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Pic of the Day: Away with the Canaries

Few photos completely take my breath away the second I look at them. This is one of them. Away with the Canaries, shot by the ever talented photographer Miss Aniela, is a beautifully surreal image that she perfectly describes as "photo meets painting."

During April 13 and…


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Geometric Concrete Installations Echo Rippling Tides

Pool, the Alchemy of Blue is an art project featuring a variety of geometric arrangements with chunks of concrete that explores "identity, connection and 'genius loci' or sense of place" by Australian artist Lizzie Buckmaster Dove. The various floor and suspended installations are each made of pieces of concrete extracted from an old pool in Coledale,…


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Whimsically Twisted "Die-o-ramas" of Crime Scenes

Crime reporter-turned-artist Abigail Goldman creates miniature crime scene displays that are playfully titled Die-o-ramas. The oddly twisted dioramas, approximately four inches in height, feature miniature characters encased in a gruesome scene of murder that involves anything from one figure shooting another to a vicious animal attack. There's even the unusual sight of…


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Heart-Attack Inducing Photo Series by Alex Prager

Compulsion is a thrilling series, by Alex Prager, that is guaranteed to make your heart race. They're cinematic photos filled with an incredible amount of suspense and drama.

Last year, Huffington Post conducted an interview with Prager where she shared…


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Surreal Secret Garden Hidden Inside a Sculpture

Mixed media artist Gregory Grozos deconstructs a sculptural bust, transforming it into a secret garden for miniature figures. The Limassol, Cyprus-based sculptor's piece, titled The Garden of Unearthly Delights, tells an intriguing story without saying a word. The viewer's mind is left to ruminate on the possible secrets kept within this concealed sanctuary and…


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Real Dandelions Surround LED Lights in Unique Chandeliers

Studio Drift is a company that brings together nature and technology in unique and unexpected ways. Their works encourage people to notice the little things we often take for granted or just happen to forget about. Fragile Future is a series of specially commissioned chandeliers that are made up of bronze, LED lights and actual dandelions. Real dandelion heads…


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Amazing 3D Pencil Drawings Pop Out of the Page

While studying architectural design, Syrian artist Muhammad Ejleh uses his personal time to produce mind-boggling illustrations that creatively break the boundaries of a two-dimensional plane. His incredibly deceiving 3D drawings are so effectively produced that it's hard to believe there isn't some photo manipulation involved. Using a few basic materials (like a sketchpad and pencils), Ejleh…


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Geometric Patterns Layered Over Natural Landscapes

Artist Dayna Thacker is interested in the extreme interconnection of everything that exists in our world. From the very large to the infinitely small, she believes that everything ties together in a balanced system of existence. Her exploration of these relationships is evident in her collage project, entitled Theories of Everything.

Using elements of…


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Three-Dimensional Thread Installation Redefines Space

Translation is a site-specific thread installation by Missouri-based artist Kendra Werst that works on a three-dimensional plane to redefine space. Using colorful strands of thread affixed to the adjacent walls in the corner of a room, the multihued strings weave in and out of a plexiglass panel to create a sculptural structure embellished with abstract accents. The structure is a…


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Wild Crowds and Awesome Art at Coachella 2013

Thomas Hawk, the photographer who's goal in life is to publish a million photos, can now add 1,415 more to the list. Hawk attended the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this year, a popular event held in Indio, California that brings out the biggest names in music. The event is known for its diverse musical acts - singers, bands and DJs who perform everything from rock and indie to…


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Japan's Newest Hairstyle Craze: "Ripe Tomato"

Teens around the world have been known to experiment with their look, from clothes and makeup to piercings and tattoos, but Japanese youths today have upped the ante with eccentric hairstyles including one in particular that resembles a freshly picked tomato. While the hairdo may not yet be a craze adopted by the majority of teens, it is certainly a spectacle to be revered…


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People Watcher Reimagines Himself in Other People's Clothes

Indianapolis-born, Boston-based photographer Caleb Cole takes on the personas of a variety of people, regardless of gender and age, for his series titled Other People's Clothes. Despite placing himself in front of the camera, the photographer's intention is not to present a traditional self-portrait series. The project, which began in 2007, exhibits a number of characters in a…


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Color Bursting Optical Illusion Sculptures by Matt Moore

Artist Matt W. Moore just wrote to us to tell us about a massive new update he's done to his web portfolio that shows color bursting works he's created within the last two years. One of the most fun projects takes the optical…


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Stunning Northern Lights Glow Over the Rocky Mountains

Photographer Richard Gottardo recently captured the spectacular glow of the Northern Lights as they filled the skies above the Rocky Mountains. Although the gorgeous spectacle is difficult to forecast, everything finally came together for Gottardo in mid-April. Not wanting to miss the opportunity due to cloud cover, the Toronto-based photographer drove 5 hours to Revelstoke, British…


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Top 10 Breakthrough Gadgets in the Last Year

Within the last year, a whole host of new products have been brought to light that have or will change the way we live. These breakthrough gadgets have risen above all the rest to grab our attention. They make us think twice about how we do everything from work to relax. From mobile devices we carry around everyday, like phones and tablets, to major purchases like a television, these…


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Beautiful Streaks of Color in Shanghai's Sightseeing Tunnel

In this series entitled Sightseeing Tunnel, German photographer Jakob Wagner takes us on a colorful journey through the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai, China. In the popular tourist attraction, which involves a 5-minute tunnel ride in an automated car, visitors encounter surreal and otherworldly visual and audio effects. When describing the experience, Sales Director Zhang…


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Beautiful Swiss Architecture Echoes Its Natural Landscape

Swiss architect Mario Botta designed a spectacular site known as Berg Oase whose structure brilliantly simulates its mountainous surroundings. Located at the base of the mountains in Arosa, Switzerland, the complementing architecture both echoes the landscape's natural motifs and adds flair to the environment.

The visually impactful structures in…


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Amazing 3D Book Collages Bring Classic Stories to Life

Artist Kelly Campbell Berry doesn't just let a book come alive in her own imagination. She actually creates book sculptures where the words and characters burst out of the pages for all to see. In each piece, the Oklahoma-based artist collages layers of illustrations with snippets of text from the story. Her visual interpretations are filled with the energy and adventures from many…


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Natural Reinterpretation of a Fallen Mammoth Sculpture

As part of the 2010 Setouchi Triennale art festival in Japan, Musashino Art University students created this woolly mammoth sculpture completely out of straw. The installation was a collaboration with local farmers, who donated the rice straw after the harvest. The students built the installation directly in those same harvested fields for everyone to enjoy. In…


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Mesmerizing Patterns Constructed Within Surreal Landscapes

Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak applies his photo manipulation skills to carefully construct surreal landscapes filled with patterns. The recurring sequence of shapes and forms in Klimczak's aptly titled series Patterns include both complex, irregular visual schemes and clean, symmetrical patterns that are indescribably pleasing to browse through.



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