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This is Karma by Erling Hoveid

A little long but a beautifully shot documentary on karma. Just what is karma? Hoveid dives a little deeper to find out.

THEME: This is a documentary about the philosophy of karma. I am into eastern philosophy which I find to have a lot of truth in it. I wanted to make a film that conveys the idea that we are all basically the same. And I also wanted to make an informative film about what karma really is in case people are… Continue

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Must See: Bauhaus at MoMA NY - 11/8/09 - 1/25/10

For those of you who can appreciate modern design, you'll want to catch the new Bauhaus exhibit at the MoMA NY starting in two days! The Bauhaus was the famous and influential school of avant-garde art that was founded in 1919 and shut down by the Nazis in 1933. The school brought together artists, architects, and designers in an extraordinary conversation about the… Continue

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Rémi Gaillard is Batman!

Our favorite French prankster, Rémi Gaillard, is at it again! This time, in true Halloween spirit, Remi transforms himself into one of the most feared flying creatures, a… Continue

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Zimoun Sound Sculptures & Installations

These sound sculptures look as cool as they… Continue

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The Puppet Pathos by Greg "Craola" Simkins (5 pics + video)

This painting by Torrance-based Greg "Craola" Simkins is totally insane. The piece, titled The Puppet Pathos, features a hyper-realistic monster that steals the dreams and thoughts of all creatures. The exquisite detail and three-dimensional perspectives in this painting are truly remarkable.

If you're interested in seeing Simkins's work in person, you…


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Mean Machine - 2011 BMW M3 GTS (video inside)

BMW recently released details on their most extreme M3 to date. The 2011 BMW M3 GTS is the successor of the E46 M3 CSL. Like the CSL, the GTS features substantially reduced weight, complemented by slightly increased horsepower.

Compared to the normal M3’s naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V8, the GTS gains extra displacement, for a total of 4.4 liters. This… Continue

Added by Eugene on November 5, 2009 at 11:00am — 3 Comments

The World's Dirtiest Power Plants

This graphic (courtesy of Forbes) shows the locations and carbon emissions of the 200 dirtiest power plants in the world. I happen to live right under the red blob on the Eastern side of the US. Coal fired power plant emission are directly responsible for almost all of the pollution I experience near my home.… Continue

Added by Mark Huckabee on November 5, 2009 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

THE WEEKEND EXPERIENCE: ART+CULTURE - Stella Im Hultberg, Amy Sol, Nicoletta Ceccoli

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 7, 8pm-11:30pm @ CoproGallery

If you're in Los Angeles this weekend and want to check out three awesome shows in one shot, I would highly recommend going to CoproGallery in Santa Monica this Saturday night, November 7th, from 8pm-11:30pm. The gallery will be showcasing three of the most amazing modern-day pop artists,… Continue

Added by Eugene on November 5, 2009 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

16 Stunningly Beautiful Pictures, Not Paintings - Joanna Kustra

In this set, Joanna Kustra creates amazing photos that are meant to look like paintings. The soft lighting, the pastel make-up, the well-coiffed hair and the gorgeous clothes all come together beautifully. And though we're not necessarily fooled into believing that these are actual paintings, we can appreciate the style and artistry behind it.

Joanna Kustra is…


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Rankin's Heidilicious: Heidi Klum Shows Her Sultry Side (8 pics)

If your preference for supermodels leans more towards total long-legged, curvaceous beauties like Gisele or Ana Beatriz Barros over the typical waif, you'll want to pick up Heidi Klum's new book,…


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Creative Ad: McDonald's Has Free Wi-Fi

Simple message. Great execution. I'm lovin' it. (Does anyone else have a craving for McD's french fries right about now?)

Advertising Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia

Executive Creative Director: Matt Eastwood

Creative Group Head: Adam Rose

Art Director: Matt Knapp

Copywriter: John Downing

Via… Continue

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My Modern Vixen - Marissa Miller Salutes the Troops

Blonde bombshell Marissa Miller poses on a Harley-Davidson to pay tribute to active and retired US military personnel. Miller, who did the ad for Harley's first-ever Military Appreciation Month, said she was delighted to support "those who keep us riding free."

"I'm honored to help the Motor Company salute the brave men and women who keep our country free,"…


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Cool Concept: Microsoft Courier (video inside)

This new product by Microsoft is going to be revolutionary. According to Gizmodo, Courier is a real device that is currently in the "late prototype" stages of development.

Unlike Apple's mythical Tablet, Microsoft's Courier is a booklet. Its dual, multi-touch 7-inch screens are designed for writing, flicking and drawing with a stylus, in addition to… Continue

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Dream a Little Dream - Anastasia Volkova (15 pics)

If you've ever dreamed of being in love, then you will enjoy these gorgeous photographs from Russian photographer Anastasia Volkova. Volkova can somehow capture emotion - passion, longing, lust and love like no one else. Her emotive photos don't just speak to your heart, though, they speak to your soul. They tell us that nothing is better than being in love and that it's… Continue

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Mysterious Little People Spotted Again! (18 photos)

It Came Out of the Sky

Holy crap! We've just spotted more miniature people! According to San Francisco-based Jason Barnhart, they're still busy at work and at play, and involved in unusual activities like cleaning up toxic chocolate spills and investigating unidentified flying golf…


Added by Eugene on November 4, 2009 at 10:00am — 3 Comments

The World's Fastest Cat Track Vehicle

The fastest and most stylish way from the resort to the mountain would have to be the TRAX STI a joint effort from Subaru and Vermont SportsCar. As demonstrated by DC Shoe's Ken Block in the teaser video below this thing is a lot of fun to drive. The engine consists of a Subaru WRX STI heart that produces 400 horse power from a 2.5 liter, 4 cylinder inter cooled turbo charged engine. In other words it hauls.…


Added by Kevin on November 4, 2009 at 12:00am — 2 Comments

Wood Block Reincarnation - Tronic Studios

Julie from Tronic Studios just sent me their latest piece that totally rocks my socks off. Tronic directed and animated this spot on the loss of nature in our increasingly man-made landscape. I AM shows a bleak future, where animals, now a recent memory, are constructed from detritus. This is their plea to us.

Thanks Julie, for the… Continue

Added by Eugene on November 3, 2009 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

World's First Space Hotel on Schedule to Open in 2012 (6 pics)

Looks like it will only cost you $4.4 million dollars for a three-night stay at the Galactic Suite Space Resort, which will be located 300 miles above Earth. An 18-week training program on a Caribbean island is also included.

During their stay in orbit, guests will see the sun rise 15 times a day and travel around the world every 80 minutes. They will wear…


Added by Eugene on November 3, 2009 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

WHY by Wally-Hermes Yachts

A luxurious on-ground villa, that offers to its residents the comfort, spaciousness and interior flexibility but yet immobile? Or a limited in space and wavering but at the same time capable of transferring you to any place you want yacht? That could always be the question faced by clients of the luxury leisure sector. Trying to address this issue…


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30+ Beautiful, Brutally Honest Sayings

Though we all love those words or phrases that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, sometimes we just want to be told the truth. If there's one thing I treasure in this world it is a friend who will give it to me straight. I'll take one real friend over a thousand…


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