Sorry to pollute the forum with more hamburger talk

but I think I found a burger that's better than Father's Office!--Blue Dahlia on Traction Ave. I turned into Golem while I was eating it. It's made with oxtail (or beeftail--shredded beef) in addition to ground beef.
Slick place, nice patio in the back, lots of wine. Tight. Pesto sandwich & salad rock too.

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Say what?!
Come hither, sexy Hamburger Man ..
Are you a boy or a girl
shes a sexy panda
with a paul stanley shiner
ohh blue dahlia is good!

you should try josies... they have a buffalo sirloin burger with foie gras and gruyere, caramelized onions in a brioche bun... w/ truffle fries (not a big fan of truffle fries) ... its pricey though... $28
I love foie gras i can't believe it's in a hamburger. is gruyere sour/bitter? i like gorgonzola & havarti. 28 is a lot for a hamburger but it sounds justified. we'll have to go for an MMM LA Chapter outing some time; replace this virtual life with real inter-action
its a soft cheese, i guess its in the swiss cheese family

yum.... cheese. ilovestinkycheese...
I LOVE STINKY CHEESE! Havarti is one of my favorites also. It's great in meals as long as there is something else to balance out the strength of the cheese. mmmmmmm..
I love stinky feet
why is it we love the smell of beef on the bbq but go home & smell it in clothes, in hair, & I want to puke
You mean this one?

Which burger reigns supreme?
Father's Office? Blue Dahlia? Josie?
yep thats it!

Let the battle begin!

but im going with blue dahlia on this one, price and taste is so worth it. FO... you have to sneak in your own ketchup and mayo... josies... is a steep price but that foie gras is a good addition
mmmm...i gotta try blue dahlia. thanks for the tip!



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