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Beautiful Photos of India's Culturally Rich Railroads

World traveling photographer Steve McCurry, who is probably best known for his Afghan Girl photo, shares a stunning set of images offering some insight on the commuting lifestyle of the people in India. The series, simply titled Trains, presents the life of Indian commuters and travelers, many of whom…


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Interactive Street Art Asks People to Kickflip

Even if you're not a skateboarder you've probably heard of the term kickflip, one of the hardest but most basic skateboarding tricks where the rider flicks the board with a foot to make it spin 360 degrees underneath him or her before catching it in the air and landing on it. Invented in the early 1980s by professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen, the trick is one of the most impressive and…


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Elaborate Carpets Made of Unconventional Materials

Pasta Carpet 2

Artists Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten, and Bob Waardenburg, known as the collective WE MAKE CARPETS, design interesting floor displays that make convincing throw rugs from afar. Upon closer inspection, we can see that their creations are, in fact, an intricately patterned assembly of various…


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Capturing a Unique Portrayal of Famous Celebrities

Mike Tyson

This unique series of celebrity portraits was created by famous portrait photographer Paul Mobley, in collaboration with digital artist Mike Campau. The captivating images feature famous individuals and groups like Mike Tyson, Emeril, Gilbert Gottfried, and the Blue Man Group in behind-the-scenes, offbeat scenarios.



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Hilarious Non-Photoshopped Upside-Down Self Portraits

In his photography work, UK-based artist Caulton Morris spins the world in all kinds of directions. In particular, Upside is a series in which the artist precariously balances on his head in the most unexpected places. From city streets to fields to even submerged inside a toilet, his series of self-portraits feature a headstand with a body wobbling through the air.

Everything about…


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Gorgeous Golden Paper Hummingbirds

Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera takes her hummingbird series to a new level by using shimmering golden paper. As she told us previously about the series, Herrera chose the hummingbird and placed it next to flowers to show how a "dynamic element" looks in…


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Layers of Cedar Wood Chips Form Realistic Siberian Wildlife

Walking into artist Sergey Bobkov's studio must be like walking into a jungle! The Russian sculptor creates all kinds of life-like creatures out of Siberian cedar wood chips and a very skillful hand. He says, “It’s not too interesting to do what others can. To create something out of nothing in a completely new way is far more inspiring.”

To start, Bobkov first chips off…


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Old Water Tower Transformed into a Modern Home

Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce are the owners of this amazing residence, which they had spent several months designing, constructing and ultimately transforming from its original state as an old water tower. Located in central London, the tower was an architectural remnant of the 19th-century that has long since been untouched until this year.

When the duo first came…


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More Incredibly Surreal 3D Street Art Illusions

Eduardo Relero is one of those artists who never seems to run out of ideas. His strange and surreal 3D street art scenes only seem to get more interesting and elaborate. One of his most recent pieces was for the Sarasota Chalk Festival where this year's theme was "Circus City,…


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Small Mirrored House Reflects the Surrounding Landscape

German sculptor Ekkehard Altenburger finds great inspiration in architecture and the environment. He uses heavy materials like steel and stone in his pieces and says he "seeks to explore and encapsulate the physical balance of the built environment as well as the sculptural volumes of these physical materials."

This piece, Mirror House, was a temporary installation on the…


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6,000 Miniature People Form the World Map

Multidisciplinary artist Clinton De Menezes created a fascinating landscape in this World Map installation. The artist used oil paint, emulsion, acrylic, plaster, and hand painted model figures to create the captivating piece, in which migrating crowds of miniature individuals form a larger land mass that is displayed from an aerial view. With extreme attention to detail, De Menezes…


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The Comical Evolution of Actors and Characters in Film

Johnny Depp

Los Angeles-based illustrator Jeff Victor gives us all a timeline of the cast of characters big-time celebrities like Johnny Deep and Tom Hanks have played over the course of their careers in his Evolution of… series. Each illustration is like a fun little game that triggers one's memory of the great films of yesteryear… Continue

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New Mystical Foggy Scenes by Mikko Lagerstedt

Recently, Finland-based photographer Mikko Lagerstedt has put out some of his finest work to date. Called Infinity, the series shows a beautiful layer of fog sweeping through majestic landscapes both during the day and at night. "Most of the photos were taken this month in just two days time," he tells us. "There is something about fog that gives you the sense of infinity and mood.…


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15 Stunning Standouts in National Geographic's Photo Contest

My, how time flies! It's been over two months since we first wrote about National Geographic's 2012 Photography Contest and, now, it's coming to a close! Photographers, you…


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Mounted Handlebars Cleverly Commemorate Prized Bicycles

Designer Reagan Appleton gives a whole new meaning to mounting a bike. The Scotland native's Bicycle Taxidermy business commemorates speedy metal steeds (bicycles) by mounting their parts on wooden plaques, bearing a striking resemblance to the trophy heads that hunters display on their walls. The sculptural pieces present a clever visual play, drawing a similarity between the…


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Sneak Peek: Glamorous New Valentino Exhibition in London

If you love fashion or can at least appreciate the artistry involved in haute couture, you don't want to miss this new show which opens tomorrow at Somerset House in London. Valentino: Master of Couture celebrates the illustrious 50-year career of Valentino, the legendary Italian designer…


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Colorful Backdrops Formed with Pastel Watercolors

Croatia-based artist Alexander Pieri is a trained graphic designer who specializes in web design, corporate identity, and illustrations. In his series, Days with Colors, the artist has taken on a more personal endeavor by blending palettes of watercolors together to form these abstract scenes. Each image is grounded with one or two human figures, suggesting that the swirls of…


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The Korowai Tribe's Incredible Tree Houses

Can you imagine living over 100 feet up in the trees? A people known as the Korowai tribe don't need to stretch their imagination at all because their lives have always been spent living in tree houses that soar high above. On the island of New Guinea in the southeastern part of Papua, the isolated tribe is the only group of people in the world that have established their primary…


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260 Artists Featured at 8th Annual Post-It Show

Audrey Kawasaki

Coming in December, Giant Robot Gallery in Los Angeles, California, will host the Eigth Annual Post-It Show. As you can guess, the show features a variety of different artists who have created incredible works on colorful Post-It notes. More than 260 participating artists will showcase more than 2,000 Post-Its for visitors to admire and even…


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Concealed Identities of Salarymen in Japan

After 20 years as a recording engineer in France, Bruno Quinquet left his career to start a new one in Japan. As soon as he graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts photography college, he began making a name for himself in street photography with interesting series like this called the Salaryman Project. The six year long project is an honest look inside the lives of Japanese office…


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