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10 Inspiring Quotes For 2013

It's hard to believe but another year has come and gone. Tonight, as many of you put on your party dresses and pop your champagne, I'll be with my husband and baby boy celebrating his first New Year's in the comfort of my home. Thank you for a great 2012 - for helping us reach some incredible milestones (like 100K…


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Top 10 Breakthrough Artists in 2012

Exactly a year ago today, we went through our archives and pulled out our Top 10 Breakthrough Artists in 2011. From Paige Bradley and her magnificently cracked sculpture to Brian Dettmer and his masterfully carved books, these artists blew us away not just with…


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Epic Underwater Fisheye Photos at London 2012 Olympics

There's a great article at The New York Times about the hard working photographers taking those incredible underwater shots during this year's Olympics. Brooklyn native and award-winning photographer for Getty Images, Al Bello is…


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LEGO Celebrates London 2012 with Olympic Minifigs

How fun! To celebrate the upcoming London 2012 Olympics, LEGO will be releasing a new set of minifigures! The Great Britain Olympic team has been immortalized with their own figures which include a brawny boxer, a stealth swimmer, relay runner, judo fighter, tactical tennis player, flexible gymnast, wondrous weightlifter, horseback rider and agile archer. Each comes with a gold medal and…


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Winners of the 2012 World Press Photo Contest

Photojournalists across the world capture the most fascinating images that open our eyes to new cultures and inform us about the world. Photography is undoubtedly a medium that unifies us and keeps the people of the world aware of one another. We recently…


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Pic of the Day: Happy 2012!

To celebrate the upcoming year, children lie on snow to form the number "2012" in front of a huge snow sculpture in Harbin, China.

Now in its 28th year, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is one of the largest international ice festivals in the world with…


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Modern Architecture: Water Cube Pavilion - 2012 World Expo

MVRDV recently designed the Water Cube pavilion for the 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, Korea. The structure is designed to express the power and beauty of the oceans, and is composed of water filled basins, which act as both a temperature buffer as well as the main attraction. A bit like being inside an aquarium, the hollow inner sanctum will be lit with water-filtered…


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If 2012 Really Happens... (10 pics)

Could it be possible that one our very own Met Members, Steve McGhee, has the ability to see the future? Do these ultra-realistic photoshop creations give us a glimpse of what's really going to happen in 2012?

"See, the thing is, I've always been fascinated with things we have no control over - you know, you can be gone from this earth, and everyone you…


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World's First Space Hotel on Schedule to Open in 2012 (6 pics)

Looks like it will only cost you $4.4 million dollars for a three-night stay at the Galactic Suite Space Resort, which will be located 300 miles above Earth. An 18-week training program on a Caribbean island is also included.

During their stay in orbit, guests will see the sun rise 15 times a day and travel around the world every 80 minutes. They will wear…


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2012 New Full Trailer

The end of the world is neigh! Watch the new trailer for 2012 and get ready for a movie that's going to be jam packed with amazing special effects. Let's just hope this doesn't really come true.

Movie comes out November 13,… Continue

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Olympics 2012: Five Unofficial, Awesome Posters

If only Olympic posters were this clean and simple. Sadly, these are just concept posters made by a University College Falmouth student, Alan Clarke. Thanks to the internet we can still enjoy them!…


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2012 The Movie Wants to Scare the BeJesus Out of You.

Is the end really near? Should we trash our computers, leave our desk jobs, and run for the hills? Better yet, maybe we should bust out the Jagermeister and party it up till December 21, 2012 really hits! Sony pictures has an idea of their own - how about watch their movie, so aptly named 2012, coming out on July 10th and get scared out of our minds?

Though their trailer didn't make me want to pee in my pants, I've got to give it to them for conjuring up an… Continue

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