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Creative Ads Show Creepy Elongated Animals

If effective advertising captures your attention and then holds it, then Grey Indonesia has done a fine job for Bubbles Pet Cologne. With a tagline that says "Stop the Spread," we're pretty sure the message is that this spray will take away that lingering pet smell in your house (though it could also mean it helps pets' hair from sticking on furniture). Either way, the images of an elongated… Continue

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10 Most Creative Tear-Off Ads

Weight Watchers

Tear-off advertising has been around forever. In its most basic form, all it takes is a pen and some paper. Even with the vast amount of technology in the world, these ads can still be really effective. We… Continue

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Creative Ads: Gain a Deeper Perspective (3 total)

"Gain a deeper perspective with the New Straights Times," says the tagline for this campaign by ad agency McCann Erickson. Apparently the stories are so well-written, they make you feel like you're in the middle of the action. Great concept and execution!


Agency: McCann… Continue

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Creative Ads: News You Can't Ignore (8 pieces)

Sometimes news is so riveting, it can distract you from the crucially important events that occur right in front of your face. That's the idea behind this brilliant ad campaign by Oregon-based photographer Ken Anderson for CNN.…


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Clever Ads: When Regular Strength Just Ain't Enough! (3 pieces)

Brazilian ad agency Almap BBDO created these clever ads which illustrate how Bayer's stronger aspirin, Cafiaspirin, comes in handy during times of higher stress. The tagline: "If it gets stronger, we get stronger."

Advertising Agency: Almap BBDO, Brazil

Executive Creative… Continue

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Creative Ads: Take Your Day Everywhere (3 pics)

To promote the 6 LED headlight, ad agency DDB Argentina came up with this creative light graffiti campaign for Energizer, which features a mechanic, jogger, and fisherman. The tagline: Take your day everywhere.

Advertising Agency: DDB Argentina. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Executive Creative Directors: Hernán Jauregui, Pablo Battle

Creative… Continue

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Creative Ads: Early Childhood Education is Crucial (2 pieces)

Creative Ads: Early Childhood Education is Crucial (2 pieces)

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Interactive Optical Illusion Ads (6 pics)

Who said math and art don't mix? Former NASA employee Kurt Wenner uses chalk and complex calculations from his old job to bring floors and walls to life.

"I use a piece of string to measure fixed points between the viewing location and the painting," says Wenner. "This lets me calculate exactly how the perspective should be. It takes me around five to…


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Creative Ads: Find a Way (8 pieces)

We all know that it takes a lot of effort and willpower to exercise. These creative ads by Paris-based ad agency Young & Rubicam perfectly illustrate that. Created for Decathlon, the ads show us that where there's a will, there's definitely a way.…


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Clever Ads: Try on New Outfits on the Street (5 pics)

Who needs to try on clothes in a dressing room when you got these sweet mirrors on the street? It's all part of a fall campaign by Arkaden, a fashion mall in Gothenburg, Sweden. People who are passing by can simply align their face in the mirror and check themselves out in a new outfit. A brilliant concept by ad agency Dragster!…


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Creative Ads: Imagine a World Without War (2 pics)

What would the world be like without war? Ad agency JWT Delvico imagines a world where massive pool parties are thrown on aircraft carriers and fighter jets are used as taxis. How wild would that be?!

JWT Delvico…


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Clever Ads: Hybrid Animals Wear Converse (7 pics)

Nice of Converse to hook up these hideous looking hybrid animals with such sweet kicks! Now the lion-squirrel, dinosaur-dog, and bird-shark can travel in comfort!

These clever ads are all part of Converse's Customize campaign. Shoe fanatics can now upload their art/design to Converse's website, pick the shoe they want to tag up, and create a truly…


Added by Eugene on August 12, 2009 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

Creative Ad: Bad Food, Bad Dog (4 pics)

Feed your dogs bad food, and according to Nutri Balance, they will turn their backs on you. Chilean ad agency Prolam Y&R shows us what happens when man's best friend becomes man's worst enemy.



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Creative Ad: Bird-Dogs

We've seen Great White Birds and Duckagators. But these Bird-Dogs created by DDB&Co., for bird food maker Witte Molen, are definitely the cutest of the bunch.…


Added by Eugene on June 7, 2009 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments

Creative Ads: Anti-Smoking Campaigns (16 pics)

As an ex-smoker myself, I can understand the pleasure of smoking ciggarettes. There is no debate however, that smoking is not good for your health. Here are some really creative anti-smoking ads that make us think twice.…


Added by Eugene on May 21, 2009 at 9:30am — 3 Comments

Creative Ads - Rios Illustration Studio

Sometimes a picture really does tell a thousand words. These ads were created for Rios Illustrations Studios with the slogan "We put anything on paper". I really like how the pictures have a 3D effect. Great work by the Brazilian ad agency Artplan, whose office is based out of Rio de Janeiro.…


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John McCain's Campaign Ads - SNL

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