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There is Hope...

We were handing our clothes, shoes and snacks to children in a village outside of Kabul. I was truly mesmorized by the beautiful eyes of this young Afghan girl. Her mother gave me permission to take the photograph. I could feel her hope and innocence through her eyes. She has only seen war through her entire life. The children here are truly the source of future peace here in Afghanistan. I just had to…


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Afghanistan Like You've Never Seen (22 pics)

Grain Laborer Unloading a Truck

A user experience researcher who works for Frog Design, British-born Jan Chipchase has the important job of understanding the way technology influences different cultures. His work has taken him around the world and has earned him a place right next to Steve Jobs in Forbes magazine's 2010 list of… Continue

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Skateistan - The Movie

Skateistan from POP Magazine on Vimeo.

Skateistan is a documentary about a group of professional skateboarders who travel to Kabul, Afghanistan and teach the cities children about skateboarding. They use skateboarding as a way to bring different ethnic groups together as well as breaking down the barriers between boys and girls. All I can say is that these… Continue

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Hi-Def Pics - One of the Heaviest Taliban Combat Areas: Afghanistan's Korengal Valley (15 photos)

This last Tuesday was Veterans day, a day set aside to honor those who have served in the military. As civilians, it's hard to imagine the grind these troops must go through. Getty Images photographer John Moore spent some time recently in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley, near the Pakistani border, with Viper Company of the 1-26 Infantry, and brought back these images,… Continue

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Scenes from Afghanistan with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is the mission established by the UN Security Council in 2001 to secure parts of Afghanistan to allow the establishment of Hamid Karzai's new administration. The ISAF operates separately, but cooperatively, with the U.S. coalition operation in Afghanistan called "Operation Enduring Freedom". The mission of the ISAF has expanded to provide security for all of Afghanistan, and is presently made up of over 53,000 troops from 43 different…


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