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The Many Peace Signs of Yue Su (17pics)

Yue Su's from Dallan, China and I love her series of peace signs, all made up of random graphics. Pretty clever in my opinion.


If any corrections need to be made, let me know, because the information I found on her behance site is pretty scarce.



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A Sexy Masquerade

These stunning shots come to us from Polish native Marlena Bielinska. As a former model, the New York-based photographer knows exactly what she is looking for in her subjects.

"The model should be confident with her own sensuality. She must be sensual - sometimes that only shows in her eyes of pose. Confidence must exude from my subject every time I shoot. Even in a simple catalog shot, just the way the model moves her legs, arches her back or smiles - She should perspire…


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Modern Health: Health Care Reform In a Nut Shell

For months we've been listening to health care reform this and health care reform that - but what does it all mean? Nicole Maria Rincon, winner of GOOD's "best information" infographic project, provides a straight foward presentation of the facts… Continue

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Best Ever: Street Art/Painting

Best Ever is a collaboration between UK artists Neil Edward and Hadley Newman. Newman and Edward both have backgrounds in graffiti but now work on walls and canvases, creating their unique art that they describe as “anatomical mathematical realism” or “disturbed painterly realism.” Inspirations include t”he uglier things in life – disease, death, symmetry, the exact size of everything, cycles, maths, science, mental disorders, the fragility of the…


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Connected - Self Portrait by Kasey McMahon (4 pics)

Kasey McMahon created this provocative self-portrait using steel, CAT5 and other data cables. Titled “Connected,” the life-size sculpture is perhaps a graphic representation of how our society is bound by digital culture.…


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Inspirational Tearoff Sheets

Kasey McMahon inspires us to do great things through these funny tearoff sheets.

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Prettiest Pizza Branding (4 pics)

Does it mean I'm jaded if I could never imagine a pizza company's brand identity to be this pretty? Concrete Design Communications, an internationally acclaimed Toronto design practice, was recently tasked to take an established family-owned corporation and give them a fresh identity. While…


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Armani's First Hotel Opens in Dubai

The world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, gave fashion designer Georgio Armani ten levels to create a modern hotel filled with upscale design. This includes walls decorated with handmade Florentine leather, Japanese tatami on the floors and bathrooms featuring green Brazilian marble. In fact, every physical detail of the hotel was designed by Armani himself. Playing their part, the hotel staff wears Armani suits and dresses. There's…


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Iron Man 2 Review: Two Thumbs Up!

Alright here's my verdict of one of the most anticipated summer movies of all time:

Two thumbs up! Recommended to watch in Imax if u get the chance. And another all around great performance by Robert Downey Jr! - This was just after I left the theater, still excited.


Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment present the highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster film based on the legendary Marvel Super… Continue

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Modern Architecture: Dream Cube (9 pics + video)

ESI Design worked with the Shanghai Corporate Community to create the Dream Cube, a 43,000 square foot Corporate Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo. Made from recycled cd cases, the Dream Cube is covered in LED lights which change color when people are interacting inside the building.

Visitors are invited to participate online and in-person…


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Our Trusted Chucks (18 photos)


More than just shoes, Chucks embody our life stories. Unique to the person wearing them, they inspire us to be different while at the same time making us remember how we're all connected. (And really..what other pair of shoes can do that?) Like an old, reliable friend,…


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Urban Street Art: Mentalgassi in Berlin (3 pics)

You have to stand at the perfect angle to see this piece by Mentalgassi. Recently spotted in Berlin, the piece is wheatpasted in a place you would probably never look, on the side bars of a metal fence.…


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2010 FIFA World Cup Rings

Colombian jeweler Enrique Vasquez has won the rights to produce the official 2010 FIFA World Cup rings. This is the first time official World Cup rings, which feature soccer balls, stadiums, and the flags of the 32 participating countries, have been made for FIFA.

The collection includes seven platinum rings to be sold for $250,000 apiece, each encrusted with…


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Seeing Your Spirit - Leandro Erlich (8 pics)

Born in Buenos Aires, Leandro Erlich is a contemporary artist who's engaging work invites the viewer to be a part of the experience. He's the mastermind behind the Swimming Pool, an extraordinary installation where he constructed a full-size pool made of acrylic. By suspending water above it, he created an amazing…


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Cool Concept: Leaf Produces More Energy than it Needs

This eco-friendly concept vehicle is amazing!

The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SIAC) will be showcasing the new Leaf Concept Car at the Biejing Auto Show. The concept vehicle is one of the first to boast better than zero emissions, literally producing more energy than it needs. The car is powered by solar, wind, and other alternative renewable…


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Time Names Banksy, Lady Gaga and Conan Influential People

For a little inspiration today, check out Time's World's Most Influential People list. From heroes to leaders to artist and thinkers, Time's list includes people we've talked about right here on theMET like Banksy, Kim Yu-Na, and Zaha Hadid. The coolest thing about this… Continue

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If you love your iPhone but long for simpler times, you'll appreciate the design behind iRetrofone Base. It's a resin-molded phone base that lets you dock your iPhone and route your USB to sync and charge your phone. Of course, the coolest part is that the handset is fully functional and not just there for looks.

Currently sold… Continue

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Southwest Light by Tom Lowe

Eugene first introduced us to Tom Lowe's film in a blog post here. Now Tom has released some more of his amazing work. This beautiful short is called "Death is the Road to Awe" and is actually pre-production footage for a documentary he is preparing called Southwest Light. The music is by by Clint Mansell, from The Fountain, and the dancer is Tomas Isaac Hunt.

Tom's blog is… Continue

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Funny Ad: Men with Talent - Heineken

Finally, a reality show featuring real men with… Continue

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Inspirational Interiors (10 pics)

If you're in a home decorating rut, the best thing you can do is find some inspiration. Magazines like Elle Decor and blogs like Decor8 can give you that much needed boost you're looking for. But if you've read every magazine a million times over and…


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