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Clever Video: The Future of Publishing

What is the future of publishing? With all the new forms of media popping up every day, you've got to be wondering..are books dead? Penguin Group tries to answer your question with this clever video. Prepared by the UK branch of Dorling Kindersley Books and originally meant solely for their sales conference, the video was such a hit internally that it is now being shared online. Love the clever twist in the middle!

Via… Continue

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Tragic Portraits of America's Endangered Species (12 pics)

Representing a 20-year-long mission of National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore to record North American species facing extinction, Rare: Portraits of America's Endangered Species is a beautiful book filled with tragic stories. Sartore showcases 69 creatures from snails to wolves to… Continue

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Kitteh Kitteh by Tokyo Plastic

What does a cute kitty normally dream of? Well, have a look and you'll find out.

The Tail Gunner from tokyoplastic on Vimeo.…


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Information Overload (7 pics)

Have you ever experienced information overload? Perhaps it was when someone was talking to you and they were talking so fast it felt like your head was going to explode. Or, maybe you were surfing the web a little too long and your brain started feeling mushy.

27-year-old Richard Evans created Information Leak to represent information overload in…


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Striking Splash of Color (20 photos)

Hans van Reenen

What is about selective color photos that turn a normal picture into a striking piece of art? Perhaps it's the way we're asked to focus on a particular feature. Or maybe it's the way it draws upon our own experiences, asking us to tell the mysterious story. Whatever…


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Modern Architecture: See-Through Tower (4 pics)

Thanks to firm Oppenheim Architecture + Design, Miami Dade College is getting a gorgeous new campus center located in downtown Miami. The LEED certified structure will maximize energy savings and generate renewable energy to help power the campus.

Designed in the form of an extruded quadrangle, the building is carved to maximize openness and provide a…


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Incredible Wildlife Shots by Rob Kroenert (13 photos)

Looking at these breathtaking wildlife shots, it's impossible not to be inspired by San Francisco-based photographer Rob Kroenert's work. Taking shots at the perfect angle, Kroenert's sharp images really brings out the God-given personality of the animals.…


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Epic Wipeouts and Incredible Underwater Photography

While there's a million glossy shots of surfers gloriously riding a wave, it's not often that you get to see epic wipeouts or how a surfer looks underneath the water, after the wave. Thanks to professional surf photographer Brian Bielmann we now get to experience these moments. Bielmann captures incredible surfing shots most of us have never seen. Shooting in a wide…


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Modern Health: Why a Salad Costs More Than a Big Mac

It's no wonder poverty and obesity have such a strong correlation in the U.S.

Federal subsidies are government grants that are meant to support an enterprise (in this case--agriculture) that's of public interest. They are offered either through direct payments or indirect means such as price cuts or favorable contracts.

Imagine if the government were to subsidize fruits and vegetables instead of meats and dairy? Our waistlines… Continue

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Flying Cows (3 pics)

I want to share with you part of my "Flying cows" series:

I'm trying to draw more often... trying to find some time.

But is what I really enjoy doing.

Hope you like them.… Continue

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Cool New Home Wallpaper for DIY Room Decor

More like peal-away borders than traditional wallpaper per say, this idea lets home owners blend the best of stylish professional design with unique, personal and artistic decorative touches. So easy a kid could do it.

This is a bit like wallpapering in reverse. Sound complex? The concept is simple: add the peal-away paper elements to a selected wall surface, decorate with paint on the in-between spaces and pull back the sticky tape-like…


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Macquarie Building

On behalf of the Macquarie Group, Clive Wilkinson Architects implemented a radical, large-scale workplace design that leverages mobility, transparency, multiple tailor-made work settings, destination work plazas, follow-me technology, and carbon neutral systems. The result is part space station, part cathedral, and part vertical Greek village.

Real cool!…


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Jetpacks and Flying Hovercrafts! (9 pics + 2 videos)

Well here's that jetpack you asked for Kevin!

These babies developed by Martin Aircraft Company of New Zealand go on sale for $75,000 each, and can reach 60mph, with an altitude of 8,000 feet! Check out the video below for demonstration.

What? Not impressed? How bout this homemade Hovercraft by Rudy Heeman, also another New Zealander?…


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World's Biggest House of Cards by Bryan Berg (5 pics)

Bryan Berg is at it again, and this time an attempt to break his previous Guiness World Record for the largest building built out of stacks of cards! He had been featured here on the Met for the Guiness World Record of the Tallest House of cards in 1992, and this time, with 218,792 cards, created a replica to the…


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One Day Without Shoes (3pics)

"What is One Day Without Shoes?

One Day Without Shoes, on April 8, 2010, is an effort to bring attention to the impact a simple pair of shoes can bring to a child’s life. Toms asks people to go the day, part of the day, or even just a few minutes, barefoot, to experience a life without shoes first-hand, and to help spread awareness.

It’s Hard Without Shoes

Through everyday encounters with domestic poverty, we are reminded to appreciate… Continue

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Dew Quiver iPod Shoulder Strap

The Quiver is a shoulder strap with wallet pocket and a pocket for your digital gear(your iPhone, iPod or ...) with inSound controls, a soft control keypad based on Fibretronic’s CONNECTEDwear. Change a song, adjust the volume or answer a call with the Quiver’s inSound exterior keypad.…


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What if Google Buys Famous Brands?

It is a common practice that large companies in fright of competition buy out their competitors. A recent example is Kraft takeover of Cadbury. After the acquisition, the company either keeps the same logo design or alters it to their desires. While surfing on Google one day, a thought came to my mind… how would it end up if Google buys some of the top companies and alter their logo… Continue

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Bloody Shower Accesories For Your Bathroom! (2 pics)

Here's something to give your guests something to scream about. Bloody shower curtains deco from mydeco. And a bloody bath mat to match. Any true horror fan would want them to add that touch of horror/murder scene to their bathroom!



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Creative Experience: IKEA in the Subway (7pics)

Can't find a comfortable place to sit while waiting for your next train? Well IKEA has the solution for you. A creative way of bringing the 'living room' to you! This idea was pitched in France's subway. Way to go IKEA, FR.…


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