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Classic Art Recreated Using Plastic from the Ocean & Lighters

The Great Wave is a classic image we see again and again, but artist Chris Jordan puts a new twist on it by recreating the unmistakable piece with 2.4 million pieces of plastic. His reinterpretation, entitled Gyre, is composed entirely of plastic collected from the Pacific Ocean. Jordan takes massive global matters like man-made environmental pollution and…


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Blurring the Lines Between Animals and Mankind

Canadian filmmaker and photographer Gregory Colbert captures the beautiful, uninhibited relationship between man and wildlife. He took a ten-year hiatus from exhibiting any work to travel the world, exploring the vast and natural landscapes of exotic lands including India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Egypt, and Antarctica. On his journey, he discovered and documented the exquisite coexistence…


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Living with Giraffes at Nairobi's Giraffe Manor

This luxury boutique hotel is not what you would expect from your standard vacation lodging! Located in Kenya, just about 12 miles outside of Nairobi, Giraffe Manor is 12 acres of private land and 140 acres of indigenous forest that is home to a herd of Rothschild Giraffe.

The website explains that the Giraffe Center, located on the Giraffe Manor grounds “was set up by AFEW…


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Old Muscle Cars Racing Through the Sky

The chase scenes in movies and TV shows are always so exciting, like when cars whip around corners and catch a little air as they speed over hills. Brooklyn photographer Matthew Porter’s cinematic landscapes are like exaggerated versions of these scenes. In his series of flying cars, we see old 1960’s and 1970’s muscle cars flying just a little bit too high over city streets for it to be real.…


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Gorgeous New Siren Mural by Hush

UK-based artist Hush just opened up a brand new solo show at Metro Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Called Sirens, it includes this gorgeous mural of the female form. He says of this exhibition, "I'm stripping pieces down, over complicating others to show a complex body of work to educate the viewer and bring them deeper into the process of making the work." Love how…


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Preview Pandamonium: Art Show Dedicated to the Panda

Ready for an art show dedicated to the black and white bear we all know and love? Signal Gallery in London just sent us special preview images for Pandamonium, a celebration of the panda bear in art. Expect to see new works from artists you've seen right here on My Modern Met…


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Gorgeous Paper Birds Delicately Layered Together

These delicate paper bird sculptures by Colombian artist and industrial designer Diana Beltran Herrera are incredibly realistic. From a distance, the details of each feather, the shape of each bird, and the vibrant colors may lead you to believe that you are looking at a live animal! Originally an industrial designer, the now artist and illustrator has been developing her…


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Lovely Landscapes Made from Safety Cones

Now here's something you don't see every day. Artist Lana Shuttleworth creates idealized landscapes by cutting, carving and then nailing down thousands of small pieces of safety cones. Currently showing at the George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles until June 16 is her intriguing…


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Real-Life Recreations of Banksy's Graffiti

Banksy has taken the public art world by storm over the last few years and just about everyone is familiar with his street works. Los Angeles-based British photographer Nick Stern took it upon himself to recreate some of the famous graffiti artist's most well-known and controversial works using real people. The photo series entitled You Are Not Banksy includes eight separate shots…


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Shockingly Awesome Indoor Sculptures by Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins doesn't like to conform. In fact, he goes one step further by altering his surrounding landscape with clever and witty installations that would make anyone do a double-take. We've covered his street art a few times before, so today we're featuring a collection of his…


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Figurative Sculptures Made of Scrap Metal

Artist Julie Tremblay addresses the relationship between man and his environment with her figurative sculptural works made of scrap metal. The Quebec City native, who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, uses salvaged industrial sheet metal to form her life-like acrobatic figures, presenting an interesting texture and sheen to the human form. The human physique is a…


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Incredible Vortex Water Sculpture

Artist William Pye creates incredible artworks that are inspired by the natural world. He draws on his interests in water formations and geometry to form these amazing, almost magical, fluid sculptures. Named after the mythical siren, Charybdis, who was struck by Zeus and turned into a whirlpool that swallowed up ships, this installation is one of Pye’s largest…


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Sydney Opera House Transforms Into Living Canvas

Oh, to be in Sydney right now! If you happen to be "down under" from now till June 11, 2012, you're one of the lucky ones who gets to experience Vivid Sydney, the largest celebration of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere. Over 60 light installations are…


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8 Highly Effective Ways to Promote Your Personal Blog

The internet provides easy access for people to connect and share their passion with the world through a personal blog. Almost everyone has some form of a presence on the internet these days and many people have blogs. With so many individuals expressing themselves through their writing on the web, it can be hard to be heard over the crowd. Fortunately,…


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Shooting the Powerful Fortune 500 Boards

Who are some of the most powerful people in business? You're looking at them. Recently, photographic duo, Floto +Warner were asked by Fortune to shoot six boards at some of America's most high-profile organizations. They traveled from coast to coast,…


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New Lord of the Rings/Calvin & Hobbes Mash-Up

Though diehard Bill Watterson fans are causing a raucous over on Threadless about this mash-up (calling it "just plain copyright"), I can't help but love it. This new t-shirt design, called “Halfling and Wizard” beautifully blends two pop culture phenomenons together, Lord of the Rings and Calvin & Hobbs. That lovable tiger Hobbes has turned into wise old…


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Complex Geometric String Installations Created by Hand

French artist and designer Sebastien Preschoux creates thread sculptures and ink drawings that are so complicated that they appear to be computer generated. However, the artist chooses to create the geometric designs with his hands, allowing for imperfections through this technical creative performance. He says, “With a computer you can make everything fast-paced…


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GIF-ITTI: Mesmerizing Street Art GIFs

You know those moments when you think, "Why haven't I seen more of this?" That's exactly how I felt when I came across GIF-ITTI, or moving images mixed with graffiti. UK-based artist and designer INSA creates these mesmerizing living street art pieces that you can't help but stare at. He does it by…


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White Walls Artistically Transformed with Black Markers

Sometimes finding the right piece of art to hang on your wall can be difficult. Once that first painting is tacked on, there's the added pressure to fill the adjacent walls with complementing work to balance out the room. British artist Charlotte Mann, however, takes an alternative approach to adorning walls with art—she draws directly onto them with thick black…


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Impeccably Crafted Miniature Japanese Paper Cities

When I first came across a couple of images of these works, I thought they were real city captures using a tilt-shift filter. Little did I know that these are, in fact, fairly normal photographs of paper cities, meticulously crafted by New York-based artist Yumiko Matsui. The skillful artist, who hails from Osaka, Japan, uses her native land as inspiration for her miniature world,…


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