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Pic of the Day: Happy 2012!

To celebrate the upcoming year, children lie on snow to form the number "2012" in front of a huge snow sculpture in Harbin, China.

Now in its 28th year, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is one of the largest international ice festivals in the world with…


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Impressive Lego Sculpture of Albert Einstein

This past October, Legoland Florida opened to the public, targeting families with children ages 2 to 12. With about 50 million bricks used, it is the fifth and largest Legoland in the world with 50 attractions in 10 themed areas.

According to Legoland Florida Master Builder Jason Miller, two of the biggest construction projects at the park were a brontosaurus…


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Surreal Cities Living in Faces

Somewhat frightening but incredibly cool is this new airbrush painting by artist Chris Ellman. Called Two Faces, it's a diptych or two works that, side by side, form one single artistic statement. Taking him three months to complete, this 100% airbrush on canvas is filled with hundreds of characters living in a strange and detailed world. Surreal cities come alive in a woman and…


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10 Most Awe-Inspiring Projects of 2011

Out of all of the projects we've posted on this year, there are ten that stood out for the creators' originality and their ability to inspire us to no end. These made us stand back in awe, almost in disbelief that someone could not only think of such a creative idea but execute on it so flawlessly. While in some cases it was a collaborative effort involving many…


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Recognizing Brands Without Names

Can you identify a brand without a visible name or fully formed logo? Dutch designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink created a board game, aptly titled Brand Memory Game, that tests people's ability to distinguish brands through visual association, in which the names are muted from the image. It's surprising to realize how influential marketing tactics are, based on how easy it…


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Soft and Sweet Illustrations

China-based artist Dou combines human-like forms and earthly creatures to create fantastical works of art. Her characters appear magical with their large doe eyes and elegant yet unwieldy hair. The illustrations consist of thin and intricate lines with splashes of color, if color is used at all. Check out her website (which might take some navigation because it is in Chinese) to…


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Retro Superhero Pin-up Posters

Maria Danalakis, an artist from Brooklyn, New York, has created some fun retro pin-up posters of superheros (and super villains)! The posters, which are available for sale on Danalakis' Etsy page feature such sexy characters such as Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and Poison Ivy. The posters are quirky and cute and…


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Creative Links of the Week #24: Best of 2011

This time, our Creative Links of the Week post is going to focus on some great wrap-ups from 2011. That means that we're going to show you some of the most popular or best posts from 21 websites we love. First, though, I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite photo…


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Breathtaking Arctic Photography

For the Discovery Chanel's upcoming documentary Frozen Planet, director Chadden Hunter, cameraman Didier Noiret, and a small team were sent to the Polar regions of the Earth to document the beautiful and ever-changing icy surroundings. Emperor penguins swimming through freezing waters, Minke whales surfacing for a breath, and the occasional polar bear cavorting around are just…


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Pop Out Beast Sculptures

AJ Fosik's wooden beast sculptures will be exhibited in Galerie LJ in Paris until January 17th, 2012. These sculptures pop out, not only because of the bright colors and eye-catching style, but also literally out from the wall! AJ Fosik, who was born and raise in Detroit, Michigan and is currently based in Portland, Oregon, uses…


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Top 10 Illusions in 2011

Who doesn't love a good illusion? We're winding down 2011 with some of the most creative projects we posted on this year. Some of the best art and photography we featured involved illusions, works that distorted our senses and frazzled our brains, making us do a welcome double-take. From incredible 3D chalk drawings to immersive installations, these were our favorite illusions in…


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Pic of the Day: Guarding Mom's Sleep

Moscow, Russia-based photographer Nikolai Zinoviev has an amazing collection of wildlife photos on his 500px page but this one stood out for its beautiful capture of a very sweet moment. Called Guarding Mom's Sleep, it shows a baby cub protectively watching over his…


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Twitter Woes

After graphic designer and illustrator Patrik Svensson popped up on our radar yesterday for his clever book titles, we checked out his Tumblr and found a whole collection of wonderful illustrations he's made…


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Punk Rock Band Double Exposures

Neil Krug, who has been featured before on My Modern Met for his polaroids, describes his own photography as rough and vintage with a psychedelic feel. His double exposure photos of the band members in 'The Horrors' for their release of Skying embodies these characteristics and…


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Digital Interpretations of Surreal Solitude

We discovered UK-based artist Philip McKay's work on our very own website when he submitted some of his stunning work to our Photos section. His digital artwork leaves a feeling of…


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Cleverly Manipulated Book Titles

Stockholm, Sweden-based graphic designer Patrik Svensson just sent word about a clever new ad campaign he created for a bookstore. Jashanmal Books in Dubai commissioned the designer for this project. Notice that just by manipulating the letters, he's able to give us insight into the book. These posters provide a good chuckle for those who've already read the books and they elicit feelings…


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Interactive Giant Red Ball

Rosa Parks Circle in Michigan

Artist Kurt Perschke has embarked on an international journey that brings a childlike joy to all who encounter his work. The Chicago-born artist's RedBall Project is simple in theory - place a giant, inflatable red sphere in public spaces. The ball stands out…


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Illuminated Paper Blowing in the Wind

Bourrasque, by London-based designer Paul Cocksedge, is meant to represent a large collection of papers blowing away in the wind. Made for France's City of Lyon's annual Festival of Lights, each sheet of "paper" is made from a special conductive material that lights up when a current is passed through it. All are the exact size of a standard piece of printer paper and were…


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Zooming In On Magnified Food

Cake Sprinkles

What does our food look like at a microscopic level? This is the kind of question that prompted San-Francisco photographer Caren Alpert to begin her impressive series entitled Terra Cibus. By sending off a wide variety of food ingredients to a lab in Arizona, she was able to find out the answer. There, a scanning…


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Top 10 Breakthrough Photographers in 2011

We previously brought you our picks for the top 10 breakthrough artists of the year and now it's time to turn our attention to the photographers. Out of the hundreds of photographers we featured on My Modern Met this year, these ten stood out for either their overall unique…


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