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More Amazing Wire Coat Hanger Sculptures by David Mach

We've marveled in awe over Scottish sculptor David Mach's unconventionally structured sculptures composed of magazines, matchsticks,…


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Wonderfully Diverse Humans of New York

New York City is populated with millions of people that each serve as an essential piece of the city's eclectic pie. The Big Apple's offering of unique and diverse individuals is arguably unmatched. We always hear about what a melting pot this immense metropolis is with its endless supply of quirky characters and the ongoing photo series known as Humans of New…


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Adrenaline-Filled Photos Taken Inside the DJ Booth

As the number one DJ photographer in the world, you could say that Rukes, who you may remember from this post, has special privileges. But then again, who else has a client list that includes Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, Dirty South and Kaskade? On Thursday, August 30, W Hotel in…


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Explosions of Powder Echo Dancers' Powerful Movements

Powder Dance is a visually captivating series by German photographer Geraldine Lamanna. Each image features the strength and elegance of a female dancer, surrounded by explosions of white powder. As the dancers gracefully move across the frame, their motions are echoed around them in streaks of white. In the series, Lamanna is able to capture exact moments of rhythmic beauty set…


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Spectacular Underwater Acrobatics Using a Self-Propelled Wheelchair

Performance and installation artist Sue Austin has been using a wheelchair for 16 years. As an artist, she embraces the experience as a foundation for her artwork, where she challenges the stigma of the disabled as 'other' and creates opportunities for empowerment. Her website states, "Over an extended period of time her practice has operated as a vehicle to open up a thinking space…


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30 Giant Pairs of Animal Eyes Glow in Singapore

As part of Nights Light 2012, a festival in Singapore that features light installations around Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and School of the Arts (SOTA), WOKmedia created an installation that's fun and quirky. Night Watch consists of 30 giant pairs of animal eyes peering out from the corridors of the museum, illuminating the night sky. Based on the eyeball patterns of…


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Sweetly Sleeping Newborns

Update: Per the photographer's request, the images have been removed from this post.

Not since coming across the work of Tracy Raver back in March of 2009, have I found newborn photography as sweet and adorable as this. 36-year-old ex-mortgage broker Maria Murray captures newborns, mostly under two weeks old, in the moments right after they fall asleep. Called the "baby…


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Clever Illustrations with Double Interpretations

Woman or Face?

Italian artist Fabio D'Altilia, who also just happens to be the head of art in an international advertising agency, just sent us this clever set of illustrations. Inspired by Gestalt psychology, he's created a fun set that will make you look twice at each image. In particular, D'Altilia addresses multistable perception, which is…


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Melbourne's Stunning Feathered Girl Mural

Street artists Adnate and Shida recently collaborated on this stunning, large scale mural in Melbourne. According to Gage, "Adnate’s flawless photorealism melds right…


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Three-Dimensional Rug Unravels Before Our Very Eyes

Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed is no stranger to fiber arts. Most of his works revolve around the construction and deconstruction of intricately patterned rugs and carpets. This three-dimensional installation straightforwardly titled Thread Installation deals with this similar concept of visualizing the breakdown of a complex design. Using the rectangular body of a typically Middle…


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Capturing the Boom of Skateboarding in the 1960s

Photojournalist Bill Eppridge captures skateboarding's humble beginnings in the urban setting of New York City. While the concept of the sport and makeshift models of the skateboard were introduced sometime in the 40s or 50s, it was in the mid-1960s that skateboarding truly flourished and Eppridge was there to catch it in all its glory for a lifestyle spread in…


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Illusionary Room Paintings Look Like Cast Shadows

Not everything is always as it seems in this series titled Light Installations. Artist Mary Temple redefines a room without taking up any space. She paints expertly administered silhouettes that give the impression of a shadow being cast from a window. Upon entering one of her painting installations, Temple forces the audience to question the site-specific art and "celebrate…


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Adorable Baby Chicks Wearing Funny Little Hats

Chicks in Hats is one of those photo projects that will bring a huge smile to your face! There is something inherently funny about animals wearing people's clothing. Maine-based artist Julie Persons created this series simply because she says, "I like to put hats on my chicks and take photographs of them."

Each portrait features a baby chicken wearing a funny little hat. It's…


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Pretty Origami Typography Spotted in San Francisco Street

Art group TheUpsideUp somehow managed to combine three of our favorite subjects into one beautiful new installation - street art, origami and typography. First spotted this past Tuesday morning in San Francisco, on Asian Art Museum's exterior wall, the pretty 3-D art installation was thought to be the work of Parisian origami artist Mademoiselle Maurice…


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Beautiful Blue Butterflies Swarm the City

Beautiful blue swarms of butterflies have been recently covering the streets of Indianapolis. From a distance, you may think that a new breed of monochromatic butterflies have just flown in, but upon closer inspection, you'll soon realize that this phenomenon is actually a project by Indiana-based artist Tasha Lewis.

Named the Guerilla Sculpture, Lewis creates a blur of blue wings…


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Thought-Provoking Cross Sculpture Casts Shocking Shadows

Georgia-based artist Michael Murphy, the one behind those amazing multi-layered sculptures is back with one thought-provoking piece. This new site specific installation was commissioned by UNC Charlotte for the art…


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The Dangerous Labor of Sulfur Miners in Indonesia

Kawah Ijen is a volcano rich with sulfur that lies in East Java, Indonesia. Sulfur miners hike up to the summit of the volcano, at 8,660 ft. high, to enter the mine in the crater that is brimming with a deep lake of molten sulfuric acid that is 650 ft. deep. French photographer Olivier Grunewald joined some of these miners on their journey to catch a firsthand glimpse of the laborious work put into harvesting the yellow mineral.

While it may seem wild to think that Grunewald willingly…


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Modern Tiananmen Square Street Mural

Using iconic imagery from the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989, A.SignL from the Captain Borderline crew recently completed this mural in Cologne, Germany to protest human rights violations in modern China. The tank is made up of all types of cheap consumer goods "Made in China" and the man standing in its way is holding a bag that says "Fair Trade." The piece was a collaboration…


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Guess the Famous Film by the Outfit

Some hardcore cinephiles can recite entire scenes and identify continuity errors in their favorite films at any given moment, but do you need to be as dedicated and obsessed to recognize classic outfits famously worn by iconic characters? French photographer Candice Milon puts the viewer to the test with eight familiar ensembles, neatly laid out, from cult classic films.

This photo…


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Colorful Posters to Brighten Up Your Day

While on the hunt for some colorful posters, I came across these prints by Showler & Showler. Founded in 2006 by husband and wife team Tom and Hannah Showler, the company sells posters that are guaranteed to brighten up your day. The couple currently lives in the Kentish countryside (an area of north west London) where they're raising their 4-year-old son, who, I'm sure, provides…


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