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12 Most Fascinating Visual Stories in 2013

One of the most common questions we're asked is how we find the artists we feature on My Modern Met. One of the ways is checking out photo contests where up-and-coming photographers submit their best work. Critical Mass is a program that asks emerging and mid-career artists to submit a portfolio of 10 images. The work is pre-screened by a committee of 25 jurors, and from those votes, 200 finalists…


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3,000 Slats of Wood Form Maze-Like Fence in Copenhagen

This unique, temporary wooden pavilion seems like the perfect place to wander through and get lost in a daydream. Designed by Amsterdam-based firm FABRIC, Trylletromler is a freestanding fence structure that creates an illusion of motion throughout the King's Garden in Copenhagen.

The title of the piece, Trylletromler, is based off of the Danish word for the zoetrope, a 19th…


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10,000 Volts of Electricity Zap Energy Into a Medieval Statue

Overpower is a creative little sculpture that portrays a battle between a Medieval knight and a modern lightbulb. Created by artist Michel de Broin, the small bronze statue is mid-swing with a sword that seems to have shattered the bulb. As a result of his attack, the Middle Ages warrior is occasionally greeted with 10,000 volts of electricity that engage with his sword in a visual…


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Perfectly Aligned Pillars Spotlight US Seal on Veterans Day

The Anthem Veterans Memorial in Anthem, Arizona features five pillars representing the branches of the United States Armed Forces—Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard—that each have a hole in it, allowing light to pass through. They are all perfectly aligned to spotlight a mosaic of the Great Seal of the United States on the ground on only one…


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Logan Zillmer's Amazingly Surreal 365 Project

Photographer Logan Zillmer captures surreal scenes of well-dressed gentlemen trapped in an alternate universe, living out their respective dreams and nightmares. From one frame to the next, Zillmer playfully takes viewers on an adventure that exhibits a great sense of imagination. Whether the subject is motionless, inexplicably encased in a glass box, or whimsically sailing the seas in a giant…


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New Amazing Chain Link Sculptures by Young-Deok Seo

Korean sculptor Young-Deok Seo has crafted several new chain link sculptures—two for his Anguish series of a man in despair and one of a peaceful woman for his Nirvana series. Continuing to work with the unconventional medium of choice, Seo maintains his high skill…


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Spectacular Boulder Opal Looks Like a Gem Inside a Tree

There is an endless bounty of eye-catching gemstones throughout the world and this spectacular boulder opal is one unique beauty that looks like a shimmering crystal encased in a tree fossil. Its opalescent sheen seeps through the cracks of the seemingly wooden rings in lustrous hues of emerald green and aqua blue. Like something out of a fairy tale, the triangular piece radiates…


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Immense Power of the Sun Visually Explored Through Solar Flares

In just a fragment of a photo, photographer Pepe Manteca captures the magnificence of solar activity happening beyond our atmosphere. His fascination with the solar system can be seen in this spectacular collection of glowing photographs. From Earth, Manteca observes astronomical behavior and documents it with a powerful camera lens. His extensive collection of blazing images will leave…


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Ordinary Men Hilariously Pose as Sexy Motorcycle Models

When Arun Sharma, the general manager of Portland, Oregon-based Ducati dealership MotoCorsa, got a lot of flak on his Facebook page for sharing images of a beautiful model draped sexily over a red Ducati, he decided he would do something different. A few weeks later, he asked the same photographer he had worked with, Alicia Mariah Elfving, to style his own workers in the exact same…


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"Reading Net" Allows Kids to Learn While Floating in Mid-Air

With this fun design, no longer will parents have to distinguish between play time and reading time. The Reading Net, by creative studio Playoffice, is a lively design that encourages learning through playing. The Madrid-based studio transformed the idea of a formal library into this interactive net that can be installed in the home. The unique space provides a happy solution for both…


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Stunning Portraits of Colorful Siamese Fighting Fish

Visarute Angkatavanich gets incredibly close up to capture these stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish in graceful, dancerly poses. The Thai photographer uses perfectly placed lighting to create the dramatic highlights and shadows that give personality to each little finned creature.

The photographs convey a sense of elegance that sits in direct contrast to the…


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New Split Family Portrait: Grandmother and Granddaughter

Ulric Collette, the Quebec-based photographer behind Genetic Portraits, a series where he splits family members' faces apart and then photoshops them together, recently created a new portrait that's close to his heart. Saying, "I'm really proud of this one," it shows his mother who's 61-years-old on one side, and his daughter, who is 12-years-old on the other.

Though a lot…


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Surreal Images of Faceless Men Stuck Between Two Worlds

Photographer Christopher Ryan McKenney plays with the visibility of men in nature, masking their faces in draped cloth or removing their heads entirely. Each surreal image depicts an incomplete man who appears to be in the process of either materializing or disappearing into thin air. Mystery surrounds the figure in each frame, which can strangely be seen within a physical…


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Stylish Surfboard Table Brings the Beach Indoors

Created by British designer Christopher Duffy, the Surf-ace Table was built using traditional surfboard construction techniques and materials. Each piece of the table and bench set is made from balsa wood and uses a specific veneer from various sources (including Forestry Stewardship Council managed forests) to recreate the traditional waxed Hawaiian boards. It's the perfect…


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Classic Movie Expressed Only with Minimalist Lines

Whether it's architecture or references to pop culture, it's fascinating to see how an artist can translate the most complex ideas into a minimalist version of itself.…


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22-Year-Old Designer Stunningly Blends Art with Fashion

Yesterday, our friend and ever so talented photographer Alex Stoddard emailed us to tell us about a Kickstarter project that deserves our attention. Michelle Hébert is a 22-year-old up-and-coming designer that creates…


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Beautiful Geometric Shelter Inspired by a Flowering Cactus

Designed by Mexican architect Iván Juárez of X-Studio, Cactaceae is an otherworldly construction that blends a human-made structure into nature. Juárez developed the piece as a tribute to the land and, located somewhere in the desert of Tropic of Cancer in Mexico, it was inspired by the surrounding, flowering cacti.

Through his continued exploration of the relationship…


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Comparing Vastly Different Body Types of Olympic Athletes

New York-based photographer Howard Schatz captures the diverse range of body types of Olympic athletes. Referring to a body as an athletic build is often thought to be a perfect, rippling mass of muscle boasting a six pack, but Schatz's series reveals the wide variety of heights, widths, body shapes, and muscle mass that make up the physiques of champion athletes across an array of…


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China's Flowing Bridge with Three Separate Undulating Roads

In an effort to enliven the local area of a new lake district on Changsha's Meixi Lake in China, an international competition was held to design an innovative, new pedestrian bridge that would span the length of the Dragon King Harbor River. The winning proposal was a stunning concept that rises and falls and ultimately loops back to itself, creating a seemingly…


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Announcing the Winner of Nissan's Photo Contest: "The Future" Category

It's with great pleasure that we now get to announce "The Future" category winner in Nissan's Capture Your #BestShot photo contest! Three weeks ago, we asked…


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