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Everyday Objects Looking for Love

We Were Made For Each Other

Terry Border is back with a new set of hilarious photos where he makes everyday objects come alive! This time they're on the hunt for romance, looking for love in the unlikeliest of places. As always, Border makes us laugh with his clever creations.

We caught up with him recently to get to know the artist a bit more. Now that we've posted on…


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Thank you, July's Top Rock Star Bloggers!

Eugene and I wanted to send a special shout out to Nikhil (aka thinkpossitive), Mike Gusto and wishNYa for being this month's top Rock Star Bloggers! You guys provided some… Continue

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Richard Avedon's Fantastic Fable

The late American photographer Richard Avedon will always be remembered for revolutionizing fashion photography and for pushing its boundaries. Back in November 1995, The New Yorker devoted a large portion of their magazine to Avedon's work. It was a timeless fable involving two characters, Mr. & Mrs. Comfort, and their tumultuous love affair. Many believed that…


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Global Warming & War by Blu (5 pics)

Global Warming - Berlin, Germany

One of our favorite street artists, Blu, just completed these amazing large scale murals in Europe. Using the facade of high-rise buildings as his canvas, Blu sends very relevant political messages through his works.

"Global Warming" is extremely clever and features a melting…


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Country Flags Made from That Country's Favorite Foods

Brazil (banana leaf, limes, pineapple, and passion fruit)

Does "you are what you eat" apply to nation states? If it does, these are there new flags. They were produced by the agency WHYBIN for the Sydney International Food Festival. Above is Italy (pasta, tomatoes, basil), and below is Greece (olives, feta), and India (curries, rice, pappadum wafer). They seem to have not ventured an attempt at the U.S. flag, probably because… Continue

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Modern Design: Bicycle Chain Lamps

Designer Cho Hyung Suk has an affinity for bicycle chains – for their utilitarian function and seemingly beauty. The B-Chain Lamp spins the bike chain into a new kind of object, one that is rigid enough to pose a light into various positions.…


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Camouflaged Like a Sexy Desert Fox

Camouflaged like a desert fox, a beautiful model is seen laying out by a cliff on a white sandy beach. The different textures and colors Sydney-based photographer Juli Balla captures are impressive.

Balla has been working as photographer since 1989. Initially working as an artist, she now focuses primarily on advertising, beauty, and portraiture.…


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Amazing Images by Stuart Gibson

Incredible surf and beach photography by Stuart Gibson. Check out the rest… Continue

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Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica

The most exclusive hotel suite in Costa Rica is located inside an airplane.

Renovated 1965 Boeing 727 includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a flat screen TV, small dining area, and a terrace with an ocean view.…


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Hanging Drop Terrarium

This tear-shaped terrarium hangs from your ceiling on a knotted sisal rope. Free blown from part-recycled glass, this statement piece is a perfect complement to a single tillandsia or a more rustic combination of moss and small terrarium plants. Indoor use only, fits 4-6 small plants. 13"H, 8" diameter, 3" diameter opening…


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Portable Ceramic Garden

Zerotreunouno is a portable garden made entirely of ceramic, perfect for moving your herb garden between the terrace and the kitchen table. Inspired by a vintage milk crate, it contains six individual pots and a large handle for easy carrying. So cool!…


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Rolls by Sinato (6 photos)

Japanese designer Chikara Ohno of Sinato has installed coils of aluminium sheeting at the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama in Tokyo.

The characteristic of aluminium, the material used fro the installation, is its softness and thinness, yet harder than cloth or paper.…


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Denver's Stunning New Airport Expansion (5 pics)

Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava just unveiled his design for a new rail station at the Denver International Airport. The new South Terminal Redevelopment Program is made up of four independent yet physically integrated projects: a new rail station that will connect the airport to downtown Denver, a signature rail bridge, a multi-use plaza with retail and… Continue

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The Ghosts of World War II

Taking old World War II photos, Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov carefully photoshops them over more recent shots to make the past come alive. Not only do we get to experience places like Berlin, Prague, and Vienna in ways we could have never imagined, more importantly, we are able to appreciate our shared history in a whole new and unbelievably meaningful way.…


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Urban Street Art: Jeremy Fish & Sam Flores in Guadalajara

Two popular modern artists, Sam Flores and Jeremy Fish, collaborated on a street mural in Gudalajara, Mexico. It's cool to see the styles of both artists infused into one piece, especially since we usually see their work in galleries, not on city walls.…


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Perfect for Gamers: Space Invaders Couch

Although this couch concept by Igor Chak doesn't look that comfortable, how cool would it be to have it in the game room? You could play Space Invaders while sitting on the Space Invaders couch. It's like a dream come true...…


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Fantastic Furry Monsters by Lisa Evans (12 total)

UK-based illustrator Lisa Evans has a knack for creating fantastic furry friends living in worlds filled with whimsy and wonder. Though in her earlier work she mainly illustrated using traditional tools like pencil, pen, and paint, these days she's been refining her digital skills, pushing forward into both 2D and 3D graphics. As she says, "Nowadays 90% of my 2D work… Continue

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Distinctive Illustrations by Joe Murtagh (9 pics)

Joe's distinctive style is influenced by music, fashion and pop culture.

He uses Adobe illustrator and photoshop to create his colourful, bold artwork.

Having been a figurative painter and sculptor, his work is still very much based on the human form and portraiture.

Joe's artwork is a combination of traditional and digital, resulting in a vibrant high energy colourfest.…


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Alien Bromance (2 pics)

Here's a funny street art piece by zed1 which features two of our favorite pop culture icons. Apparently, Yoda and E.T. have become good friends. Hopefully Alf doesn't find out or he's gonna be pissed....



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3,960 Books Make a Giant Sculpture

If you happen to live up in Northern California, you may have heard about the recent opening of the Walnut Creek library. The $40 million dollar library houses 17 original works of art at a cost of $300,000. Described as elegant, clean and refined as the stores that surround it, this library is meant to be a destination.

An eye-catching two-story-high sculpture… Continue

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