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Cloud Magically Appears Inside Rooms!

Berndnaut Smilde's cloud creations within rooms are simply magical! The Amsterdam-based artist was able to achieve this with the combination of smoke, moisture, and dramatic lighting. It is interesting how the his work only exists for that brief period of time physically, but can still have a powerful impact after it is gone.

Smilde often experiments with the concept of "the physical presence of…


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Innate Beauty of Majestic Wildlife Creatures

Photographer Marina Cano has fallen in love with the beauty of nature and its creatures. The wildlife photographer, who is based in Cantabria, located in the North of Spain, has devoted three years of her life to a passion project that exposes the scenic and spiritual appeal of this world's natural environments. In her book Cabárceno, titled after the…


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Massive Sculptures Made of Nails, Bottle Caps, and Brushes

Drawing inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe's short story "The Raven," former playwright Will Ryman creates his own bird out of thousands of nails, proving his mastery of the arts forevermore. The artist's Bird sculpture stands 12 feet high, consisting of 1,500 nails varying in length and size to form a giant bird holding an equally massive rose in its beak. Scale…


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Art of Sensual Emotion

Moscow-based photographer Mercuro B. Cotto (also here) is a fashion photographer who resists the formal portraiture approach and photographs delicate, feminine figures within the flow of their surroundings. The women in his images seem to lose bits of identity as Cotto transforms them…


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Shockingly Creative Man on Fire Photos

Whoever said you shouldn’t play with fire would change that motto after seeing these shocking photographs by Benjamin Von Wong. Based in Montreal, Von Wong is driven by dreams that he says, “Inspire me and push me to challenge the impossible in creating unique compelling artwork.”

For this particular shoot, Von Wong had a vision and spent a lot of time organizing…


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Preview Amy Sol's Dreamy New Works

We were granted special access to preview Amy Sol's dreamy new works that will go on display at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California starting March 10, 2012. Called Numina, the major exhibition will feature ten new acrylic-on-wood panel paintings with Sol's signature soft colors and dreamy settings. "The characters in each piece are participants seeped…


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Wonderfully Whimsical Street Art by Alice Pasquini

It's hard not to fall in love with AliCè's (aka Alice Pasquini) whimsical street art. Whether she's beautifying the streets with children at play or with couples in love, her works are sure to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. "I create art about people and their relationships," the Rome-based artist says. "I'm interested in representing human feelings and exploring…


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Incredibly Exquisite Paper-Crafted Creatures

If you liked Sean Avery's animals made of shattered CDs, you'll enjoy these paper-crafted creatures by France-based graphic studio Zim and Zou. With a similar meticulous effort, artists Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmerman, who make up Zim and Zou, rework the inanimate…


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The Story Behind the Half Graffiti Hotel Room

After we saw the incredible photos of the half graffiti hotel room at the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France, we knew we had to find out more. We were lucky enough to get in touch with a representative at the hotel named Jessica who was able to enlighten us about…


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Melting Superman at Singapore Art Museum

Currently displayed on the front lawn of the Singapore Art Museum is this melting Superman aptly titled, "No One Can Save Us Now." Created by Mojoko and Eric Foenander as part of the exhibition:…


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When I Grow Up, I Will Become A...

Paris-based photographer Malo, aka MondayMonday, takes a delightful look at possible professions a child could fall into, through the eyes of a doting parent. Reflected in this series entitled Un jour, mon enfant tu seras, translated as One Day You Will Be My Child, are several career paths a child…


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Elaborate Life-like Pencil Sculptures

These pencil sculptures are so incredible and life-like! I half expect the sea urchin-inspired forms to stretch out and crawl away. Jennifer Maestre takes your average pencil and creates such a strong personal conflict—to touch or not to touch! The viewer is drawn in by the intricate detail and surprising choice of material, but at the same time, there is a desire to retreat…


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Unbelievably Mysterious Tree Sculptures

Recently dubbed the “Yorkshire Banksy” due to the mystery of his identity, a tree sculptor in the English town of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire has been popping around town for the past few weeks, transforming various tree trunks into massive works of art. When the BBC decided to knock on neighbors’ doors, they got some answers and almost two months after the first sighting, the…


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Painterly Photographs by Hisaji Hara

The photographs by Japanese photographer Hisaji Hara are wistfully reminiscent of the past. Hara is inspired by Balthus, one of the most revered artists of the 20th century. This inspiration is evident in the painterly qualities throughout all of Hara’s photographs. He captures the essence of Balthus’s works in a modern way by introducing new settings and new…


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Gargantuan Stainless Steel Sculptures by Kevin Stone

Chilliwack, British Columbia-based Kevin Stone specializes in creating gargantuan, one-of-a-kind stainless steel sculptures. His towering bald eagle, called "Power and Authority," stands an astounding 20 ft high and has a massive 31 ft wingspan. He also completed an 85 feet long mirror polished stainless steel sculpture, the "Imperial Water Dragon." For almost two years, working seven days a…


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Two Sweet Sons Growing Up in Japan - Part II

It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since we've checked in on Hideaki Hamada and his two sweet sons, Haru and Mina. Just recently, a selection of Hamada's photos were part of a solo exhibition at the Sincewell…


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Crushed Car Parts by John Chamberlain

Come to the Guggenheim from now till May 13, 2012 to see a "Choices," an amazing retrospective of the late sculptor John Chamberlain. Known for his colorful sculptures, Chamberlain was able to transform…


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Deserted Cars Enveloped by Nature

American-born, Paris-based photographer Peter Lippman explores a world of stationary cars overtaken by nature in his series entitled Paradise Parking. This personal project that was two years in the making captures abandoned cars from yesteryear that are overwhelmed by roots and leaves from its surrounding natural environment. The vehicles' rusty, tarnished finish coupled with…


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ICEHOTEL's Diamond Genesis Room

Next time you travel to Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, pack your long-johns and stay the night at this giant ice and snow hotel! Sitting alongside the Torne river, ICEHOTEL is the world's largest hotel—about 5,500 square meters—made out of ice and snow and has an indoor temperature of -5ºC. The hotel is constructed each year to serve as both creative accommodations as well as a…


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Pop Culture Recreations of Classic Paintings

You may remember Luke Radl's reworking of Norman Rockwell's The Runaway, from last month, but have you seen these other creative modernizations? Art director Irene Gallo over at Tor.com…


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