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Olivia Wilde: GQ Magazine - June 2009 (7 photos and video)

Olivia Wilde heats up the pages of GQ magazine’s June 2009 issue. She is best-known for her role as Dr. Remy Hadley (Thirteen) on House.

Wilde, 25, also just topped Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list, swiping the crown from Megan Fox, who ironically admitted to a girl-on-girl crush on Olivia in a recent GQ interview. “I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl — Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox…


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BMW Baby Racer II: Has BMW Gone Too Far?

Ok BMW you have got to be kidding me with this baby car. No really? Let's get one thing straight. I am a loyal fan of your cars. Hubster and I adore our Beemers. But what the hell is this?

Sure the Baby Racer II features actual rubber tires to provides extra grip and handling in the corners and I like how its suppose to be considerably quieter than their… Continue

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Sliced Bread Notebook: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

How great is this? It's the sliced bread notebook - a set of 12 notepads all packaged together to look like a loaf of bread. Use a different notebook each month for one year. Super simple, super cool.…


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Seasteading - the new frontier?

Seasteading is the name for a movement towards homesteading on the ocean. Basically it is using the technology proven in offshore oil rigs to design new homes or communities on the water.

People are very serious about this idea. They have even formed the…


Added by Mark Huckabee on May 21, 2009 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

Glamour Lives On

Just a breathtaking picture of the hottest couple in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie dazzles in a beautiful Versace dress while Brad Pitt looks dapper in Tom Ford. The photo was taken at the premiere of Brad's new movie, Inglourious Basterds, during the 2009 Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday afternoon (May 20) in Cannes,… Continue

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Simple and Sweet Graphic Design - Christopher David Ryan (20 Total)

Does art have to get any more complicated than this? Christopher David Ryan is a graphic artist based in Maine who describes himself as "a daydreamer, pseudo-scientist, wanna-be astronaut and untrained intellectual." He cites music, the universe, the human condition and natural phenomena as things that inspire his work. We love his simple design and sweet messages of…


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If Beds Could Talk...

What would happen if suddenly our beds could talk to us? Perhaps they'd say something like this.

[Via… Continue

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A Touching Commercial That''ll Make You Cry Then Buy Pantene Shampoo

Wow, talk about some powerful advertising. This Thai commerical from Pantene is beautiful because it tells a moving story about a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. Holy crap. I need some… Continue

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This is just wrong...

I mean kids are great but only in small increments right? But if you were to deal with one on a daily basis, do I have a product for YOU!

If you're a fan of Family Guy, you know that Herbert would LOVE to get his hands on these!

Added by Sandy on May 21, 2009 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments

10 Hidden Stories in Busy Landscapes - Rod Hunt

Zombie Apocalypse!

If there is one illustrator who has that rare ability to look into the future, my bet's on Rod Hunt. Hailing from the UK, Hunt has built a solid reputation for creating retro illustrations filled with detailed characters and hidden meanings. His work makes you want to find the little stories among the characters and then asks you to step back and try and understand the piece as a whole. What is Hunt trying to tell us about our past, present…


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The Girlfriend Experience

Critics are giving The Girlfriend Experience good reviews and say the director's ruthlessly unsentimental depiction of Christine's lifestyle makes for fascinating, albeit distanced, voyeurism.

Set in the weeks leading up to the 2008 presidential election, The Girlfriend… Continue

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Darth Maul - A Tricked Out BMW M3

Help a girl out on this one. What do you think about this pimped out M3? The Canadian tuners from MWDesign have released a tuning program for the BMW M3 Coupe (E92). Dubbed “Darth Maul”, this bad-boy is painted in Jerez Black and features a new Amuse Ericsson front bumper with orange highlights, exclusive carbon fiber side vents, a new rear diffuser, a pair of carbon…


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concrete - Architecture and Design Firm

I first came across the architecture and design firm concrete in an article at Cool Hunting about a club they designed called Minibar.

The club's design takes us takes us back to the days of the automat or alternatively reminds one of that wonderful respite to be found at the end of a long day traveling. When I went in…


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Creative Ads: Anti-Smoking Campaigns (16 pics)

As an ex-smoker myself, I can understand the pleasure of smoking ciggarettes. There is no debate however, that smoking is not good for your health. Here are some really creative anti-smoking ads that make us think twice.…


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A Masterplan for Mecca Leaked to YouTube

An amazing video of Atkins' proposed redesign for Mecca has been leaked onto the internet.

As Fast Company states:

"Because of the extreme sensitivity of the… Continue

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The Bagger 288 will save us from the Alien Horde!

I have no idea who made this or why, all I know is: it's pretty… Continue

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When Cubicle-Mates Attack! - Awesome Office Pranks (14 pics)

Post-It Attack!

Oh, the sweet joy of a well-executed prank! The look on a coworker's face as they see their vandalized workspace is worth every second of putting these together.

When NBC invited fans of The Office to send in pictures of their places of work, they received thousands of photos. Many people decided to use the opportunity to…


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Virgin America Becomes the First Airline to Offer Wi-Fi On All Flights

Lots of love to Virgin for being the first airline to offer wi-fi on all of their flights. Who better to make the big announcement than the queen of all media, Oprah? Watch her show tomorrow to see her skype with a Virgin airline attendant.

So how much is it going to cost?

$7.95 for handheld devices (regardless of flight time)

$9.95 for… Continue

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No plans for Memorial Day Eve? Now you do.

Some of our very own Met members, Victor and Arlene, are spinning some phat beats this Sunday at Halo in Hollywood! Come out and support them. You get Monday off, people, so there's not excuse not to party!

You can get on the… Continue

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Butterfly Beer Cans

Beer Can Butterflies

These beer can butterflies are the work of Paul Villinski. Accoring to Villinski: “These pieces explore themes of transformation and recovery through the metamorphosis of crushed beer cans from the streets of New York into flocks of realistically crafted butterflies.” Check out more of his work at his website. via…

Beer Can Butterflies

Beer Can Butterflies

Beer Can Butterflies

Beer Can Butterflies


Added by Kevin Chung on May 20, 2009 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

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