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Awesome 3D Illusion of The Wall from Games of Thrones

For fans of the hit HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, an awesome new 3D street painting was recently created in London. The giant piece measured 33ft by 25ft and it depicted The Wall, the colossal fortification which stretches for 300 miles along and is 700 feet tall in the series, defending the realm from the ominous White Walkers. Protected by members of the…


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New 3D Octopus Painting with Twisting Tentacles

One of our favorite modern-day illusionists, Keng Lye, has just come out with a new 3D painting that's out of this world! Using just acrylic and resin, the Singapore-based artist has created this red octopus sculpture that looks like its head is emerging from the water. As mentioned before,…


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Beautiful 3D Printed Bookmark of a Dove

Netherlands-based design firm Studio Macura just emailed us to tell us about a product they just launched that's as beautiful as it is useful. Pero is a functional and decorative 3D printed bookmark in the form of a dove. Poetically perched, the bird has long strings that hold in place where in the book you last left off. The sculptural doves are designed in three different…


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3D Papercraft Flame

In order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Diocese de Aveiro, a Portuguese Roman Catholic event, Aveiro University students José Nogueira and Cristina Fernan created a simple poster with a stunning design. One of the event's celebrations consisted of lighting the Aveiro canal with small floating candles, so the designers decided they would create a flame that really stood…


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Incredible 3D Aerial Panorama of Central Park

Almost makes your head spin, doesn't it? First spotted on The Atlantic, what you're looking at is aerial photos stitched together to…


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More Incredibly Surreal 3D Street Art Illusions

Eduardo Relero is one of those artists who never seems to run out of ideas. His strange and surreal 3D street art scenes only seem to get more interesting and elaborate. One of his most recent pieces was for the Sarasota Chalk Festival where this year's theme was "Circus City,…


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Awesome 3D Street Painting: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Joe & Max is the creative company behind some cool 3D street art paintings you've seen right here on My Modern met, like the one they created in Madrid to promote the release of The Dark Knight Rises and the Guinness World Record breaking anamorphic…


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Awesome 3D Art Inside Homes

Could this be the latest home decorating trend? While we're used to seeing this kind of trippy, 3D art on the streets, this is the first time we're spotting it inside actual homes! How much fun, though, would it be to have your friends over and pretend that you're pushing them into a…


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Mind-Boggling Overly Aggressive Anamorphic Robot

TSF Crew recently created this incredible anamorphic painting of a huge robot that looks like it's marching towards you! The talented French street art duo that was behind the amazing floor-to-ceiling tree and the…


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New 3D Dark Knight Rises Billboard is Awesome!

Movie marketing doesn't get much better than this. First came that amazing Dark Knight Rises poster using negative space and now this! That huge, gaping hole in the middle of the billboard is the Batman symbol smashing through. It's surrounded by, what looks like, mangled…


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New 3D Pac-Man Street Painting

Guess what just popped up in the Netherlands? An awesome 3D street painting of a classic arcade game from the 80's. It's Pac-Man! Leon Keer, the artist that designed the 3D LEGO Terracotta Army for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida, was invited by the owner of…


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Macy's Steampunk-Style Holiday Windows

Mixing modern technology with traditional animation, Macy's holiday window displays in New York are one of the must-see experiences this Christmas season! Award-winning designer and Macy's director of windows Paul Olszewski created this year's six Broadway-side displays which were done in a modern vintage Steampunk style. Inspired by the "Make-a-Wish" Foundation, the story…


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Incredible Making of the 3D LEGO Chalk Drawing

After one picture of a LEGO street painting was posted on Reddit, the Internet took over, making it a sensation online. Created for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida, this amazing mashup of Legos and Terracotta warriors is magnificent in every sense of…


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Awesome LEGO Harry Potter Scenes

Love Harry Potter? Can't get enough of LEGOs? For a video game print ad campaign, Albert Co created these amazing Harry Potter images! "I accompanied the 3D final renderings with early concepts sketched in Photoshop," he says. Just magical.

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F1 Toy Stories (9 photos)

To try and capture the events surrounding last year's F1 circus, Chris Labrooy decided to make one hilarious set of 3D illustrations. The 2010 Formula One season ended with Red Bull Racing winning the Constructors' Championship with a one-two finish and Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel snagging the Drivers' Championship after taking the final race of the season, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.… Continue

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BumpTop For 3D Desktop Zen

Check this out! If you're using Windows and you're on a PC (sorry Mac people, we get no love), check out this new 3D desktop user interface. The BumpTop is an installable software program that overlays your Window's desktop, giving you a 3-D view desktop. You can drag pictures to pin on virtual walls, stack your files like the real paper files...

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