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Inglourious Basterds Inspired Art Prints (7 Pics)

Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds was a badass movie that managed to do something new with the WWII movie genre. So it makes sense that it would inspire some awesome art by some of our favorite artists around here. Contributors include: David Choe, Alex Pardee, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores and many more. The prints are available through…


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The Next Gen of Magazines

I can't wait to see how magazines will look on a tablet. Wired Magazine does a pretty good job here of showing us their preview. As a magazine junkie, it might just make me want to get that…

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Incredible Staple Art by Baptiste Debombourg

Like Ran Hwang's beautiful murals, Baptiste Debombourg's creates incredibly detailed art that can only be fully appreciated up close. Using just a white wall as his backdrop, Debombourg carefully placed 35,000 staples over a period of 75 hours to create two pieces of art. These are…


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Pic of the Day: Composite Shot Of Total Eclipse

Photographer and scientist Miloslav Druckmüller and his team specialize in capturing images of solar eclipses. Pictured above is one photograph that compiles nine images, taken on July 22, 2009 from the Marshall Islands. Make sure to check out the hi-res version… Continue

Added by Eugene on February 17, 2010 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

David Choe's Beautiful L.A. Show Cards (2 pics)

I'm really impressed by the artistry behind these show cards for David Choe's upcoming exhibit in Beverly Hills. Choe, a superstar in the pop-art circuit, hasn't had a solo show in Los Angeles for six long years.

"this summer In april 2010 I will have my first solo art show in…


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Carnival 2010 - The Big Picture

Carnival has to be the best party in the world. Over the past few weeks, parades and celebrations have taken place throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and South America. An estimated 730,000 foreign tourists traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for this year's celebrations. The Big… Continue

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39th Annual National Wildlife Photo Contest Winners

First Place, Mammals, Amateur - Subharghya Das, Mysore, India

I'm always amazed at how beautiful and seemingly perfect nature seems to be. A large part of this feeling comes from photographers who capture nature at her best, sharing unbelievable images taken at unexpected moments.

Collected here are the photos from the winners of the 39th Annual National Wildlife Photo…


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It's Raining Ring Pops (4 pics)

A sweet installation just went up at the Standard Hotel, New York. Artist Julia Chiang has created a site-specific installation where All For You is spelled out with Ring Pop candy along the wall of the shop. Julia's known for taking your old childhood candy and turning them into…


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Action Figure Package Backs From The 80's (6 Pics)

This should bring back some memories for those of us who grew up in the 80's. It might be hard for some of you youngsters to imagine but before George Lucas revolutionized the toy industry action figures did not exist. Instead you had something more like a doll with removable clothes and no "Kung Fu Grip". You can see more of these package backs… Continue

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Creative Ad: Moon Striker

JAM Adelaide designed this creative billboard for the Adelaide United Football Club to promote their night games. The ad cleverly reinforces the night aspect of the game by having a player on the billboard interact with the "moon," which was attached above the poster with a pole, painted black.

via campaign… Continue

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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series (video inside)

There's been a lot of commotion lately about Microsoft's new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7. We'll leave it to the tech sites to give you their expert opinion, but from what we're reading this OS is taking the mobile experience to a whole new level.…


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Teach Every Child About Food - Jamie Oliver: TED

Yesterday, I was finally able to see Jamie Oliver's winning TED talk in its entirety, and I can wholeheartedly say it's totally deserving of TED's $100,000 prize.

Jamie Oliver is transforming the way we feed ourselves, and our children. He has a passion for creating (and talking about) fresh, honest, delicious food. In this very persuasive talk, Oliver shares powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, West Virginia, and makes the case for… Continue

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Incredible Light Force Fields by TCB (7 pics)

Using his own set of unique tools and no computer animation, TCB (or Twin Cities Bright) creates incredible light art that will blow you away. His light force fields seem other-worldly and his graffiti is for these modern times. TCB combines photography, graphic…


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Open your world...

Do you ever feel like you are closed? Is it your heart? Your mind? Your home? This topic has been on my mind lately. I see so many of us in this world who have closed themselves off from others, from nature, from life. We hide ourselves in front of our computers or TVs. We bundle ourselves up with clothes against the elements and our fellow humans. We ride to another place in a closed in car to insulate ourselves from the outside. And when we get to… Continue

Added by Mark Huckabee on February 16, 2010 at 3:30am — 8 Comments

Breaking Free of the Frame (12 total)


While some people dream of escaping into an alternate reality, perhaps others dream about joining yours. These are the people that are locked up in a photo, hoping that someone might come along and release them. It's only in the skilled hands of an artist or a photographer that…


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Modern Architecture: Walking Into the Light (5 pics)

This installation gives "walking into the light" a whole new meaning. Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka will exhibit a glass window made of 500 crystal prisms at MUSEUM. beyond museum in Seoul this May. Called Rainbow Church, the 26 foot-high (8 meter) installation will create rainbows within the space as light is refracted.

"I experienced a space filled…


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Poolside Beauty (7 photos)

I love looking through the eyes of New York-based fashion photographer Rony Shram. Masterfully using soft lighting along with shadows, Shram's images are subtly magnificent. Looking at his photographs, it's apparent he has a sharp eye for finding beauty.…


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Lego Big Mac

More details and pics after the jump.…


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Opening Ceremonies For the Winter Olympics - The Big Picture

Who else could capture the opening ceremonies like the Big Picture? If you missed it on Friday, make sure to catch this amazing photo set. Not quite as over-the-top as Beijing's summer opening ceremonies but beautiful in its own way, Vancouver welcomed the world with open arms (and amazing lights) for the Winter Olympics. Check it out,… Continue

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Actors and Directors by Annie Leibovitz

Say what you may about the financially troubled Annie Leibovitz, but you just can't deny that every image she takes gives you an emotional experience. In Vanity Fair's new Hollywood 2010 issue, she gives us an intimate look at the relationship between actors and directors and shows us their magical connection.

"Whether it was the epic romance of Pedro…


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