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Fine Art of an Icelandic Volcano Eruption (10 photos)

In 2010, Iceland experienced an epic volcanic eruption that captured the attention of people worldwide. Eyjafjallajökull spewed ash into the air as experts warned that the tiny particles of rock, glass and sand contained in the ash cloud was sufficient to jam aircraft engines. European air traffic was at a standstill for weeks.

While most saw the natural disaster as a huge inconvenience,… Continue

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Gisele Rebels

Gisele Bündchen bears it all for the Gisele Unzipped portrait in V Magazine. Editorial photographer Hedi Slimane shoots the Brazilian supermodel as she rocks a casual yet rebellious look styled by Clare Richardson. In beautiful black-and-white, Slimane captures the 30-year-old new mom looking as flawless as ever.…


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7 Standout Desk Accessories

This content is brought to you by the new Hyundai Elantra which helps you "Snap Out" of your routine to live your best life.

You work longer than the standard 9 to 5. You're closer with your office's cleaning staff than you are with your own family. What better way to enjoy… Continue

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TV Photobombs (8 pics)

If you've ever surfed the web, you probably know about photobombs. It happens when an uninvited person intentionally or unintentionally ruins a perfectly normal photograph. TV photobombs go one step further. Instead of a real person causing the chaos, it's an actor or character on TV. Here are some funny examples:…


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My Father and I (11 photos)

For anyone who's experiencing a complicated relationship with their father, this series is for you. Created by Toronto, Canada-based artist Laurie Kang, My Father and I addresses issues most of us think about but don't necessarily discuss. Beautiful as it is tragic, it's a photo set that pulls you, asking you to face your own situation with honesty.

"With My Father and… Continue

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Carnival 2011 - In Focus

Carnival 2011 is coming to a close. The festive season, which occurs immediately before Lent, always includes magnificent parades and the most elaborate masquerade costumes. Extraordinary images have been taken during the past several weeks from carnivals around the world. Alan Taylor's In Focus is on the scene.…


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London Miles: New Paintings by Stella Im Hultberg and Scott Belcastro

You saw Stella Im Hultberg's sneak peek sketches, now see the completed paintings come to life! London Miles gallery sent us over some newly released images for their upcoming show. Starting March 11th, Stella Im Hultberg (who we absolutely love and who we interviewed… Continue

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Exclusive Interview: Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom Designer

Last week, people of all ages came into My Modern Met to marvel at a pirate ship bedroom that looked like it belonged at Disneyland. In fact, all you had to do was search Twitter to see what grown adults… Continue

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Silhouette Street Art (10 pieces)

Kenny Random is a Padova, Italy-based street artist who creates silhouette-style men that looks like they're living inside city walls! Don't think that they're unhappy. Rather, they seems quite content, even enjoying their urban surroundings. As Random says about them, "My characters communicate in silence. And I prefer not to add words."

Not much is known about street artist Kenny Random… Continue

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Wireframe Range Rover (8 pics)

London artist Benedict Radcliffe is up to his old tricks again with a new wireframe art installation that's part of a recent collaboration with Land Rover.

The installation, a life-size piece of art based on the new Range Rover Evoque, was specially created to coincide with the Geneva… Continue

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Optical Illusion Bookshelf (4 pics)

From a bending bookcase apartment to a branching bookshelf, what we put our books on has evolved over time. In fact, I'm sure you'd agree that we have come along way from the standard bookcases and… Continue

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Jump-Starting Egypt's Democratic Revolution: TED

Wael Ghonim is the Google executive who helped jump-start Egypt's democratic revolution. He inspired millions of his own people to fight back against tyranny and oppression, as well as the entire world who watched the revolution from the edge of their living room sofas. Speaking at TEDxCairo, Ghonim tells the inside story of the past two months, when everyday Egyptians showed that "the power of the people is stronger than the people in power."…


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Angry Birds x Banksy Mashup

Take a hugely popular game, Angry Birds, and mash it up with a very recognizable street art piece, from Banksy, and what do you get? This very clever creation. Called Angry Birdksy, it's by Austin, Texas-based graphic designer Brandon (or Bortwein). Love it!

Bortwein on Flickr

via… Continue

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Inside Glacier Caves (17 photos)

Working with an expedition cruise company that sails to the world's most remote places like Alaska and the Arctic, Eric Guth is constantly surrounded by large bodies of ice. In fact, he gets to experience, first-hand, places like Antarctica like most of us have never done before. "The landscape and icebergs of Antarctica have captured my senses the most. Antarctica, being so remote and raw and… Continue

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Art of Photography Contest: Best of Week 1 (10 photos)

Sponsored by YPOC

Wow, what talent! We've just completed the first week of My Modern Met's Art of Photography contest, sponsored by YPOC, and we just have to say that we're in awe! You've… Continue

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Stuck in Time (6 photos)

It's hard to tell whether French fashion photographer Remi Rebillard was trying to set the stage in the past, during the times of ancient Mayans - or in the distant future, in a world that resembles a sexy sci-fi movie. Either way, he hits the mark perfectly with this captivating series. Models Hanna Saul, Dominique Clerc, and Alexandra Yanina look absolutely stunning...…


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Clever Ad: Sharp Elevator Knife

The way an elevator opens and closes creates a unique environment that's perfect for advertising. Utilizing this effect, ad agency GREY Tokyo / G2Tokyo promotes Kagatani knives by splitting through the tough shell of a bright red lobster in half.…


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Up-Inspired Floating House (14 photos)

Our awesome partners over at National Geographic sent over these incredible photos, as they just wrapped up creating a real-life version of Pixar's animated hit film Up. It's pretty amazing what human beings are capable of...

Yesterday morning, March 5 at dawn, National Geographic Channel and a team of scientists, engineers, and two world-class balloon pilots successfully…


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A Paris Connection (8 photos)

There's no denying the fact that I feel a special connection to Paris. I believe it might have to do with the fact that artists and their art thrive there. Paris is one of those rare cities that, despite being old with an exceptionally rich history, never fails to feel modern.

In a recent trip to this beautiful city, I used a style of photography that mimics the style painters used in… Continue

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Storytelling Notebook Sketches (13 pieces)

Mexico-born Hugo Lugo takes everything we thought about boring lined paper and turns it upside down (in some cases literally). By combining painting, drawing and photography, he makes us feel as if we're watching a suspenseful story unfold. While in some cases he takes away from paper with strategically placed cutouts, in still others he adds in items like thread to help tell the story.… Continue

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