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Denmark's Uniquely Shaped Geodesic Dome

This incredibly complex geometric structure by Copenhagen-based architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen exemplifies the cooperative culmination of creative architecture, efficient design, and mathematic construction. The Danish architects built the geodesic dome for the Peoples Meeting being held in Bornholm, Denmark this year. The event gathers the greatest…


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Romantic Cinematic Photos in the Rain and Snow

Generally, people don't look forward to getting caught in the rain or stuck in a snowstorm, but photographer Christophe Jacrot makes it seem like an incredibly beautiful experience. The French photographer's body of work features several images of huddled pedestrians walking along soaked streets and ivory coated paths trying to withstand the weather. Jacrot romanticizes the rain, turning the…


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Gorgeous Photo of Saturn Taken 1.8 Million Miles Away

So perfect it almost looks unreal, doesn't it? It's actually a newly released photo of the second largest planet in our solar system, Saturn, taken by NASA's Casssini spacecraft wide-angle camera that was stationed an astounding 1.8 million miles away from it. Love the view of the rings and the shadows they cast from its sunlit side. Look closely and you can even see its moon Enceladus as a…


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Intricate Yarn Drawings Use Shadows to Give 3D Illusion

Since 2008, Brooklyn-based artist Alyson Shotz has been creating intriguing works which are composed of yarn wound around thousands of tiny pins. For Derek Eller Gallery in New York, she created Sine (above), a monumental wave that moved across two gallery walls. Though the lines themselves were meticulously created using yarn and pins, the shadows created the…


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Giant Sticky Man Toys Climb German Buildings

These colorful, blobby creatures, called Flossis, are taking over Germany! Designed by artist Rosalie, the installation of playful figures can be seen climbing the exterior walls of many buildings in Düsseldorf, Germany, including The Roggendorf House. The decorative figures add a fun element along The Rhine, as viewers observe the invasion of the human-like forms who fearlessly climb the walls with their…


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Anonymous Electronic Messages Printed For Everyone to See

In Grand Central, Swiss artist Thibault Brevet experimented with social interactions and communications through electronics, specifically via online submissions.The entire project, from concept to design, as well as programming of the machine, were completed by Brevet as a part of his ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne graduation requirement.

During the exhibit,…


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Clever Posters with Multifunctional Purposes

These aren't your ordinary posters. Designer Finn Magee creates multi-functional posters that double as a clock, light, or even a speaker. Just plug them in and they're ready to go. If you're intrigued, they are available for pre-order at ARE…


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Photographer Walks Across City Creating Map Using Memory

Every city has its landmarks and signature aesthetic that sticks in a traveler's mind, allowing one to fondly recall a location based on these visual characteristics. New York has the Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, and crowding skyscrapers while Paris has the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre amidst its distinctive architecture. Based on memory, Japanese photographer Sohei…


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Mirrored Reflections Juxtaposed with Natural Landscapes

Photographer Daniel Kukla is an artist who finds great fascination in the concept of natural borders of land, set edge to edge, that compliment and conflict with each other at the same time. After receiving an artist residency from the U.S. National Park Service in southern California, Kukla decided to capture this contrast in a project entitled The Edge Effect. This effect, defined…


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Sweet Sluggo Chalk Art by David Zinn

If you happen to live in Ann Arbor, you may already be familiar with a sweet little resident there that seems to randomly pop up on the streets. His name is Sluggo and he's the work of David Zinn, an artist that just so happens to love placing Sluggo in some highly imaginative scenes. The happy green fellow has appeared on sidewalks, walls and ledges since 2008,…


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Spectacular Sculptures Set Ablaze at Burning Man

Photographer Michael Holden captures the fiery blaze of sculptures being incinerated at Burning Man. The event, which is an annual gathering of artists and their wooden creations in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, has been growing in popularity over the last few years, drawing in crowds of over 50,000 people. Each year, the week-long event culminates into a massive, festive celebration of…


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Holding the Cosmic Universe in His Arms

German-based photographer Phillip Schumacher has an extreme talent for creating enchanting, surreal scenes filled with creativity and imagination. His love for the universe is quite apparent in this series, entitled Cosmic Love. Each image is a mystical self-portrait in which he…


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Man-Made Rainbow Delights Cape Town

"As the earth spins you're given a window period in each day where it'll allow you the possibility to orchestrate nature to do its little dance." Artist Michael Elion has created a gorgeous, man-made rainbow in front of Commune1 Gallery in Cape Town.…


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Silly Yet Sad Bug Memorials

If the late, great comedian Rodney Dangerfield was still around, he might say that bugs "don't get no respect!" After all, humans are usually honored with a funeral when they pass away. Minneapolis-based Carmichael Collective decided to buck that trend and came up with these silly yet sad set called Bug Memorials. Little shrines dedicated to the fallen flies or…


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Magnificent Chandeliers Made of Bicycle Chains

When you think of chandeliers, you customarily associate them with refined elegance and luxury. They exude a pristine freshness that you wouldn't ordinarily affiliate with pieces of junk; however, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga's chandeliers combine the two opposing worlds into one awesome series of hanging light fixtures. In this ongoing series referred to as Connect, the…


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Shockingly Surreal Warped Out Worlds

American artist Josh Sommers is constantly challenging our understanding of the world. Deciphering his many surreal images is quite a feat, as you can see here in his Mind Melting Photo Manipulations. Recently, we were excited to come across Sommers' Stereographic Projections in which…


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Captivating Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings of Glistening Eyes

What is it about eyes that are so fascinating? Regardless of the medium they're depicted in, whether it be a drawing, painting, or…


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Bike Chain Links Typography

Graphic designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister and multidisciplinary designer Jessica Walsh have collaborated to create a cool bike poster that's made up of 4,209 bike chain links. You almost can't believe it until you look at the detailed shots. The poster was created for PUBLIC, a San Francisco-based bicycle and gear company…


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Hyper-Realistic Sculpture of a Man Licking the Ground

Cang Xin is a Chinese performance artist who is well-known for his ongoing exploration project in which he chooses to experience life and locations in a variety of uncommon means such as bathing with lizards and, in this case, licking the ground we walk on with his tongue. As one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the tongue provides a method of experiencing things on a whole other level.…


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Minimalist Posters Featuring Women Who Changed the World

We have seen minimalist art for all kinds of things, including movies, superheroes,…


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