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Toyota unveils the FT-CH --- a PRIUS for the next generation

At the Detroit Auto Show today Toyota unveiled their newest hybrid, the FT-CH. It is designed to be a hipper, less expensive version of the Prius. it is still technically a "concept" car but Toyota is hinting strongly that this one will make it to production soon.

The design of the FT-CH is intended to "capture the vivid, high-energy appeal… Continue

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Philippe Starck's New Italian Hotel (Looks Haunted) - 8 pics

Philippe Starck never ceases to amaze us. In his latest creation, the brilliant and somewhat crazy French designer has converted a former aristocratic home in Venice into a hotel. Created for Design Hotels, Palazzina Grassi promises a "magical world of mirrors, glass sculptures, rare books and vintage objects." True to form, Starck will surprise you with transparent…


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Modern Health: Activity Monitor by Philips (6 pics)

With a long list of benefits, such as preventing energy loss and weight gain, reducing stress and serious health conditions, people who take part in daily physical activity report that they feel more balanced and have a better emotional state of mind.

With experts recommending 30 minutes of physical activity a day - Philips Direct Life activity monitor is… Continue

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CL!CK: An Inspirational Lego Short Film

If you're a big fan of legos (who isn't) you'll be super excited that they've just started up their own community. Lego Cl!ck is a collaborative environment designed for inventors, artists and creative enthusiasts to share their vision about new products and toys. For a sweet intro, check out this super creative video by Leigh Marling from… Continue

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The Oscars: 21 Best Picture Hopefuls

Just who will land in the coveted ten Best Picture nominee spots for this year's Oscars? 10, you may ask? Yes, 10. The best picture lineup at the Academy Awards doubled from five films to ten this year. It's the first time since 1943 that the Academy has allowed this many films in that category.

"After more than six decades, the Academy is returning to some… Continue

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Star Wars Burlesque (5 Pictures)

There has never been a more retched hive of scum and villainy (and sexiness) than the Los Angeles club Bordello this past Saturday. The club was turned into the Mos Eisley Canitna for a night that Empire and Rebel fans could both get behind. Classic characters like C3PO, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and a sexy Storm Trooper stripped down shook it for the audience. You can check out more photos and a review of the event over at the… Continue

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What's Changed This Decade (1999-2009)

The world has changed a lot in the past ten years. Here is a graphic guide highlighting some of the biggest changes.

via online… Continue

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Funny Ad: HD Flip - In The Bedroom

Husband comes home to a birthday… Continue

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Model Mayhem - Evan Romine (9 photos)

Some beautiful shots of models by Phoenix-based photographer Evan Romine. I like his use of light, color, and clarity in these pics.…


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The Best of CES 2010 - PC World

Samsung's Booth at CES 2010

The editors over at PC World went to Las Vegas to find the hottest new gadgets and gear at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Here are their picks!…


Added by Eugene on January 11, 2010 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

Unlocking Beautiful Fantasies - Denise Grünstein (10 pics)

Step into the world of Denise Grünstein and get ready for a beautiful adventure. Her gorgeous photos make us feel as though we've been transported into another world. She has that rare ability to create interesting stories through a single picture or a whimsical series like some of our favorite photographers,…


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Dakar Rally 2010 - The Big Picture

The 31st running of the Dakar Rally is being held in South America for the second year, instead of the traditional African route, due to ongoing security concerns. This year's race began and will end in Buenos Aires, covering a looping 9,000 kilometers between Argentina and Chile over 14 stages. 362 Teams began the race with 176 motorcycles and quad bikes, 134 cars, and… Continue

Added by Eugene on January 11, 2010 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

Up's 12 Magical Movie Moments

While some would argue that Pixar's 10th animation film is not their best, I wholeheartedly disagree. Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters and Wall-E are nothing compared to Up. Director and co-screenwriter Pete Docter and co-director and co-writer Bob Peterson took Up to new heights - creating a sweet love story in the beginning, an exciting… Continue

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"100 Abandonded Houses"

These are photographs of abandoned houses in Detroit. They're part of a project called '100 Abandoned Houses' by Kevin Bauman. You might think that 100 is a large number, but reality counts around 12.000 abandoned houses. As you can see a lot of these houses are pretty big and beautiful. Bauman started this project due to pure… Continue

Added by Inka Leoni on January 11, 2010 at 9:04am — 4 Comments

Intel's 500 Moving Data Cubes (Video Inside)

If we were at CES this year, we know where we'd be hanging out - in front of Intel's incredible touch screen wall. Created by Foghorn Creative, The World Live is a peek into what a future desktop might look like. 500 cubes, each holding a separate piece of data, are brought in either from a hard drive or from websites like Google News, Flickr, Twitter, etc. From the… Continue

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Photo Manipulation At Its Finest (13 pics)

Belgium-based Christophe Gilbert is arguably the best photo-manipulator in the world. A constant trickster, Gilbert distorts reality through these amazing hyper-realistic photographs, often adding a touch of shock or humor to put them over the top.…


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Scion and Kogi's New Mobile Kitchen Car (3 pics)

If there's one company who's led a major food trend this year it's Chef Roy Choy for Kogi. His famous Korean taco truck business boomed and he's now sporting four trucks and one outlet at the The Alibi Room in Culver City. With nearly 52,000 Twitter followers, his company's also an example of how to use social media in a smart and effective way.

As if Kogi… Continue

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Photographing a 1600lb Grizzly Bear

These guys make photographing this 1600lb grizzly bear look fun. It's all part of a photo shoot for the California Bears basketball… Continue

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Creative Packaging - Tea-Shirts (4 pics)

A very clever concept design for teabags by Soon Mo Kang. Tea bags shaped like t-shirts are strung up on hangers to fit snugly inside a cup.

via yanko design,…


Added by Eugene on January 10, 2010 at 10:30am — 3 Comments

Beautiful Surf

Kevin recently tipped us off to this amazing surf video by Allan Wilson. The quality footage Wilson was able to capture in the water is really impressive. I love the editing and music as well. The song is Lisztomania by… Continue

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