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Life is But a Dream - Siebe Warmoeskerken (10 pics)

Looking through Siebe Warmoeskerken's Flickr stream, you can't help but think that life is but a dream. The way he brings objects in focus and takes objects out of focus is amazing. Not only does this add depth to the picture, it reminds us to stop and enjoy the little things in life and it reminds us to keep the right things in focus.

"I'm an 21 year old…


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Y Water

Y water is bottled water. Simple? No. Other than looking really cool, every colour bottle contains a different kind of mineral. It'll give your body some help with your brain function (hehe), the immune system, the muscles and the bones.

The bottles are also toys.

"Y knots are thingys that make Y bottles stick together. They fit on the ends of the bottles so you can connect and… Continue

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My Love is in Pieces - Juan Felipe Rubio (9 total)

In these photo collages, photographer Juan Felipe Rubio creates love stories. In and of itself, each polaroid is a momentary snap in time. When assembled together, however, they explain a beautiful love story.

I contacted Rubio to find out what his inspiration was behind this series.

Here is what he wrote:

Hi Alice!

Wow,… Continue

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Finding Beauty in the Gray - Max Ash (10 pics)


In this photo set, titled Echoes, Photographer Mike Ash, from Latvia, shows us that life isn't always experienced in black and white. In fact, life's most important decisions are made in times when things are gray. It's in these times that we reflect on our life and decide on what's important. Ultimately, we try and remember that there is beauty in the…


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Glitter and Glamour - Elias Wessel

Although Elias Wessel is a fashion photographer, his shots are more like works of art. Like any great photographer, he is masterful in his use of light, color, and movement.

Wessel was born and raised in Germany, and moved to New York in 2005 to make it as a photographer. Since then, he's been busy working in the fashion and advertising industries, as well as…


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Beer Can Art (11 sculptures)

Now you can justify drinking all those beers! These creative beer can sculptures were created as a tribute to the Turkish beer Efes Pilsen. The artists spared no detail on the project, creating impressive works featuring miniature people playing instruments, armed soldiers, elaborate buildings, and an awesome airplane and motorcycle. Who said nothing good ever comes…


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Logo Evolution Examples (7 pics)

Logo's change just like you change. The way a company projects itself to the consumer, relies heavily on the graphic design of the logo. Corporate identity lies in the core values of a company. Like you...As you grow you will have different wants and needs. So you dye your hair from red to black. But at the core...You're still You.

The changing of a logo is followed throughout all visual aspects of branding. Think business cards,…


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Nigerian Circus - Pieter Hugo (12 photos)

These photos by Pieter Hugo are quite possibly unlike anything you've ever seen. The jaw-dropping images feature performers in Nigeria, made up of a group of men, a little girl, three hyenas, four monkeys, and a few rock pythons. The animal handlers are all related to each other and use the animals to entertain crowds and sell traditional medicines, a tradition passed…


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The Obamas: After Dark - SuperNews!

President Obama finds out who the most powerful person in the world really… Continue

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Modern Architecture - Astronomical Observatory Pool (8 pics)

Could you imagine looking up at the stars while chillin' in this pool? Located in Roca Blanca, Mexico, the Universe House was designed by Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco, and built by architect Tatiana Bilbao.

The house, which nestles in a rocky promontory overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is an actual-size replica of one of the structures that make up the…


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Sex in the City - Pamela Hanson

It's very fitting that Pamela Hanson lives in New York City. Her fun, sexy photos have us fantasizing what life is like for beautiful women living in the big city. Apparently, they do lots of housework in lingerie...

Hanson was born in London, grew up in Geneva, and educated at the American school in Lugano, Switzerland. She later attended the University of Colorado where she pursued her studies in fine arts.…


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Japanese design group D-Barcode specialize in these. Talk about appreciating the little things in life!

Don't care what's in the package..I want that… Continue

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Coca-Cola Can Noobies vs. Oldies

Iconic brand Coca-Cola, inspires a multitude of designers to try their hand on designing something for it. Like these cans. The Faceted can by Dzmitry Samal and the "Naked" can by Harc Lee. Both concepts were, not surprisingly, born from an ecological point of view.

The faceted can: "The new can design utilizes a process… Continue

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Introducing: The Camper Kart (Video)

Inspired by Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road (and the film of the same name that opened this week) artist Kevin Cyr has created a shopping cart that you can live in. Although large enough to house the artist who is 5'8 Cyr views this as more of a piece of art than functional design telling the LA Times:

"I don't consider myself a designer. These are pieces of sculpture. My work is about making a statement. It's about getting people to talk… Continue

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Sand Printing using the power of Children

Tomás Silva of Zanadesign has created this brilliant method of printing in the sand to advertise ‘Cádiz 2012’ for the Council of Cadiz in Spain. It uses no gasoline, electricity or paper. It is 100% pollution free and carbon neutral. Instead of a motor he harnesses the power of children at play to rotate the wheel and print the message in the sand. After the message is recieved it is washed away by the tide leaving nothing but pristine beach in its… Continue

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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (10 photos)

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2009 rocked New York city, keeping spectators gathered on various streets and spots. Thousands of tourists and holiday revelers gathered to watch giant inflatable versions of their favorite characters, including Dora the Explorer, Spiderman and Father Christmas, sail along between the skyscrapers.

Each year, in a…


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Imagine Earth Submerged In Water

Times Square

Imagine...The Polar caps have hemorrhaged enormous volumes of water and the world is submerged. Earth has become one gaping wound and we're living-/trying to survive, in the fall out era of the global warming effect.

Architectural firm Studio Lindfors, give us images,(conclusions,solutions,… Continue

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Experiencing Incredible Heists - Brian Gossett (23 total)

Need a little excitement in your life? Looking for that next great adventure? Then check out Brian Gossett's Heist Series. In June of 2009, Gossett decided to devote his blog purely to his personal hand-picked mixes, one of his obsessive passions in hopes of landing his dream job as a music supervisor for film. Crafting mixes into more specific narratives, he hopes…


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VIP: Very Important Pixels - Kristof Saelen (7 Fun Sets)

World Leaders

I love how, each week, artist Kristof Saelen takes on a theme and then creates these mini-pixel characters to fit within it. Such a simple yet fun concept.

I reached out to Kristof to ask him a few questions about this project:

What's your background?

I have been working as a designer since 2001. Mainly… Continue

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Read All About It (Video)

As they say on Law And Order this painting was "ripped from the headlines". Titled "10 Days" the painting was based on the news headlines found on BBC News Online between May 6-15 this year. It was created by the street artist RIPO during a residency at the Museums Quartier in Vienna, Austria.

10 DAYS from ripo on…


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