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Concrete House Looks Like a Fortress Floating on Water

Created to not only take full use of its surrounding area but also help re-introduce the native wetlands, the Stamp House aims to be an off-the-grid environmental statement that looks like a fortress floating on water. Designed by Charles Wright Architects and located in the FNQ beachfront rain-forest of Queensland, Australia, this building is only accessible by bridge and…


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Melbourne's Sleek Transportation Center by Zaha Hadid

World-renowned architect Zaha Hadid is working on a joint proposal with Brisbane-based firm Donovan Hill for Melbourne's Flinders St. Station competition. The design concept for the proposal is a modern elongated form that also pays tribute to the building's historic past. Hadid's main goal with this project is to…


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Thousands of Wood Slivers Form Amazing Cathedral Artworks

Each artwork by Hungarian artist Kalman Radvanyi can contain up to a thousand pieces of natural timbers. These timbers are sourced from dozens of countries around the world and are often only 1/10 inch thick. One of his art pieces may take up to six months to complete, incorporating up to 130 species of natural timbers,…


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Hyundai's Motion-Filled Pavilion

Te Hyundai Pavilion was created for the 2012 EXPO in Yeosu, South Korea and was designed by architecture group Unsangdongt. The building is not only architecturally striking but represents much of the new ideals that Hyundai, as a brand, wants to promote. Motion and change are two huge contributors to the structure's shape and interior space and are referenced numerous times in the…


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Unique Roof Provides Natural Ventilation in Italy

In the Italian hills, presented with the problem of having to add circulation space and a new family home to a preexisting structure, Plasma design studio has created an interesting and eye catching structure. The architects took full use of the landscape by building into the slope and having the unique metal-slated roof wrap around the property.

The first part of this design that will catch the viewer's eyes is the beautiful geometric canopy roof that rises from the…


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One Workplace's Beautiful New Showroom and Headquarters

One of the largest furniture dealers in California, One Workplace has recently undergone an impressive renovation to their main showroom and headquarters. Designed by architecture firm Design Blitz, the new space is open and inviting, giving visitors a wonderful tour of the facilities while the staff gets a fun and unique environment in which to work.



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Japan's Minimal Apartment Tower Resembles a White Ship

Created by Japanese firm Eastern Design Office, the Step Tower is described as "a stark white ship that sails in the middle of the bustling sea of colors." The new residential building is located in Ibaraki-city within Osaka, Japan and is aiming to usher in a new wave of housing to better suit the city's growing industry.

This 10-story high apartment complex has a…


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London's Famous "Gherkin" Receives 10 Year Performance Award

If you've ever travelled to London, you've no doubt seen the famous Swiss Re Headquarters designed by Norma Foster, otherwise deemed, "The Gherkin." The building has become an iconic part of London's skyline and is one of the city's many landmarks. That is why the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s (or CTBUH) has bestowed the Gherkin with their first 10-year award. CTBUH feels that…


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China's Modern Stingray-Shaped Art Museum

You may not have heard of the small Chinese island city of Pingtan, but due to a new government project in the area, it

may soon be bustling as a center of trade and as a new urban mecca. To capitalize on this future growth, China-based firm MAD released a proposal for a new museum to be built in the small city to act as a cultural destination. The Pingtan Art Museum will be the largest private…


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Messe Basel's Sleek New Exhibition Spaces

In February 2013, architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron was asked to add three new exhibition halls to the Messe Basel building in Basel, Switzerland. The structure hosts the famous Art Basel, one of the premiere contemporary and modern art exhibits in the world.

Each of the three auditoriums are roughly 33-feet-tall and have been stacked on top of each other to create an expansive…


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Zaha Hadid's Big Debut in New York City

World-famous architect Zaha Hadid has constructed buildings in nearly every major city. However, New York city has been one of the few places that lacked her unique designs. That's all about to change with this new 11-story luxury apartment complex that has just been commissioned by developer Related Companies. The building will be erected right next to one of New York's newest and most popular…


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Revolutionary Space-Saving Vertical Farms in China

Due to China's rapid urban expansion, its no surprise that much of their usable farmlands are disappearing. While the country has the largest agricultural output and supplies over twenty percent of the worlds population, only ten percent of all the land China owns is arable. This was the main driving force behind…


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Zaha Hadid's Fluid New Cultural Center For Azerbaijan

Created by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the highly anticipated Heydar Aliyev cultural center in Baku, Azerbaijan is nearly complete and set to open in September 2013. The project was started in 2007 with hopes of becoming a landmark and source of beauty for the city of Baku. The multipurpose building will house a library, museum, conference rooms, small galleries, and act as a hub for…


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Australian Hotel Creatively Reimagines Concrete Pipes as Seating

Australian-based architectural firm Techne has recently redesigned the Prahran Hotel and pub. The process involved the demolition of the rear extension that was built in the 1970's. It was replaced with a very unique and modern addition. The designers chose to use large concrete pipes as both the pub's seating and outer facade. The tubes are stacked on top of each other to meet the…


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Head in the Clouds Pavilion Raises Environmental Awareness

Built on New York City's Governors island as part of grassroots creative organization Figment’s City of Dreams Art Celebration, Head in the Clouds is used to make visitors contemplate the ever-changing light found inside the pavilion. Designed by members of architecture firm Studio KCA, the structure was made out of 53,780 plastic bottles and jugs, which is the amount New…


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Taiwan's Swallows Nest Produces Zero Carbon Emissions

Taking inspiration from a geometric möbius strip, architect Vincent Callebaut has designed an impressive new building for Taiwan's Taichung gateway park. The Swallows Nest's form starts out with a triangle that is then rotated around an elipse. Reaching a height of eight-stories, the building will house shops,…


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The Grand Cancun is a Groundbreaking Luxury Eco-Hotel

Architect Richard Moreta Castillo has conceptualized The Grand Cancun luxury hotel, a groundbreaking design that will be supported by a series of stilts that elevate the main level up from the water. It will feature a variety of amenities, such as underwater dinning and high-end shopping but the design's real triumph is how eco-friendly it is.

The structure's outside facade will be covered in…


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Qatar's Floating Hotels for the 2022 World Cup

The small Arab state of Qatar has had to deal with much criticism for being chosen to host the 2022 World Cup. Not only have there been concerns about cooling the large stadiums and guests during the brutal summer months, but questions have risen about where the large influx of spectators will stay as visitors pile into the capital city of Doha.

A rather unique idea has just been presented as…


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Living Trees Grow Inside Mansion's Oval Atrium

Created as the sixth and final seaside mansion, as part of the Jeju Airest City resort in South Korea, "The Oval" house is an open structure that hopes to seamlessly incorporate nature. Designed by Seoul-based architects Planning Korea, the goal of the condo is for the residents to experience all four seasons as they come and go.

Given its name because of its…


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WOHA Architect's Amazingly Green Park Royal Hotel

Architects and designers have been attempting to bring more of nature into the urban setting due to the ever growing push for sustainable and green living. Designed by WOHA architects, the Park Royal in Singapore is currently located in a business district, and flanked by Hong Lim Park and various apartment complexes.

The 12-story-tall hotel will feature six sky…


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