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Rearrangeable Pop-Up Garden Shed

The collaborative design between architect Vile Hara and designer Linda Bergroth is a stunningly simple design that offers an array of customizations. The prefabricated Garden Shed is a greenhouse and storage space that can easily be assembled with just a screwdriver. It's constructed out of Finnish pine and safety glass and also includes automatic openers to help control… Continue

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Topography Landscapes Created in a Water-Filled Tank

Photographer Kim Keever messes with our minds with his intriguing works of art. His large-scale photos are created through the construction of topographies inside a 200 gallon tank that is filled with water. Keever brings the dioramas to life through colorful lighting, which in turn makes for amazing atmospheres. It is all about timing as he must quickly capture the results… Continue

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The Spooky Shadow Hiding Within

Illuminated Darkness is the most recent work of talented Turkish artist Yasam Sasmazer. It also happens to be Sasmazer’s first solo exhibition ever in the UK. From now to November 4th, the spooky show will be on display at the Aubin Gallery in London.

Sasmazer works with Linden wood and bronze to carve children… Continue

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Seoul's Sunken Stone Garden

Next time you're in South Korea, make sure to check this out. Pavement covered up the Cheonggyecheon stream in Seoul, South Korea, for 40 years as it was used as a road. But in the early 2000s a new project came underway to restore the stream to its former glory. The Cheonggyecheon stream has now been transformed into an urban park that also helps the city. The restoration has improved the… Continue

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Fire-Breathing Dragon DJ Booth

What a sight! This past Saturday, artists Teddy Lo and Ryan C. Doyle showed off their Gon KiRin (meaning light dragon) art car at New York's Robot Heart-O-Ween. The car is about 53 ft long and 23 ft tall (16 meters by 7 meters) and was originally a 1963 Dodge dump truck. Gon KiRin was outfitted with more then 2,460 ft (750 meters) of LED fixtures ad also includes a DJ booth, hydraulic neck,… Continue

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Capturing Clouds at 20,000 Feet in the Air

This must be what heaven looks like. Photojournalist Rüdiger Nehmzow took to the skies in his Cloud Collection series to photograph some beautiful cloud formations. After being strapped in, the committed photographer, equipped with two cameras and an oxygen mask, went 6,000 meters (approximately 4 miles) high in an airplane with the doors wide open to snap his… Continue

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Why Do I Shoot Food?

Why do I shoot food? I have been asking myself this question lately, what is it that makes me prefer food to, for example, shooting people? Or nature photography? Or any other of all the incredible things to photograph in this world. Well, first of all I love food, I enjoy cooking and buying food. I think food in its original state, as ingredients, is beautiful and innumerable are the… Continue

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Giant Rubik's Cube Mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr.

If you thought solving a Rubik's Cube took a lot of time, you've got to see this. Pete Fecteau spent 40 hours configuring a monumental mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr. made entirely out of Rubik's Cubes called Dream Big. With a computer generated draft as his blueprint, the determined creator used 4,242 Rubik's Cubes to construct the 18' 6" x 9' 8" piece that, once… Continue

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I Believe I Can Fly

Sébastien Montaz-Rosset and his crew are self-professed pioneers of highlining, a combination of rock climbing, slacklining and tightrope walking. Unlike a tightrope in high tension, the highline has more slack and is easily susceptible to wind, along with any small shift in weight. Falls happen often and those involved prefer to use a fall leash… Continue

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Paperback Charlie Brown Parodies

I guess it was just a matter of time before someone decided to update those classic Charlie Brown paperback books with relevant topics. Looking through the new website Paperback Charlie Brown, you might be shocked at some of these titles but you've just got to appreciate the ones that bring in familiar characters we all know and love (like Calvin and Clifford).

Here are… Continue

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MoMA's Starry Night Pumpkin

Just how does a museum like the MoMA get into the Halloween spirit? They create show off a very beautiful carving of van Gogh's Starry Night. What an artistic treat!

Update: When we reached out to MoMA representatives for… Continue

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The Little People Love Halloween

Pumpkin Carvers

Photographer Christopher Boffoli, master of the little people, recently created some Halloween themed photos for all of us to enjoy. After his post on My Modern Met went viral, Boffoli has gone on to have his incredibly creative Disparity series… Continue

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Artist #Talk - Special interview with VV Brown

Ever heard a song and felt as though the artist wrote it for you?

To explore that question, HP partnered with Arjan Timmermans from ArjanWrites.com. Part tweet up, part cocktail party, part “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” ARTIST #TALK is an… Continue

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Incredible Pumpkin Sculptures

If you were lucky enough to be in Vegas this weekend, you may have seen some incredible pumpkin sculptures gracing the Halloween events inside nightclubs TAO and Lavo. "The Picasso of Pumpkins" Ray Villafane (who may remember from this post) partnered up with fellow artists, including Andy… Continue

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Top 10 Sites to Find New and Exciting Artists

Where do you go to find artists you connect with? We've rounded up 10 sites that do a spectacular job at featuring some of the most exciting artists today. This time we've even included ourselves in the bunch! Find that list over at Intel's… Continue

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Faile Makes NYC Proud

The famous New York City wall, located on the corner of Houston & Bowery, has just been given a mural makeover by Brooklyn collective Faile. The boys took their known “swag” and made their home city proud with this dynamic piece of art. Photographs of it just don’t do it justice. If you are in the neighborhood, be sure to check it out. They also have a show coming out at the Lazarides Gallery next… Continue

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Reindeer Games

Anyone who has difficulty expressing him or herself through words knows that there are other outlets. For one young photographer, this is hers. Emmy Lee uses photography to express herself because doing it in any other manner just wasn’t working out. “In some ways looking at life through a lens helps me see everything more clearly,” she shares on her… Continue

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The Benevolent Demon

In his Shedim photo series, Aaron B. Heimlich alters his photos by substituting people with a funny looking character. According to Heimlich, it's a Shedim, which is the Hebrew word for benevolent demon. With these intriguing photos, Heimlich reminds his audience that demons are always out there, we just have to keep our eyes open and be more aware. While this set seem to… Continue

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Armadillo-Inspired Street Art

In Avignon, France, the streets are animated with street artist GoddoG's graffiti art. The young artist's creations are filled with color and center on his human-like characters. Despite having similar features to humans, the subjects often ball up into themselves, giving them an animalistic appearance - specifically, armadillos. GoddoG also occasionally features animals alongside his main… Continue

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Living in a Serene Dream

Alexis Mirer is a 19-year-old photographer and creative writing student in Jacksonville, Florida. Though she's a self-taught photographer, this clearly does not hold her back. She currently has five photo series: Warm, Cool, Black, Nocturnal and Oath. Each has a different theme and the individual photos within the series share similar tones. Her photos are tranquil, vintage-esque and beautiful. You… Continue

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