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Mind-Boggling Anamorphic Drawings Leap Off the Page

Italian artist Alessandro Diddi is not only a skilled illustrator, but he's also a brilliant creative mind that makes it easy for viewers to believe that his drawings are popping out of the page into the third dimension. His incredible anamorphic illustrations play with light, shading, and perspective to trick the human eye into believing that inanimate sketches have come to…


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Hyperrealistic Animals Created by Painting on Layers of Resin

Singapore-based artist Keng Lye meticulously produces three-dimensional works of art with acrylics and epoxy resin that lie somewhere between painting and sculpture. Using a technique originated by Riusuke Fukahori (see this video), Lye manages to produce the…


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New 3D Anamorphic Illustrations by Nagai Hideyuki

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki is a master of fine art illusion who first impressed us with his perspective-based sketches last year. The illustrator has since expanded his collection of clever creations, once again boggling our minds with his skilled illusion techniques. The…


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Unorthodox Three-Dimensional Photo Reconstructions

By cutting, reconfiguring, and layering images, artist Rusty Scruby produces his 3D photo-based works. The three-dimensional photographic reconstructions utilize multiple copies of the same image to display the shot in a new, transformed way. The idea is to take a fully constructed visual, break it down, and rebuild it. It holds new meaning and offers a…


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3D Sculptures Made from Dangling Strands of Elastic

South Korean artist Hong Sungchul creates three-dimensional string sculptures in his series entitled String Mirrors. The artworks depict several close-up, intimate shots of the human body, focusing heavily on interlocking hands and arms to represent a shared human experience. The most fascinating part about Sungchul's work is the unconventional medium used to reflect his…


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3D Origami Illustrations of Wild Animals

Origami is the art of folding paper, so what's it called when one creates a digital representation of the meticulous paper art? Whatever it is, artist Jeremy Kool has mastered it in his series entitled The Paper Fox. Kool brilliantly displays paper sculptures of all types of wildlife. The Australia-based graphic designer's digital illustrations range…


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Mind-Blowing Three-Dimensional Freehand Drawings

Budapest-based artist Robin Kosnas created these visually bewildering 3D illustrations. The series, entitled Cloud of Lines, features three-dimensional representations of human figures. The images range from a baby, in the fetal position, still fully attached to its umbilical cord to the forms of two hands about to clasp in prayer. These stylized figures…


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Incredibly Surreal 3D Street Art Illusions

If you were impressed by Joe Hill's 3D street murals, you'll appreciate Eduardo Rolero's shockingly amazing street art illusions. The Argentina native travels across the globe, sharing his gift of surreal imagery on the streets. There's a certain life-like quality…


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