festival. The color of the festival is understandably pink,; the paint pink cherry blossoms on cherry street, pink signs, and people even have their cars painted with pink cherry blossoms just to name a few things... Oh did I mention the Pink Poodle?

I've lived in Macon for 13 years and there has always been a pink poodle! What's more humiliating for a dog than being a poodle. Oh a pink poodle...

Coincidentally, did you know you can paint you cat?
it's a pepto bismol poodle....*mind explosion!!!
HAHAHA! Hilarious pic. Feel kinda bad for that poodle. :P
I WANT THE PANDAS!!!! I may be wrong here...but I think the dye doesn't affect the animals skin (unless they have sensitive skin), I've seen it in pet salons in Malaysia...but I am not 100% sure. I think they are only temporary...
I'm with you...I want the pandas! They're adorable in a freakish sort of way...
How can anything so awesome as the tiger dog be wrong. I'm with Mia, as long as it doesn't hurt the animals through chemicals, I'm ok with it. But, and it's a big but, it has to be cool. No pink poodles or anything unsightly like that.
are you crazy? you want to USE these animals for your visual enjoyment.
animals are not instruments that human can make them as he/she wants.
I totally disagree with this disgusting idea about painting animals like clowns.
It's so sad.
It doesn't matter "using animal safe hair dye" or not.
It's about thinking "What am I doing WITH these animals" OR "What I'm doing FOR these animals?"
Instrinsic or INSTRUMENTAL VALUE of animals??
Good point, Gamze. Why are people painting dogs to look like other animals? What does it say about us..as a society? That we're crazy??!
I personally don't support the idea but I don't object to it either just as long as the products/dyes they use are perfectly safe for animals. I think it's best to keep animals as they are, and not disguise them as something they're not. Imagine if we're being forced to dress something ridiculous/cute/whatever, and look like something we're not just for display to the public.
Personally I think it's the stupidest thing you can do... Not my thing and personally I would not turn my Sheperd Husky x into any sort of exotic animal. Though I do admit my orange cat does look like a lion a little bit.



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