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Exquisite Paper Flowers Last Forever

For the person who loves flowers but just can't keep them alive (for longer than a day) there are paper flowers by Frances & Francis. These beautiful works of art are handcrafted using just paper and then attached to actual twigs. Frances & Francis is run by Helen Frances, a paper artist living just north of London in St. Albans. (The second Francis is a tribute to…


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Faces Emerge from Colorful Rows of Dots

New York-based artist Nathan Manire approaches his Dot Portraits with an abstract, graphic process. He uses large dots and a broad color palette to build his subjects' faces with watercolors. Up close, viewers see colorful circles, neatly arranged in organized rows. To more fully appreciate Manire's pointillist techniques, viewers need to squint their eyes or step back from the image…


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Inception-Style Phone Booth Art in NYC

While this Inception-style piece of public art is trippy enough, know the backstory and you'll appreciate it even more. Artist Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign is known for taking over public spaces that's run over with advertising. Back in 2008, he created a public installation, on New York's Spring and Bowery phone booth, where he placed his signature weave pattern on the…


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Powerful Portraits of Captive Creatures

Auckland, New Zealand-based photographer Cally Whitham takes artistic portraits of animals for her series titled Captive. The collection of images in the ongoing series presents wild creatures as attentive beings, calmly posing for the camera. From a gentle giraffe to a tame tiger, Whitham captures a vulnerable side to these animals that feels quite powerful and…


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New Intricately Detailed Graphite Drawings by Joe Fenton

London-based artist Joe Fenton continues to mesmerize us with his skilled hand and imaginative mind at work on the latest addition to his ongoing series titled The Landing. The artist has just recently completed the second and biggest panel of his large-scale triptych. The first two of his three-part drawings feature his signature monochromatic style in graphite on…


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Cast Paper Sculptures Celebrate Native American Culture

Husband and wife team Patty and Allen Eckman share a passion for art and design. Since 1988, the duo have perfected the process of cast paper sculpture, in which they create intricate three-dimensional casts. Based in South Dakota, Patty and Allen say they find inspiration for their art in the landscape, the wildlife, and the history of their surroundings. In particular, many…


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Make a Free Little Library for the Neighborhood

Little Free Library is a creative idea, thought up by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks, that aims to promote literacy and bring communities together by putting up mini libraries in neighborhoods around the world. Started in 2009, it's a nonprofit that seeks to place these small, accessible book exchange boxes right in front of a house or on a street corner. (Take a book, return a book.) You can…


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Unbelievable GIFs of an Artist Balancing Palm Leaf Ribs

Balance is a short film directed by Tobias Hutzler that captures the unbelievable balancing act performed by artist Mädir Eugster of Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque. Set against a blank, white backdrop, the performance artist carefully assembles 16 bare ribs of palm leaves and a feather by balancing each piece in…


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Photographer Shares How She Makes Dreamy Double Exposure Portraits

Bulgaria-based photographer Aneta Ivanova continues to impress us with her beautifully blended portraits. She first caught our attention last July when we noticed how she stunningly layered both cityscapes and landscapes into female figures. Her work reminds us of…


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Beautiful Sunrise Photos Taken from Same Spot for a Year

January 5

Over the course of one year, photographer Robert Weingarten took a picture of the sky, sea, and city from the same position overlooking Santa Monica Bay at 6:30 AM. The aptly titled 6:30 AM Series strictly uses only one aperture size (f/22), image size (2 1/4 in.2), and lens (350mm) in addition to the fixed position…


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Split-Second Burst of Paint Captured from Spinning Drill

Fabian Oefner captures all kinds of incredible color and motion in just the blink of an eye. His awesome skills at experimentation have once again led to this captivating series, entitled Black Hole. For each image, Oefner drips acrylic paint onto a metallic rod that is attached to a drill. When he turns the drill on, the paint instantly flies away from the center of the rod and, in that…


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Miniature Worlds Emerge On Top of Wooden Animals

Sekai, Japanese for 'world', is a series of clever sculptures by Maico Akiba, in which tiny little worlds emerge on the backs of wooden animals. The sculptor and illustrator collects the small figures from Souvenir From Tokyo, the National Museum of Art and Design Tokyo museum shop. She uses miniature trees, cars, people,…


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Japanese Schoolgirls Perform Superhuman Energy Attacks

There is a massive internet photo trend brewing amongst youths in Japan right now that involves taking pictures of teens who appear to be releasing invisible energy that sends their peers flying. The photo mania is especially popular amongst schoolgirls who started the trend by uploading images on Twitter and labeling them as "…


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New in the Shop: Matt Molloy's Gorgeous Smeared Skies

Last November, Matt Molloy busted out into the art scene with his gorgeous smeared sky photos. Stacking as much as 100 to 200 photos into one, he gave us a new way to enjoy the view right above our heads. By experimenting with new techniques, he found a creative new way to use timelapse photos. As he tells us, "It's…


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Breathtaking Blue Shadows of Barren Winter Trees

The last time we checked in with aerial photographer Klaus Leidorf, he was taking beautiful birds-eye-view photos of Germany's diverse landscape. We're happy to report that he continues to photograph the world from high above, giving us a new way to appreciate all that the world…


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7 Most Inspirational Photo Series to Warm Your Heart

Photographers capture a variety of portraits and landscapes, but it's the personal photo series with beautiful images that make you want to laugh and cry that stick with you. They're the ones that make you want to know more about the subjects and share them with others. These types of collections resonate most deeply with an audience, creating a connection that…


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Hilarious New Street Art from Hanksy

The Walken Dead

Hanksy has a whole new set of hilarious images! The artist has been growing his collection of funny street art this year in preparation for a solo show at Gallery1988. The artist, who…


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Spectacular Tree Hole Paintings Brighten Up China's Streets

In China, public trees have been transforming into beautiful works of art thanks to 23-year-old art student Wang Yue. With her friend Li Yue, aka Belladrops, documenting her progress, the artist has garnered much attention for her creative public art which has turned the streets of Shijiazhuang into a…


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New Amazingly Detailed Paper Portrait by Yulia Brodskaya

When looking at this artwork, at first you may only see the gorgeous lines and vibrant color of abstraction. But, upon further inspection, you'll find that these intricate swirls of color blend together to form detailed faces, shapes, and typography. And, most amazing of all, the entire piece is a three-dimensional construction, made out of strips of paper that are…


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Street Artist Cleverly Turns the Road into His Canvas

With a name like Roadsworth, you could easily guess that this isn't any ordinary street artist. Though born Peter Gibson, he chose the name Roadsworth because, as he states, "Where Wordsworth is a poet of words, Roadsworth is a poet of roads."

Though he started painting on the streets as a form of activism (for more bike paths), his motivation later evolved into a more personal one. It…


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