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A Fantastically Funny Love Story

If you've been looking for a story that will not only inspire you but will also make you laugh out loud, then let us introduce you to UK-based illustrator Fred Blunt. His whimsical illustrations have that retro Hanna-Barbera feel to them that will remind you of your favorite childhood cartoons…


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Pic of the Day: Match Made in Heaven

Talk about a Picture of the Day! Look closely and you won't just see the International Space Station, you'll see the first image ever of a space shuttle docked to it! Released on June 7, 2011 by NASA, this sweet portrait shows a match made in heaven!

NASA calls the Endeavour space shuttle, "the vehicle that helped build the complex during the last decade."

NASA:… Continue

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Banksy in Singapore...Almost (4 photos)

One of our favorite (and most talented) iPhone photographers Aik Beng Chia just sent over some very cool photos that pay tribute to street artist Banksy. Chia shot strangers on Singapore's streets and then used the Blender app to combine Banksy's pieces with his subjects. Finally, he used the Cross… Continue

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Literary Classics as Works of Art (5 total)

The Great Gatsby

You've heard the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" but have you ever seen anything that took it so seriously? Alex and Matt of NovelPoster recently reached out to me to tell about their fantastic art project where they've taken full novels and turned them into…


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My Father and I (11 photos)

For anyone who's experiencing a complicated relationship with their father, this series is for you. Created by Toronto, Canada-based artist Laurie Kang, My Father and I addresses issues most of us think about but don't necessarily discuss. Beautiful as it is tragic, it's a photo set that pulls you, asking you to face your own situation with honesty.

"With My Father and… Continue

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A Sweet Love Story

Met member and friend Jenni sent me a link to this cute love story that's on the website Right off the bat, you know that this couple has a great sense of humor. On their wedding site, Sarah and David put up this sweet story about their courtship. See below for the full shabang.…


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A Social Media Valentine's Day

Socialnomics created these pretty funny video about how social media has permeated our lives! It answers the question - Why do guys love social media...especially around Valentine's Day?

Based on book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman

Music by Bob Sinclair

Socialnomic's website

Thanks for the tip,… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Focus

Andrew Smith from Cuba Gallery took today's Pic of the Day.

"We have two Lilac Burmese kittens, the one in the picture is named Turbo!," he tells us. "In this shot I took my macro lens and followed Turbo into the garden, he loves exploring the environment, digging holes and hunting for crickets. The picture is of him stalking at a… Continue

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Amnesty International's Haunting Face (4 pics)

Brothers and Sisters creative duo have teamed up with anonymous German street art collective Mentalgassi, to create art installations for Amnesty International. Called Making the Invisible Visible, the posters highlight the case of Troy Davis, a 42-year-old man who has been on death row for 19 years in the USA, despite serious doubts about his… Continue

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Whimsical Fashion Fairy Tales (7 photos)

What happens when you take classic children's fairy tales and make them original and current? Well, you might just get something as whimsical and magical as this. Model Katie Fogarty and photographer Benjamin Kanarek have come together for a surreal editorial, called Tale of the Unexpected, for the October 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong. Stop and… Continue

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Capturing the Perfect Kiss (8 pics)

Just how does a photographer capture pure, passionate moments? Just ask Michael Creagh. Working with fellow fashion photographer Rinze Van Brug and fashion stylist Keith S. Washington, they've created a beautiful series of kissing photos for Metropop Magazine.

Why kissing? Creagh explain, "It was exciting and a little unexpected. It is a fashion story, so… Continue

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A Father Who Creatively Captures His Kids (20 photos)

If there was a prize that could be given out to the most creative father, I'd hope that it was awarded to Jason Lee. A wedding photographer by day, he's used to capturing some of the most important moments in a couple's lives. As a longtime fan of Jason's photos on Flickr however, I think the real magic happens when he…


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TiM: A Sweet Stop-Motion Animation

A wonderful piece of stop-motion animation by Ken Turner. It tells the story of a little boy who wants to be just like Tim Burton when he grows up. I love the lines, "He wanted to make movies like Burton had made because he related to the characters those actors had played. He enjoyed those movies that were so visual, about outsiders who seemed very odd and unusual."

via… Continue

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Danny and Annie: A Love Story

It's incredible stories like this that make you realize what true love is. Using animation and the voiceovers of a very sweet couple, StoryCorps takes us on an amazing journey through their twenty-seven-year romance. Danny Perasa and his wife, Annie remember their life together from their first date to Danny’s final days with terminal cancer.

As StoryCrops says, "these remarkable Brooklynites personify the eloquence, grace, and poetry that can be found in the… Continue

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Billboard Company Gives A Place For Conan

As huge fans of Conan O'Brien, we were shocked when Conan got kicked off The Tonight Show. It looks like others were equally dismayed including Lamar, a company that owns a bunch of billboards across America. Rather than just sit back and sulk, Lamar created a campaign called… Continue

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iPad Finds a Home

At first glance, BookArc just looks like a chunk of metal. And yes, well, it is. But what makes it so interesting is that it elevates your iPad and lets you position it, turning that other chunk of metal into a slew of different devices.

"Park it on your desk to watch streaming news feeds. Set BookArc on the kitchen counter and swipe through a cookbook. Place BookArc… Continue

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Striking Splash of Color (20 photos)

Hans van Reenen

What is about selective color photos that turn a normal picture into a striking piece of art? Perhaps it's the way we're asked to focus on a particular feature. Or maybe it's the way it draws upon our own experiences, asking us to tell the mysterious story. Whatever…


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Layered Stories - Mark Weaver (12 total)

Mark Weaver's layered illustrations are beautiful because of many reasons. They give off a retro-modern vibe that makes you feel as though you're not sure which decade they were made in. The way he layers images - architecture, landscapes, portraits - also makes for a strange and complicated story, but one that's completely your own.…


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Get Lost in Lost Things: A Whimsical Stop-Motion Film

You know those stop-motion films you can just get "lost" in? Yes, this is one of those. Lost Things is a whimsical stop-motion film written and directed by Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths. It stars the quirky and cute Alison Sudol. Music is by A Fine Frenzy. Slow start but gets more and more… Continue

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