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Gaddafi's Inevitable Fate

With Moammar Gaddafi's brutal reign surely coming to an end, Tim O’Brien created this brilliant political illustration for TIME magazine. Apparently, the drawing needed to be more subtle since he's not completely out of power just yet. You may also remember seeing O’Brien's X-ed out Osama bin Laden cover… Continue

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Creative Links of the Week #8

Can you believe it? Yes, we all survived another week. It's Friday, so you know what that means! I used to call it Inspirational Links but I decided to shorten it up a bit and call it what it really is...Creative Links! We start it all off with a wonderful quote from the one and only Nelson Mandela, ""It always seems impossible until its done."

Now, let's spread some… Continue

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Surreal Light Illustrations

We've been huge fans of Yau Hoong Tang ever since we laid eyes on his clever negative space illustrations. Recently, he put together a set of surreal light illustrations that are equally, if not more inspiring, for their thoughtful execution.

"Light is responsible for the sense of sight," he… Continue

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Exclusive On-Site Interview: Pixar Story Artist Josh Cooley

We were first introduced to the very talented Josh Cooley through a member's post back in June 2010. As luck would have it, when we contacted him for a follow up interview, he invited us up to Pixar! Of course, we jumped at the chance to meet the Pixar story artist and tour his… Continue

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Sunset Silhouettes on the Beach

Brazilian photographer Isac Goulart specializes in taking photos of stunning silhouettes on the beach. The main focus, however, is not on his subjects, rather, they're of the wonderfully vibrant colors that burst through our screens.

"I am a Brazilian who has traveled bits of the world, seen some incredible beauty, and decided to capture a small fraction of these frozen moments in… Continue

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Magnificently Surreal Sand Sculptures

"Puzzled" by Joris Kivits of the Netherlands

Like surgeons of the sand, artists gather from all over the world to compete in the annual World Championship of Sand Sculpting contest. Many of these artists have trained in other fields such as architecture, engineering and landscape design. A few are actually real-life surgeons.

In order to… Continue

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Vivid Dreams and Nightmares

There are many reasons why people delve into the art of photography. For 24-year-old Sarah Ann Loreth, it lets her conjure up her own reality, a place full of magic. Loreth has said that it also gives her the opportunity to escape her dull and ordinary life. The tranquility that comes with being surrounded by nature is what entices her to photograph mainly in this setting. Her photos are… Continue

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Beautiful Swan Feather Paintings

How beautiful are these? One of the elements that can make the art of painting so exciting is the artist’s choice of canvas. Ian Davie’s decision to paint on swan feathers has given him some major recognition.

Of course, it makes perfect sense that his inspiration stems from his natural surroundings. Whether it be from his home at the heart of the Snowdonia National Park or his… Continue

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Memorable Movie Moment Gifs


What could be more fun than reliving your favorite movie moments? Micro clips of movies have been transformed into looped animated gifs. The blog If We Don’t, Remember Me has plenty of clips for all movie-lovers to choose from. Which is your favorite? I love Pulp Fiction.

The Godfather…


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Cute, Cuddly, Ferocious Bears

Fine art photographer Jill Greenberg has compiled some incredibly beautiful photos for her book Bear Portraits. She's included all kinds of bears including the polar, grizzly and Kodiak. Greenberg is mostly known for her skill in bringing out the human qualities in animals, as seen by her work in… Continue

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The Incredible Making of Climbing Sculptures

Groups are engaged in activities that require cooperation and teamwork to achieve goals. What better way to bring this important idea to life than with some incredible art?

After writing about Bill Starke's incredible climbing sculptures, I knew I… Continue

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Top 6 Bookmarking Sites for Visual Inspiration

If you've ever come across amazing images that made you stop and stare, you've probably tried to find ways to save them. Bookmarking sites are not only a great place to collect these images, they're also places to find visual inspiration - which can be of enormous help, specifically, to artists and designers.

Today, we've collected six excellent sites that… Continue

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Mind-Bending Brand Logos

Viktor Hertz made us laugh with his Honest Logos which he described as "revealing the actual content of the company." Graham Smith made us scratch our heads with Brand Reversion, where a a creative change was made based on… Continue

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25 Inspiring Quotes Layered onto Landscapes Photos

“It’s great to be able to put a smile on so many people’s faces everyday," says Julian Bialowas, creator of 365, a year-long project. The Canadian graphic designer layers inspiring quotes that he stumbled upon in books, movies, newspapers, lectures and conversations onto gorgeous landscape photographs that he took in his hometown of Alberta, among other locations.



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100 Days of Summer

Photographer and filmmaker Charles le Brigand’s latest photo series Summer in the City details 100 days of summer in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The spectacular photo set showcases how people, children especially, deal with the summer heat. Using fire hydrants, they cool off and play in the middle of the street! Brigand really brings out the true character of the New York cities in these… Continue

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Band of Crows

With "Staring Out The Window," D.C. band Fulton Lights created one of the most unique and well-executed music videos as of late. Directed by Ninian Doff, this hilarious video features a band of crows with microphone toting arms! Watch as they sing, dance and drink wine, among other things.…


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Soviet Union's Scary City of Shadows

Inspiration lies everywhere. In fact, it can even be found in the most darkest of times. For Alexey Titarenko, that time came when the Soviet Union collapsed. “In the winter of 1991-1992, one cold and gloomy day, I strolled sadly down a street which used to be packed with people, which used to be full of joyful vibrancy and dynamism,” shares Titarenko. “I saw people on the… Continue

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Food Frozen in Mid-Air

Technically it's not still life if it's flying in mid-air, is it? Photographer Michael Crichton makes us believe in the magic of photography through his Flying Food series. Using professional lighting equipment and with a little help from Photoshop, he fantastically freezes everyday food - like a bologna sandwich.

"I personally couldn't imagine creating a flowing stream of mustard… Continue

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Intimate iPhone Photos Taken During Afghanistan War

Do you believe that some of the best photos can be taken with our phones? If not, check this out. Balazs Gardi captured incredible images of the war in Afghanistan right on his iPhone. A well-known photographic journalist, Gardi took the impressive shots for Foreign Policy… Continue

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The Libyan Rebel Who Took Gaddafi's Hat

After months of what seemed like a never ending struggle, rebels swept into the center of Tripoli over the weekend, and the end appeared to be inevitable for the 42-year reign of Moammar Gaddafi.

A bearded Libyan rebel, identified only as al-Windy, has become an internet sensation as… Continue

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