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Urban Street Art - Vhils and David Walker: Portugal

“I was recently invited by Vhils to Lisbon as a guest painter at the annual VSP (Visual Street Performance) show. VSP is an annual live painting event which takes place in the Portuguese cities of Porto and Lisbon. This year VSP took over a huge semi-derelict school in the heart of Lisbon to be decorated by a host of Portuguese talent, including Vhils, Hium,…


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Sleek Celebrity Portraiture - Raymond Meier (12 total)

Natalie Portman

Swiss-American photographer, Raymond Meier, has shot everything from architecture and still life to fashion throughout his illustrious career. As a contributing photographer to Vogue and The New York Times, his fashion photography stands out and has even gained him the respect of Anna Wintour, the tough as nails Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue.



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Giant George - World's Tallest Dog? (4 photos)

Meet Giant George, the Blue Great Dane who could be the world's tallest dog. The gentle giant stands at nearly 43 inches tall from paw to shoulder and weighs a staggering 245lbs. The four-year-old measures 7ft 3in from nose to tail.

George's owners David and Christine Nasser…


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Creative Ad: Copenhagen Zoo (2 pics)

How much would it suck if someone was afraid of snakes and had to take this bus? Copenhagen-based ad agency Bates Y&R created this hyper-realistic version of "Snakes on a Bus." A huge constrictor snake is seen crushing the metal frame of a bus, giving the illusion that all of its passengers are in grave danger. Props to Bates Y&R for great execution, and… Continue

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Stargate Studios is the King of Green Screen

Hold on tight and get ready for an incredible experience! Stargate Studios, a high tech production company, takes us on a crazy ride with their Virtual Backlot demo reel. Their Virtual Backlot gives filmmakers unparalleled access to any location through a variety of techniques that range from totally immersive sequences shot entirely on green screen to simple set extensions that marry with photography. Using their Virtual Backlot Library, they blend together hundreds of… Continue

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China Unveils World's Fastest Train (Video)

This weekend China has unveiled what they call the fastest rail link in the world. The cities of Guangzhou and Wuhan will be connected by a train that can reach speeds of up to 217 mph (350 kph). The commute will now take 3 hours which is down considerably from the previous time of seven and a half hours. Eventually the train will connect Guangzhou (near Hong Kong) to the capitol Beijing. This would be a great service to offer here in the U.S. on the…


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The Known Universe

I have to say, I started clapping by myself after I watched this amazing video. It truly reminds us how big this universe really is... Make sure to watch it in fullscreen HD!

The Known Universe takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of the world's most complete four-dimensional map of the universe, the Digital… Continue

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Modern Architecture - An Angel's Sleek Wings (6 pics)

Is it just me or do these buildings look like the sleek wings of a lightning-quick angel?

Perkins+Will’s Master Plan for SANY Beijing won first place in the “Conceptual Design” category at the 8th International Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. The judging committee based their award selection on four central themes of the exhibition: spatiality,… Continue

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Magic Mosaic Cups - Damjan Stanković (4 pics)

Now here's a clever idea! Serbian designer Damjan Stanković has created this cool drinking glass called Cipher, which recognizes drinks. Pixels on the glass get filled in as a drink gets poured. Hidden in those looks random colored pixels is a word: milk, juice, coca-cola or coffee!

How does it work? "The pattern of shapes and empty… Continue

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She Was an Angel (10 photos)

Using wonderful soft tones, Milan-based Tommaso Nervegna takes beautiful shots of model Antonella Missoni. I'm really diggin' the antique cameras and the scene where she's writing in a journal, as It gives the set a bit more character.

Born on June 24, 1986, Tommaso Nervegna is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer who works with art direction, brand…


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Lily Allen: Harper's Bazaar Russia, January 2010 (8 pics)

A little dark and a little naughty, rock star Lily Allen knows how to play it up for the camera. In this shoot for Harper's Bazaar, photographer Alan Gelati reminds us that glamour isn't picture perfect hair and make-up. Rather, it's when a 24 year old can show us just what it means to be that slightly rebellious…


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How to Make a Movie (in the 1940s)

This flowchart from the 1940s tells you exactly how to get your movie made. It all stems from the IDEA. As you can see, ideas come from either "Play," "Short Story or Novel," "Newspaper Story or Current Event," "Original Story," "Magazine Article," or "Historical Incident." A critical connection off the left side however is the "Vice President in Charge of Production." He can definitely make things happen! I wonder what the same chart… Continue

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Starbucks Love Project for AIDS Awareness

At exactly 1:30 PM GMT (8:30 AM ET) on December 7th, 2009 musicians in 156 countries simultaneously played "All You Need is Love". This feat was accomplished by Starbucks in support of (RED) an awareness campaign for AIDS in Africa. Starbucks has been supporting this campaign for several years. During that time over seven million daily doses of anti-retroviral AIDS medication have been distributed via the sale of (RED) products through Starbucks. This effort however… Continue

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Modern Architecture - Google Headquarters (14 photos + video)

We've looked inside the headquarters of social media giants Twitter and Facebook. Today, we turn it up a notch and take a tour of the "Googleplex" in Mountain View, California - a place where teams of…


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Three-Dimensional Cube Photos (4 pics)

Polish photographers Szymon Roginski and Kasia Korzeniecka worked together to create these images for the “O Mia O” Spring Summer 2009 collection of Ania Kuczynska. After taking shots of the collection, they cut up the photos and pasted them onto 3d objects. The photo cubes were then aligned and photographed to create the final product.…


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Christmas is All Around - Billy Mack: Love Actually

Merry Christmas, everyone! As an annual Christmas tradition here at theMET, we present Bill Nighy as Billy Mack performing "Christmas Is All Around" from Love… Continue

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Urban Street Art - Street Signs by TrustoCorp (12 pics)

Decorating the streets of Los Angeles, Miami and New York City, street artist TrustoCorp adds personality to Metropolitan areas with these hand painted street signs. While all of the signs are amusing, some of them seem to carry a social message, while others come off a bit lighter. I can just imagine a person looking up at one of these signs in confusion, before… Continue

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Modern Architecture - Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya

Could you imagine taking a break from your hectic life and escaping to this modern sanctuary? Designed by Mexican architect Gilberto Borja, the Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya looks like the perfect place to relax.

Located 26 miles south of Cancun, Mexico, the Mandarin Oriental Riviera Maya is set amidst 36 acres of tropical forests, with calm water views…


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The Art of Window Displays (15 Creative Examples)

Redefining everything we ever thought about window shopping, these creative window displays will stop anyone in their tracks. As a mix of art, fashion, design and marketing, they not only have to quickly grab our attention they must compel us to enter a store. By giving people an experience, these displays also have the important duty of helping define a brand's…


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Pretty Paper Princesses - Zoe Bradley (5 total)

Would you believe me if I told you that the Cinderella story was true? In this modern update to the classic fairy tale, Zoe Bradley is the Fairy Godmother who turns paper into beautiful ball gowns. How would one know it's a Zoe Bradley dress? Her signature style is seen in those pleats!…


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