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While some people dream of escaping into an alternate reality, perhaps others dream about joining yours. These are the people that are locked up in a photo, hoping that someone might come along and release them. It's only in the skilled hands of an artist or a photographer that…


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Modern Architecture: Walking Into the Light (5 pics)

This installation gives "walking into the light" a whole new meaning. Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka will exhibit a glass window made of 500 crystal prisms at MUSEUM. beyond museum in Seoul this May. Called Rainbow Church, the 26 foot-high (8 meter) installation will create rainbows within the space as light is refracted.

"I experienced a space filled…


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Poolside Beauty (7 photos)

I love looking through the eyes of New York-based fashion photographer Rony Shram. Masterfully using soft lighting along with shadows, Shram's images are subtly magnificent. Looking at his photographs, it's apparent he has a sharp eye for finding beauty.…


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Lego Big Mac

More details and pics after the jump.…


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Opening Ceremonies For the Winter Olympics - The Big Picture

Who else could capture the opening ceremonies like the Big Picture? If you missed it on Friday, make sure to catch this amazing photo set. Not quite as over-the-top as Beijing's summer opening ceremonies but beautiful in its own way, Vancouver welcomed the world with open arms (and amazing lights) for the Winter Olympics. Check it out,… Continue

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Actors and Directors by Annie Leibovitz

Say what you may about the financially troubled Annie Leibovitz, but you just can't deny that every image she takes gives you an emotional experience. In Vanity Fair's new Hollywood 2010 issue, she gives us an intimate look at the relationship between actors and directors and shows us their magical connection.

"Whether it was the epic romance of Pedro…


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Badass and Bold by Shohei Otomo

What happens when you take immaculate traditional Japan and mash it up with violence, vulgarity and all things spawned from hell? You get a badass combo that seems lethal just looking at it. Using only black white and the occasional splash of red Shohei Otomo creates a bold and gripping effect.

Every single image he presents to us is like a punchline in a black comedy. If you don't have a… Continue

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Happy Valentine's Day!

6 points + bonus. Happy Valentine's Day!

via laura ann

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Classic Beauty: Diane Kruger by Lothar Schmid (6 pics)

With her wildly disheveled hair and her come hither stare, Diane Kruger is the perfect woman to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day weekend. Photographed by Lothar Schmid, German-born Kruger has such a beautifully classic look about her. Plus didn't we just love her in Inglorious Bastards?…


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Year of the Tiger Tea (2 pics)

As millions celebrate the lunar New Year this weekend, I thought this tea packaging was really fitting. Designed by Aesthetic Apparatus, the bright tin has hand printed labels and includes a sticker that celebrates the year of the Tiger. The tea comes from the province of Yunnan and promises to be "strong and smooth, spicy and sweet, rich and earthy." Only 50 of these… Continue

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Sweet! ABC Paper Cups

I can't help but love these sweet paper cups. Such a simple concept but cute and smart because it lets you decide what words you want to create. Designed and sold by Seoul based IaM Design, these would be fun for kids and adults alike.

"ABC Paper Cup puts an end to the boring design of disposable paper cups, which are easily confused with one another and thus…


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Graffiti Texas Style!

While cruising through South Texas artist Ron English took some time out to do some rural graffiti. While some might go for barn walls English went a more mobile direction. He says no cows were hurt in the process.…


Added by Kevin on February 13, 2010 at 2:00am — 3 Comments

When Shadows Come Alive (15 pics)

Shadow Dance

Though there's a plethora of amazing shadow photography out there, my favorite ones are where the shadows tell a story. They're the ones where the line is blurred between art and photography where you're not quite sure if the photo has been doctored up. These are the photos where our imaginations run wild, where we believe, for a brief moment, that the shadows come…


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Stephen Colbert's Olympic Poster

As most of you know the Colbert Nation is the official sponsor of the US speed skating team and Stephen is an official member of the team. It makes sense then that Stephen Colbert would have his own Olympic poster. Designed by non other than Shepard Fairey the poster comes in the now famous "Hope" colorway and features Stephen riding an… Continue

Added by Kevin on February 12, 2010 at 4:45pm — 2 Comments

Beautiful Car Wreck (5 pics)

Using 13,000 lasers and rising fog, Chinese artist Li Hui turned a hideous car wreck into a visually stunning piece of art. Spiritualism, in particular Buddhism, along with Chinese philosophy are central themes is his work. Hui's Transition symbolizes turning the negative into the positive, which is represented by the magnificent transformation of this bandaged car wreck.…


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Street Art: Mind Explosion (2 pics)

Here is a perfect example of how street art can really beautify a city. This bright and beautiful mural titled "ninia Kukul" was created by street artist Stinkfish. It was recently spotted in Bogota, Columbia.

Stinkfish's flickr… Continue

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Inspirational Ad: Nike's Human Chain

Home run for Nike! A great song accompanying an awesome commercial. The song is by The Hours - "Ali In The Jungle." Everybody gets knocked down, how quick are you going to get… Continue

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The Monsters Most of Us Can't See (16 total)

If you follow my blogs, you'll know that I have a slight obsession about people with secret powers; like Terry Border who can make everyday objects come alive or Kumi Yamashita who can make mysterious…


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Seducing Beauty - Chris Nicholls (12 pics)

Canadian based photographer Chris Nicholls has a job most men would envy. As a fashion and celebrity photographer he not only shoots stars like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Molly Sims, he captures beautiful women in everything from ballgowns and wedding dresses to sexy lingerie. Yet no matter how sweet or sexy his subjects may be, there is a common theme that runs…


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A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

"This is the final piece for my AS art course, a flipbook made entirely out of biro pens. It's something like 2100 pages long, and about 50 jotter books. I'd say I worked on and off it for roughly 3… Continue

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