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What will Michelle Obama Wear on January 20, 2009?

The big countdown begins! Less than two weeks remains until the most anticipated inauguration of the century. Of course, the part I am most eagerly looking forward to is what Michelle Obama will wear to the Ball, or Balls, rather. The word around Dupont Circle is that the Obamas will attend a record breaking… Continue

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We're Men, We're Men in Tights, Tights?! Tights.

According to CNN, mantyhose sales are "booming." The website e-MANcipate aiming to "accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item" offers testimonials from truck drivers who swear by mantyhose for those long cold drives as well as an detailed illustrated how-to guide with the following key considerations:

1. Number one - which number? (The size… Continue

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Kate Hudson in Elle Magazine

The Goldie Hawn of our generation, romantic comedy champ Kate Hudson, looking as glamorous as ever in Elle magazine's February 2009 issue. Photographed by Carter Smith. Styled by Elle's creative director Joe Zee, of whom I've become a fan after watching CW's guilty pleasure reality series Stylista - the chubby, more insecure sister of… Continue

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theMET Minute: Bite Size News Updates

We're introducing a new segment today called The Met Minute where we'll aggregate some of the best news stories we think you'll like and give them to you in one nice little bundle. Enjoy!

This one's on tech:

* At Macworld this morning, Apple announced that iTunes songs are now DRM free. Song pricing will also be offered in three tiers… Continue

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Cate Blanchett in Vanity Fair Magazine

The undeniable Cate Blanchett, captured by the one, the only, Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair's February 2009 issue. An astonishing talent, Blanchett is in my opinion, one of the greatest cinema sirens ever. I'll pretty much watch anything she does. By the way, go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, you will be glad you did.

Cate is blessed with the distinguishable ability to… Continue

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Nip/Tuck Returns Tonight on FX.

Tell me what you don't like about yourself.

And so it begins again. Nip/Tuck returns to FX tonight.

If you haven't seen the series, you absolutely must give it a try, starting with the first season. One of the bravest, most innovative TV endeavors ever. Talk about taking chances and exposing the beautiful/ugliness of men (I watch for the awkward love… Continue

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My Modern Met is in Print! KoreAm Article On My Modern Metropolis.

As our social network grows, we love to take moments like this one to thank all of our members for their love and support. It's been a wild ride these past seven months and we couldn't have gotten here without you.

We're excited to announce that My Modern Metropolis just received its first magazine article titled, "Worth a Click" in KoreAm Journal's December… Continue

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Mover Over, Mactini. The MacBook Wheel is here (video)

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard Hilarious spoof video for the "MacBook Wheel", a "revolutionary new laptop with no Keyboard", a product almost as innovative as the Mactini. Another masterpiece from the incomparable Onion News… Continue

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Honey, We Had a Baby! VW Shows Us What Our Offspring Will Look Like with BabyMaker3000

And here is our little bundle of joy!

If you ever wondered what your offspring might look like and you have the guts to find out, look no further than VW's microsite, BabyMaker3000.com. As part of VW's marketing of their minivan, the Routan, they've partnered up with a… Continue

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Indulge Your Inner Foodie! dineLA Restaurant Week is Coming!

Alright friends, it's that time again! A time when some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles and Orange County come together for a two-week dining event that'll knock our socks off!

When is dineLA Restaurant Week?

dineLA Restaurant Week takes place January 25 to 30, 2009 and February 1 to 6,… Continue

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A Fascinating Look At American History: 1860-1971 (20 LIFE photos)

A little while ago Alice wrote a post about LIFE's photo archive hosted by Google. It's such a privilege to be able to get a glimpse of what life looked like over 100 years ago. These photographers have captured priceless historical moments over the… Continue

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Being Facebook Friends Comes With Perks! Kor Hotel is Giving Away Freebies.

We here at theMET may constantly be singing the praises of the W Hotel but we like to think we give equal love to all those boutique hotels that provide an amazing and unique experience. Though you may know the hotels Viceroy and Avalon, you may not know that they are managed under an umbrella company called the Kor Hotel Group. Kor also oversees The Tides in South… Continue

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download here

NOTE: The font name shows up as "Nanonymus Eco Sans" after installation. Thanks… Continue

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I Love Modern Architecture - Waterhouse by Mass Studies: Seoul, Korea

"Waterhouse" isn't over-the-top, but I l really like its intelligent design. The three-storey building includes numerous windows that provide views of the landscape, a greenery area, and sections of the interior are painted with bright colors that add warmth and character to the house.

Credit goes to Korean architect architectural firm, Mass Studies, who… Continue

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Funny Ad - Walk in Fridge: Heineken

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Michael Phelps: the $6.8 Million RMB Man

Someone has been eating his Wheaties, I mean, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.

Michael Phelps has inked a record $1 million (or $6.8 million RMB, in Chinese currency) endorsement deal with Mazda in China that will make him the highest-paid Western celebrity sponsor in the history of that country.

Michael Phelps will be showing himself off to promote the Mazda 6 automobile via appearances and television / print / outdoor ads. The… Continue

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Get Lit, with DailyLit!

Is "read more" one of your New Year's Resolutions? It may be easy to do, with a little help from DailyLit - a site that emails you books in short, digestible installments - you guessed it - daily. You may also choose a non-daily schedule, as well as length and delivery time of the emails. Genius!

With a catalog of over… Continue

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For the Love of Photography: JPG Magazine

I wish I'd known about JPG Magazine sooner. The online photography magazine, whose content consists solely of submissions from readers - is close to joining the fallen in the Publishing dead pool.

The e-magazine and its parent company 8020 Media was founded on a seed investment from Cnet founder Halsey Minor. Although the publication failed because of a doomed, antiquated business model (based on selling print ads, ughyee) and a clunky format (downloadable PDFs,… Continue

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2008, a Retrospective by YouTube

YouTube has posted a year end review of the top 24 videos, measured by ratings, favorites and number of comments. None are surprises; some I am ashamed to admit I've watched more than once, thus contributing to the astronomical number of total viewership for master-pieces of dung like " Chocolate Rain" and "BoyGirl crying for Britney". But some are still good for re-watching - Obama Girl, anyone?

The… Continue

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How Family Life Can Be So Simple and Sweet. 7 Photos By Akhiro Furuta.

Awesome set of photos from Akihiro Furuta who shows us how amazing family life can be.

This year I'm making it a point to work on creating deeper relationships with my family and friends. That means being more raw and real, listening instead of talking, understanding and not… Continue

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