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Clive Wilkinson Owns My Dream House!

Every once in a while, I'll stumble upon a beautiful house that I fall in love with. Modern design, clean lines, something livable and inspiring. Clive Wilkinson is a man who knows my heart! His 3,300 square foot 3-bedroom house near Melrose was built so that people could move around, interact with one another, and go in and out of the house with… Continue

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'Cause We All Want to Experience a Stiff Drink in an Ice Lounge!: Minus5 Brings it to Mandalay, Las Vegas in October

New Zealand company Minus5 brings a 1,200 square foot ice lounge to Vegas in October. Pay $30 and you'll be loaned sheepskin-lined parka, gloves and booties, so you can hang out on ice chairs and have a stiff… Continue

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A Park-Bench with movement

This is neato...

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Trading a Red Paper Clip for a Three Bedroom House. The Ultimate Blogger/Craigslister.

This is probably one of the most resouceful and unusual stories I've ever come across. In July of 2005, Kyle MacDonald started out in his quest to trade a giant red paper clip into a house. Sounds crazy? It absolutely is. But he was successful in doing it by trading for bigger and better items each time on Craigslist. How many trades did it take? Only 14 trades and he is now living in a three bedroom house in Canada. The scary thing is that it… Continue

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And You Thought Painting Took a Long Time? Try Growing Your Art.

I love art and I love food. There's no better way to enjoy both than to grow food that turns into art. Each year the residents of Inakadate, Japan work together to plant their crops so they'll grow in patterns visible only from above. They do this by planting different varieties of rice, and as the harvest matures, the leaves fill in their colors and the end results are larger than life paintings.…


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The 2008 Political Conventions of the United States

See the photos at The Big Picture

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I Want to be Friends with Lily Allen, and I Want it NOW

I love everything about Lily Allen. I love her adorable face, I love her adorable music, and I love her adorable fucked-up-ness.

Here she is co-presenting some catfight, I mean, award with Sir Elton John at the GQ Man of the Year Awards in association with Elton's AIDS foundation. Meowwwwww. Why, oh why, can't we have awards ceremonies like this in the US. That there is one way to up your ratings, OSCARS!

[ thanks… Continue

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Happy Friday! Jessica Alba in Esquire

Oh yes, and what a happy Friday it is. For today, I have laid my eyes upon, yes, the new photos of our lovely Jessica Alba in the September 2008 issue of Esquire mag, Czech edition - I know .. but what other bro-mag is gonna take a woman who just had a baby. A baby! From her .. anyways, she looks great, while pretending to be J.Lo circa 2004.…


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Missed Radiohead in Concert?: Listen to Them at Noon ET on Monday, Sept 8th Courtesy of NPR

NPR will be streaming the audio of Radiohead's 2 hour concert for free on Monday.

From NPR:

"Hear the band recorded live in concert, from one of the year's most memorable tours. Radiohead ended its run of U.S. cities this summer with a dazzling… Continue

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Our Talented Photographer Friend, Charles, is Showing at Filter Mag's Barker Block Party, 9/11 Thurs.: Let's Go!

Let's go out this coming Thursday night to a FREE party by Filter magazine! Charles sent me this email flyer today. Not only will we be able to hear some new music from the West Indian Girls, we can watch some speed chess and check out some art! If anything, let's go to show our support for friend and fellow… Continue

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Larry David: Help a Bald Brother Out Video

A video helping to promote a telethon on ABC, NBC and CBS tonight at 8p est/pst by Stand Up to Cancer - a group trying to raise funds for cancer research. Larry David was co-creator, head writer and executive producer of Seinfeld and creator and star of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. He's… Continue

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Jerry Seinfeld & Bill Gates in New Microsoft Ad: Huh?

Person who got it: CNET news

Person who didn't: Gizmodo

I get that we're trying to humanize Bill, that perhaps this is supposed to get us scratching our heads so we'll talk about it (you win there, Bill), but I didn't laugh… Continue

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The World's Best Places to Live: Who Comes in at #1?

Survey was done by Mercer (from Wikipedia): Mercer is a human resource consulting firm, headquartered in New York City, New York, that is recognized as one of the leading business institutions in the world. It has been ranked by, Inc. as the #1 human resource consultancy for several years running, including most recently in 2008.[1] Among all consulting… Continue

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Kate Hudson in W (Sept. 2008 issue)

Kate Hudson in September issue of W magazine. I love the juxtaposition from her usually sweet, adorable, affable image. Yes, this Kate will gladly do the dirty dirty stuff to you that the other Kate turned down.

This one is not so good ..…


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How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity: Article in the Harvard Business Review

I've always been fascinated with this word...creativity. Who has it? How does it come about? How does a company foster it? These questions led me to pick up this month's Harvard Business Review to read "… Continue

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Downright Mean, Absolutely Inappropriate, But Often Times Funny:

Want to send a quick e-card to somebody to tell them exactly how you feel? Well, don't send these 'cause they'll get you and your friend in trouble. OK. Send them but only to their private email address so your friend doesn't get fired.

These are the tame ones.…


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Have a Lot of Time on Your Hands? Feeling Creative?: Check Out

Ping Pong Ball of Lights - just some X-Mas lights and ping pong balls!

Want step-by-step instructions on how to make ordinary things extraordinary? Now, I'm not a person who's that handy with any sort of tool but I enjoy this site bc it shows me just how… Continue

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Dining With a View? Only if You're Not Afraid of Heights.

For those people who are bored by eating good food in a nice restaurant, how about good food while being strapped into your seat hanging from a crane 150 feet above the ground? Dinner in the Sky offers their crane and catering services to anyone who wants to hold a dinner for up to 22 guests in any location that can accomodate their crane. Personally, I'm not a big fan of heights so I don't think I'd be doing to much eating if I were up there, maybe… Continue

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Damn Good Spring Rolls and a Great Cuban Sandwich at a Fabulous Marketplace: Ferry Building, SF

On Ju's recommendation we wanted to check out the Saturday morning farmer's market and then tour around the Ferry Building. We got there right around lunch time and enjoyed walking around the stalls...San Francisco's largest farmers market is held… Continue

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