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Surreal Images Show What Venice Would Look Like if it was Completely Frozen

Has Venice's famous Grand Canal completely frozen over? Not quite. Though it may appear so in these photos, they're actually the clever work of art director Robert Jahns (or nois7 on Instagram). He's taken photos shot by others, like Venice’s Piazza San Marco by Luis Manuel Osorio Fernando, and…


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Funny Illustrations of Pop Culture's Most Notorious Baldies

Ready for today's pop culture quiz? Brazilian illustrator Mr. Peruca has created a fun set of illustrations that shows iconic characters' bald heads. From television and movie characters to a real-life leader, these men aren't just known for their lack of hair, they're famous for their distinct personalities. The series is called Notorious Baldies. You can buy six of the…


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Fukushima Survivor Stayed Behind to Rescue 500 Animals

The world watched in devastation as a powerful earthquake and tsunami hit Fukushima prefecture in Japan on March 11, 2011, unaware of just how damaging the events would be and how greatly it would affect the people of that area. There are countless stories of destruction and loss, yet in spite of the tragic events, one man chose to stay behind and save animals from the…


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Top 8 Modern Tech Tools to Take on Vacation

Whether you’re planning a once-in-lifetime trip with friends or a yearly excursion with family, now more than ever it’s easy to stay connected with those back home while on a vacation. Check out these 8 modern tech tools you should take with you, wherever you're going.



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My Modern Shop Spotlight #11 - Superheroes by Andy Awesome

With so much creativity generated everyday, we've had the fortune of sharing countless works of art here on My Modern Met. Now, we're also pleased to offer prints and canvases featuring the work of many of today's finest contemporary artists through My Modern Shop. As part of our ongoing series of…


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Documenting the Life of Train Hoppers Over 50,000 Miles

Arizona-born photographer Mike Brodie first began taking pictures in 2004 when he found a Polaroid camera on the backseat of his friend's car and she gave it to him. Just a teenager at the time, Brodie was an adventure-seeker and he was fascinated with the train-hopping community. So, he took his camera and ventured towards the train tracks, jumping on the first train that…


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My Modern Shop Exclusive Release: Sidescape by Tom Ryaboi

Toronto-based Tom Ryaboi busted out into the scene last year with his heart-stopping, adrenaline pumping rooftop photography. His most recognizable image, called I'll Make Ya Famous, flew through the web and Tom was quickly credited for being one of the pioneers of the rooftopping movement.

Today, it's with great pleasure that we bring you…


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Gorgeous New Artworks Made of 100,000 Recycled CDs

After displaying his spectacular light installation at Longwood Gardens, artist Bruce Munro is back with new works, this time at Waddesdon Manor. The beautiful French chateau, in Buckinghamshire, England, is currently home to two of Bruce Munro's latest light installations,…


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Fabulous Wearable Dress Made of Phonebooks

It's highly unusual to go shopping for a dress made of paper but Kelly Murray, aka Jolis Paons, just might convince you to purchase her wearable Paper Dress. The meticulously constructed outfit is made entirely of the monochromatic pages of phonebooks. In the fashion of other artists before her who have repurposed…


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Politically-Driven Portrait Made of 3,500 Lipsticks

For a show at Birzeit University, Palestinian artist Amer Shomali chose to create a portrait of Leila Khaled, the woman known as the "poster girl of Palestinian militancy." Unlike a typical portrait, Shomali's medium of choice for this project is lipstick. Rather than painting the iconic member of the Popular Front…


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Eye-Popping Colors Captured at Utah's Holi

Once a year, the Holi Festival of Colors, celebrating the arrival of a new season, takes place around the world. Crowds of people playfully pelt each other with vibrant paints, adding a wildly colorful hue to the environment. San Francisco-based photographer Thomas Hawk caught some amazing photographs of this year's celebration at Spanish Fork, Utah.

The series of…


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LEGO Lord of the Rings Optical Illusion Street Painting

Can't get enough of 3D street art? One of our favorite art crews, Planet Streetpainting, was recently commissioned by Warner Bros. to create one that would help generate buzz for…


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Layered Landscapes Made of Graphite, Tape, and Resin

LA-based mixed media artist Brooks Shane Salzwedel assembles beautiful natural landscapes, often featuring some form of majestic architecture like bridges and oil drilling towers. The artist primarily works with graphite, tape, and resin to produce these layered images, giving each one a three-dimensional feel. The separation that defines the difference between foreground and background…


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Boat Magically Floats Above Water

When I first saw this image, I had a hard time figuring out what was really going on. Was the boat floating above water? Was it Photoshopped? Is this some kind of sorcery? After analyzing the image more, I've come to the conclusion that the water is just so clear that it makes the boat appear to be floating! We're not 100% sure where this magical place is, but according to one commenter on…


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Giant Can of Coke Pops Up in Iran

Though seeing a giant can of Coke in the middle of a dirt field seems interesting enough, when you find out what the meaning is behind it, the piece becomes even more intriguing. According to Juxtapoz, the artist duo behind it, Icy and Sot "decided after their president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared…


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National Geographic's 2011 Photography Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Splashing by Shikhei Goh

Back in November, we wrote a post about the amazing entries in National Geographic's 2011 photography contest. After more than 20,000 photographs from over 130 countries were…


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Star Wars Inkblot Has Hidden References

What do you see inside this Star Wars inkblot? Created for the new Star Wars Identities, a traveling exhibit premiering at the Montreal Science Centre on April 19, 2012, this inkblot is accompanied by a pretty sweet video. The character driven, interactive museum exhibition promises to take Star Wars to a whole new level with costumes, models and artwork from the…


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Huge Wooden Structure Comes Crashing Down

Yesterday, if you were at the Longside Gallery at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the UK, you got to experience something quite crashing down! Aeneas Wilder built a gargantuan structure that consisted of 10,000 uniform pieces of Iroko wood. "By limiting the creative act to one simple material, in ample supply, with clearly defined parameters (no fixing, no joining, no… Continue

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Red Dress Spills into a Pool

In Paris this weekend? Don't forget to drop by the Grand Palais from now till Sunday, October 23, 2011 to catch the 38th edition of FIAC, France's major international contemporary art fair. The event is expected to attract around 85,000 art enthusiasts to the 168 participating galleries from 21 countries including Europe, the Americas, Asia, Turkey and South Africa. Get ready to see… Continue

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Soul-Searching Cathedral Sculptures

London-based Sean Henry created more than 20 human sculptures and placed them in and around Salisbury Cathedral, one of Britain’s finest medieval cathedrals. The 13th century building provides the perfect dramatic atmosphere for the soul-searching figures.

In the exhibition entitled Conflux: A Union of the Sacred and the Anonymous, Henry showcases work throughout the… Continue

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