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Architectural Monuments in a Reshaped Beijing from NY Times

Really interesting interactive map of 5 new, notable structures in Bejing by the NY Times.

This is the China National Grand Theater.

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Top 6 Sites for the Modern Architecture Enthusiast

In this latest "tips" post, we're highlighting six excellent websites that you should visit if you're a modern architecture enthusiast. Even if you're not, check these out to learn more about how architects are redesigning our world. Not only will you be exposed to some highly fascinating projects, you'll be inspired by all of the out-of-the-box ideas popping…


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Atelier Bow-Wow @ REDCAT

One of my favorite architectural firm, Atelier Bow-Wow is having their first solo exhibit in the United States, at REDCAT.

They are from Japan and their "pet architecture" is what got me into their works. They basically categorized these super tiny, multi-functional spaces/structures in Japan.

Check them… Continue

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Italy's First Museum of Modern Art - MAXXI

The first museum in Italy to be devoted to modern works has finally opened in Rome. The MAXXI formally known as the National Museum of the XXI Century Arts. The facility has been under construction for a while and has not been warmly accepted by Italy's artistic elite. The country of course is home to an incredible bounty of classical art and architecture. This new museum, devoted to the avant garde, seems like it could be out of place.…


Added by Mark Huckabee on November 16, 2009 at 9:30am — 6 Comments

Modern Architecture - Axis Viana Hotel: Portugal (5 pics)

Architectural photographer Nelson Garrido makes the Axis Viana Hotel in Portugal look absolutely stunning. Designed by architectural firm VHM, the 4-star hotel features overlapping, stacked sections which are balanced by two lower concrete levels. The hotel consists of 88 rooms and suites comfortably equipped with Wi-Fi and interactive LCD TVs.…


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Ryan Doyle's Parkour Acrobats Along Turkey's Stunning Architecture

One of the most creative and innovative free runners Ryan Doyle is back, and this time the amazing backdrop is Mardin. The Turkish culture and architecture paired with Doyle's incredibly acrobatic moves make for one sweet video.

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Modern Architecture: Reflective Layers (4 pics)

Melbourne-based architectural practice Lyons digitally rendered this stunning façade, which belongs to the John Curtin School of Medical Research at Australian National University.

The glazed panels express the research work of the school at various scales, including the scale of humankind, the molecule, and the codified representations of the DNA strand.

The building is… Continue

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Modern Architecture - ION Orchard: Singapore (4 pics)

Designed by London-based architecture firm Benoy, ION Orchard will be Singapore's most premium shopping strip when completed at the end of 2008. Media architecture will wrap around its entire facade to showcase the mall's retail brands, as well as serve as a fluid canvas for multimedia art and live telecasts of events held within the complex, such as runway shows and…


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Modern Architecture: Inverted Pyramid Muesum (8 pics)

Designed by German architectural firm GMP, the Hanoi Museum was conceived as an inverted pyramid. The museum seems to float, while a park appears to protrude beneath the building. The landscape is beautiful, with water basins and large areas for outdoor exhibits in the style of old Hanoi.

The 323,000 sq ft (30,000 sq m) museum can be entered from all four cardinal points. Visitors can… Continue

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Coast Modern - A Documentary About Modern Architecture

If you're a fan of modern architecture, this movie is for you. Filmmakers Michael Bernard and Gavin Froome have created a documentary that promises to take us on a journey through three generations of modern architecture on the West Coast of North America.

This film speaks with the architects and their patrons, and asks if Modernism’s time has… Continue

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Modern Architecture: Solar-Powered Floating Home

RAFAA Architecture & Designs recently won first prize with this awesome eco-friendly floating home. My favorite feature? Roof-integrated solar panels generate electricity for the two electric engines that propel the home.

The Last Resort
is about 16 feet (5 meters) wide and 49 feet (15 meters) long with two levels. Sleeping bunks, mechanical equipment,…


Added by Eugene on April 26, 2010 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

Surreal Drawings of Hands Cradling Architecture

ARCHITECTURE odessa is a series of illustrations by Ukranian artist Dasha Pliska that creatively combines architecture with human hands. Her drawings present an artistic view of hands cradling, carrying, resting on, and seemingly assembling old buildings found in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. There is a brilliant balance of realism and sketchbook etchings to the…


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The Art of Surrealist Architecture

While we here at My Modern Met are always coming across the latest and greatest in modern architecture, we've never seen anything quite so outlandish as this. While at first glance these buildings may seem grounded in some sort of reality, they're actually the imaginative work of Xavier Delory to study how European cities have undergone a drastic change. This intriguing, on-going…


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Modern Architecture: Death Star Tower (6 pics)

It's not often that we see a building look so sinister and cool. Portugal-based OODA Architecture, in collaboration with the Spanish and American studio OOIIO, proposed this star-shaped tower, which looks like it could be the headquarters for the evilest villain in… Continue

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Louvre's New Floating, Iridescent Roof

On September 22, a new art gallery space will be unveiled at France's famous Louvre museum that has an incredibly striking feature. The permanent home to the museum’s extensive collection of Islamic art, the new Department of Islamic Arts will be covered with a "Golden Cloud" which will seem like it's floating. The undulating, iridescent roof is meant to be a "gentle and non-violent…


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Rock Climbing Building Blends in Naturally with Environment

Sensing the potential for a climbing community in Polur, Iran, New Wave Architecture designed this new rock climbing hall that mimics the surrounding, rocky landscape of Mazadaran. Equipped with a dynamic climbing hall, temporary accommodation zone, fitness gym and maintenance areas, the building's design is meant to invite nature and landscape into the building. The large windows allow…


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Monumental Paper Architecture

Though paper isn't ideal to build a sturdy structure to inhabit, it proves to be an excellent medium to produce exquisite representations of urban and exotic architecture. Amsterdam-based paper artist Ingrid Siliakus brings us these magnificent cityscapes cut out of paper in her Paper Architecture series. Built similar to pop-up books, many of the paper sculptures are capable of…


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Former Museum in Rotterdam Transformed Into Luxury Home

Rotterdam-based studio Peña Architecture recently completed the transformation of the former Kralings Museum at the Hoflaan into a luxury apartment building called Casa K. The space features a shared entryway, an elevator, and three spacious apartments designed with a contemporary, open layout and bright sunlight streaming throughout.

Architect Gabriel Peña's main challenge was to create a…


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