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Scale of the Universe

If all of our planets were as far away as the moon, how large would they appear in the sky? Brad Goodspeed created this video in After Effects, making all the planets in scale with one another. "Here's an animation I did to make you feel small, and also convey the deep awe I feel at the feet of the Universe," he says.

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Infographic: Superbowl XLV (part 2)

Last week, we looked at some stats regarding Superbowl XLV. Here's another great infographic that will surely give you an edge when placing your bets on the big game...

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Pic of the Day: Falling in Love

Now this is a creative engagement shot! When undergraduate student Jeremy Blanchard was asked to take engagement photos of his friends, he decided to do something a little different. Instead of taking a boring old photo of two lovebirds wrapped in each other's arms, he made his friends look like ghostly figures walking toward each other, symbolizing them "falling" in love.

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Storytelling Word on the Street (8 photos)

Imagine starting a photo series over 30 years ago. Then, imagine the patience it requires in finding an authentic and powerful moment. That is the abbreviated story of Richard Nagler, a man who spent days finding poignant words in isolation then waited for a lone individual to pass by. It couldn't just be any person, however, that stranger had to breathe life into that word, creating a story out of… Continue

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Clever Ads: True Colours (4 total)

Simple idea, wonderful execution. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of office supplies, Faber-Castell makes products of the highest quality for everyone from young children to professional artists. To promote their colored pencils, they made these four, clever print ads with the tagline: “True Colours. Faber-Castell.”

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Interview: The Man Behind Those Magnificent Movie Posters

After putting together a post, last week, of some magnificent modern day movie posters, one of our very own Met members (Ryan Olds) left us this heartfelt comment: "These movie posters are incredible! The raw expression of each main character gives each film such a specific feeling! Please find… Continue

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Pics of the Day: Opera Birds (4 total)

These four birds tie for today's Pic of the Day. May we all live our lives with this much enthusiasm!

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Beautiful Watercolor Street Scenes (12 pieces)

While we can all appreciate today's digital art movement, there's something about watercolor paintings that strikes a chord within us, making us yearn for simpler times. Poland-based artist Grzegorz Wróbel is an architectural designer and artist who paints both traditional and modern architecture in his stunning street scenes. Love how he paints shadows and light and how he brings into focus… Continue

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Artistic Architecture and Landscape Photography (15 photos)

Varlose, Denmark-based freelance architectural and landscape photographer Kim Holtermand takes photos that make you appreciate life's still moments. There's an underlining moodiness to his work - you can almost feel the heavy fog surrounding the buildings or weaving through the trees. His attention to color, composition, lines and angles doesn't go unnoticed. In fact, it should come as no surprise… Continue

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Interview: The Man Behind the Hippest Hoodies (8 pics)

Here at theMET, we're all about shining light on creative ideas. It's one of the many reasons why I love my job. On a daily basis, I get to explore the web, finding everything from unbelievable teenage talent to… Continue

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Blog Love: Downtown From Behind (12 photos)

Downtown From Behind is one of those photo projects you instantly fall in love with. Faceless New Yorkers ride their bikes through the streets of lower Manhattan. Doesn't seem glamorous but, strangely, it is. The photographs are taken by Bridget Fleming who moved to the Lower East Side from Australia in 2008. She hopes to capture "the heartbeat of New York" through the city's most… Continue

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Giant Roses Bloom in New York (4 pics)

Artist Will Ryman just debuted a site-specific art installation called "The Roses" that consists of 38 rose blossoms as high as 25 feet plus 20 individual sculptures of scattered rose petals! (Coolest part? 6 of the 20 scattered petals have been comfort tested to double as lawn chairs.) Covering 10 blocks of Park Avenue in New York… Continue

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Ellen von Unwerth for Guess 2011 (21 photos)

For the Guess Spring 2011 campaign, famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth shoots fun and playful photos of models Elsa Hosk, Alyssa Miller, Kate Upton and Silviu Tolu. The quartet is sporting casually chic ensembles suited for the beach. Unwerth’s black and white photos of beautiful bombshells make for a winning Guess campaign!…


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Quote of 1,500 Plastic Army Men (5 pics)

As part of a "Things I Have Learned in My Life" project at the School of Visual Arts Masters in Design program, Adam Katz was asked to create a typographic solution to a lesson he had learned in his own life. Instead of just illustrating a boring sign, Katz spray painted over 1,500 green plastic army men to day-glo orange and then affixed them to a window storefront in New York City.… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Sunset in Bali

Check out those colors! A sunset shot doesn't get much more beautiful than this. Taken on Seminyak Beach in South Bail by photo hobbyist Helminadia.

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Infographic: Super Bowl XLV

For many Americans, Super Bowl Sunday is like a sacred holiday. What could be more fun than gathering around the big screen with your closest friends, putting down ice cold beers, and eating all types of junk food? Here's an infographic that shows us the stats surrounding the big game... (larger version)…


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GigaPan - Amazing Billion Pixel Photos

The picture above of the town of Kocani in Macedonia may not look like much but the original of this photo contains 4.9 billion pixels. The actual resolution of this photo is an amazing 226,042 x 21,693 pixels! You can zoom in so far on this image that you can actually read the names on some of the… Continue

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Matt Moore's Signature Psychedelic Style (14 pics)

Stare at one of Matt Moore's psychedelic illustrations and it's almost guaranteed that your mind will enter another dimension (Inception-style, if you get my drift). As founder of his own design and illustration studio MWM Graphics, Moore creates colorful, digital illustrations that are not only bursting with color, their abstract nature makes you feel as though you're looking through… Continue

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Dazzling Digital Artwork by IK-YD (6 total)

Loving the energy of these works by Lyon, France-based digital artist IK-YD (Natanaël Iabakidy). The compositions are interesting and have a clear focus, and each one has the perfect mix of color, shapes, textures, and photographic elements. 

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Transportation (2 pics)

Hey everyone! Here are two of my latest drawings: an Italian track / fixed gear rider and a rude Argentinian taxi driver. Hope you like them!

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Added by Juan Weiss on January 27, 2011 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

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