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WHEEEE! More Free Muzaks! Courtesy of RockersNYC & A Gun Called Tension!


This mixtape is journey where no musical boundaries exist!!! Experience a union of post-punk, new wave, dub, hip-hop and indie rock…A Gun Called Tension creates intergalactic weirdness for the love of making music! This mixtape features unreleased tracks and demos from A Gun Called Tension and their musical friends.

Created by Dann Gallucci (Murder City Devils & Modest… Continue

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Wow, today I've got so much creativity spinning in my head. Where to start? I try to try new views of photography, think in different ways - outside the box, and gather/organize my thoughts... A lot of inspiration...

I love this little character -Angel. Found her in a shop (Design Torget- in Sweden a year ago. There are a lot of different characters - VooDoll.

Well, let's see what it will be of all this… Continue

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Suicide Girls Fight Club

This picture set by the Suicide Girls is pretty fascinating. I love when a picture set tells a story and this one shows us the beauty, gore, and raw emotion of an all girl fight club. You can check out the whole uncensored set here.…


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A Man and His Bear

This dude has officially fulfilled my childhood dream by having his very own grizzly bear! Towering 6 inches taller than Shaq with a bite force strong enough to crush a bowling ball and the ability to kill a human with a single paw is the 800-pound grizzly named Brutus. His best friend? Renowned naturalist Casey Anderson who has raised him from birth.



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Retro Wallpaper Rocks! (2 Favorites)

Aimee Wilder has some of the coolest wallpaper around. This retro tech style wallpaper goes for $140.00 for 27" x 15'. Also, check out the robots!



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J.Crew's Summer Collection is Pretty

I am in love with the new J.Crew Summer collection. Those soft ruffles and those delicate flowers...isn't it all just… Continue

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Artist Casey O'Connell's Love Plates

It was only a week ago when I first discovered the whimsical work of artist Casey O'Connell. Her dreamy art had me swooning. She's just released a limited edition set of porcelain plates available for purchase at…


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Fred Segal Santa Monica Gets Their Own Bravo Reality Show!

Oh, Bravo. I'll admit it. Yes, I am hooked on Millionaire Matchmaker. That no BS biatch has me glued to the TV week after week.

What's next up your sleeve?

A reality show set in Fred Segal, Santa Monica you say?

"The untitled docu-series will focus on the oft-stressed and competitive sales team as they cater to well-to-do customers who… Continue

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IPEVO- Enhancing Experiences Over the Internet

Just when technology couldn’t get much easier, it suddenly does, thanks to some handy new devices from IPEVO – a company specialising in enhancing experiences over the internet.

Take the TR-10i for example, your new desktop pal. It’s the ultimate accomplice for anyone who uses Skype and iChat as much as we have been lately.

So what exactly does it do? It works as a desktop mic, a speakerphone and also as a handset for when… Continue

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Another cool house that I'd LOVE to live in: Panama House, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Marcio Kogan’s Panama House is a residence designed for art. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the house makes a powerful but subdued statement in its low, open, elongated elegance — a hallmark of Kogan’s architecture.

In the past few years, the award-winning, Brazilian-born architect’s Studio MK27 has produced a steady stream of low-rise, boxy work – all with an uncanny intimacy, yet without any of…


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Minimalistic Modern Lamps by Coen

Designed by the Berlin-based studio böttcher+henssler, Coen lamps are a white version of the designers’ dark prototype lamp, Troll. Although Troll is made of sheet metal, it brings back images of an upturned wooden ancient sauna accessory – a pail with two handles – called “kiulu” in Finnish. In contrast, the slim, white (and silver) Coen lamps are supremely stylish, quite at home next to an Alvar Aalto Paimio chair.…


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Beatboxing Kid Blows It Up!

This kid that has some crazy beatboxing skills! Totally… Continue

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Love, Peace, and Grease: Tiger, Jeter and Federer are Extra Greasy in New Gillette Commercial

Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and Roger Federer strut their greasy stuff to the Bee Gee's "Staying Alive" in Gillette's "Walk of Gillette" commercial. The TV ad launched on the same day the new Yankee Stadium opened.

Watching the ad left me with the same feeling as when I accidentally ate five pieces of Popeye's fried chicken the other day - oily and a little bit disgusted.

I don't care how many combined kajillions they're worth. They need to close… Continue

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The Brothers Bloom - Opening Sequence

A 7-minute preview of the movie The Brothers Bloom, coming to theaters in May.

The film stars Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo and Rinko Kikuchi, and tells the tale of two of the best con men in the world, who swindle millionaires with complex scenarios of lust and intrigue. Now they've decided to take on one last job - showing a beautiful and eccentric heiress the time of her life with a romantic… Continue

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Let's Be Twitter Friends! @mymodernmet

Hey there! Want to get the latest and greatest Met links tweeted out to you? Then let's connect over at Twitter. @mymodernmet
See you on the other side!

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Trend | Guerrilla Knitting (aka Yarn Bombing) Goes Global

Knit one, purl two, now do it fast before the cops come. That must be what goes through the minds of those partaking in the current fad, Yarn Bombing (aka Knit Bombing or Guerrilla Knitting). Often the evidence will be a simple knit cuff cast around a stair rail such as the one below, innocuous enough. Then there are the more elaborate corsets fitted around tree trunks, and leggings placed on statues, often with a tag or note claiming… Continue

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Look ma... no hands!

This week, engineer Adam Wilson made global headlines by updating Twitter using his brainwaves. "USING EEG TO SEND TWEET" he explained.

Wilson's achievement was actually pretty trivial. He used a system called BCI2000, found in hundreds of laboratories across the globe, that can do the job of a keyboard for any software program. But it was significant precisely because it was trivial: mind-reading tech is going to have a massive impact… Continue

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Critics say that Earth is spectacularly photographed, gracefully edited, and effectively demonstrates the effects of climate change. Narrated by James Earl Jones, this documentary from Disneynature follows the path of the sun as it explores our world. Earth focuses on a trio of animal mothers and… Continue

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Get Rich Quick! Exhibit @ Carmichael 05.07 - .5.28

A selection from the collections of our collectors...
Opening reception: Thurs, May 7th 7:00 - 10:00pm

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Artist Spotlight: Lora8 (10 total)

British artist, Lora, has a website you could easily spend hours getting lost in. One look at her picture and you'll be surprised to find that the artist behind this work is in fact a young girl who has a lot to say. You have to wonder if she was inspired by artists like Banksy, there's an underling theme of social unrest and a rejection of mass commercialism in her… Continue

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