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Eternal question

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Ebon Heath's Typographic Mobiles

Ebon Heath's Typographic Mobiles

Ebon Heath is an artist from Brooklyn who created these typographic mobiles. Here's what he said when describing the origins of the project "I want our type to jump, scream, whisper and dance, versus lay flat, dead and dormant, to be used and discarded with no concern for its intricate beauty of form, function, and meaning." You can read the whole interview at…


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Treehouse Accommodation!

Unique New Zealand accommodation, nested 30 feet above the ground in the canopy of a native Manuka grove...

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Littledoe is Love

Who wouldn't want one of these sweet headpieces made by Chase Cohl. www.littledoeislove.com

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Could You Live Inside The Black Apartment? (7 pics)

New York-based creative agency “The Apartment" designed this apartment for Cindy Gallop. Gallop is an ad agency guru who used to be chairwoman of advertising giant BBH. Her brief was simple: "At night, i want to feel like I'm in a Shanghai nightclub." What she got was just that - an apartment that looked more like a bumpin' club than a comfy home.…


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Ryan McGinley - "I Know Where the Summer Goes"


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Blossoming Flower Girls (13 photos)

Look up the colorful dresses of Daryl Banks' leggy models and you've got his project titled "Crinoline Flowers". Inspired by macro photography of flowers, Daryl sought out to "simulate the intricate beauty of those photographs with crinolines, legs and hosiery." One thing is for sure - the angle at…


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Shuffling Through Life With One Eye Open - Darcel (20 total)

If we were to walk through life with only one eye open, what would we see? Lucky for us the person who draws Darcel has the answer. Whether he's checking out the latest Koons sculpture or getting completely wasted in Vegas, Darcel shows us that our life experiences are more similar than we think.

Uh-ha, work… Continue

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Elspeth Diederix

I recently came across the work of this amazing photographer, and had to share. The images are breathtaking, and sometimes dark, but never boring. Thought I'd share!

Elspeth Diederix studied at the Rietveld Academy and the Rijksacademie van Beeldende Kunsten (National Academy of Fine Art) in Amsterdam where she specialized in nature photography.…


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Contrary to Tweets, Jeff Goldblum Lives! (Colbert Report Video)

If you were on Twitter when news broke out over Michael Jackson's death, you may have also seen tweets about Jeff Goldblum's sudden demise in New Zealand. Though pal Kevin Spacey dispelled these lies over his own tweet, leave it to Steven Colbert to take this as a great opportunity to make fun… Continue

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Do You Remember The Time...?

For anyone who grew up listening to Michael on their record player, this drawing is sure to bring back memories.… Continue

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The Plaza Hotel is the Coveted Venue for NBC's 'Today Throws a Wedding'

Following a search for the perfect wedding venue, NBC has selected the legendary Plaza Hotel as the venue of choice for this summer's "Today Throws a Wedding." This historical New York landmark will be the wedding reception location for one lucky couple. The wedding be live on "Today" from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on July 15th. Make sure to set your Tivo!

As any girl knows, the Plaza Hotel is often spoken about as the ultimate wedding… Continue

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The Hippest Baby Announcements

I love how completely original these baby announcements are! Designed by parents, Tosh and Victoria Brown, the announcements are hip and cool in a modern vintage kind of way. Love the spare use of color and the varying fonts.

The cards were letterpress printed at…


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Firefox 3.5 Final Officially Released!

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Final is now officially available for download. Other than being the fastest Firefox ever, new features include a Private Browsing Mode to hide browser activity, a JavaScript engine known as TraceMonkey, new location services, Open Video, and HTML5 support. Only takes about two minutes to… Continue

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Finding Art in Unexpected Places

This picture made me smile today. I hope it does the same for you. Via

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Madonna: New Louis Vuitton Ads - Fall/Winter 09 (5 pics)

New ads for Louis Vuitton and Madonna just surfaced that's taking Photoshop to the extreme. It's for LV's Fall/Winter 2009 campaign. Though we love the dramatic colors, we can't help but think that everything looks too overdone. You have to wonder if they're trying to knock down a few decades on Madonna.…


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Life in the Fantasy World (13 vector art illustrations)

Marsha Gubar (aka LimKis) certainly doesn't hold back with the bursts of color in her vector art. With the mastery of programs like Adobe Illustrator, the Russian illustrator takes us on a journey into the fantasy world, filled with magic, beautiful women, and weird looking creatures.

"I believe if a person isn't developing, he's slipping. It's not enough…


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Why I Hate That I Like Kanye West

There aren't many artists that I know that really get under my skin. I'm talking for the good and the bad. Let's see - we're talking Chris Brown (bad), Rihanna (good then bad), Ne-Yo (really good)...and then, and then there's Kanye West. Sure, most of might dismiss him because he comes off like the cockiest mo-fo you've ever seen. No doubt. I don't disagree with you…


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A World of Entertainment On Your Virgin Mobile

Just like Apple, Virgin's one of those brands that you can always count on for some creative marketing. In this spot for Virgin Mobile, we're taken on a fun ride...through a passenger's head. (I particularly like seconds :16 -… Continue

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Sweet Sneakers: Nike and Spike Lee's Blazer

There aren't many sneakers that stop me in my tracks but these new Nikes are just too fresh to ignore. A collaboration with film director Spike Lee, Blazers have bold African flag-inspired colors. Aren't they sweet?

$200 at…


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