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Bears, Bunnies & Butterflies: Imaginative Paintings by Robert Bissell


"I could not get them to pose for me, so I had to learn how to paint!"

Robert Bissell grew up in the English countryside. He started out as a commercial photographer after earning his masters at the Royal College of Art in…


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Extraordinary Woven Tube Sculpture by Nikolay Polissky

Russian artist Nikolay Polissky has just completed an impressive 72-foot-tall woven sculpture entitled Beaubourg. After taking a recent trip to France, Polissky was inspired by the architecturally stunning Pompidou Center and worked its trademark hollow tube construction into the installation, even naming the piece after…


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Long Exposure Photos of Big Rigs Resting at Night

New Jersey photographer Michael Massaia has long suffered from insomnia, but has used his many restless nights to capture these images in his new series Seeing the Black Dog. Referencing the phenomenon of a phantom black dog running along the highway that many trucks experience from driving for long hours at night, the project focuses on the moment these huge vehicles and their drivers…


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Veiny Map Represents Waterways Across America

Beginning as an exercise in using open source information rather than to be a piece of art, Nelson Minar's All Rivers map is a detailed representation of every waterway in the bordering 48 United States. By using the National Hydrography Dataset, Minar outlined each river, stream, and creek he could find and related their Strahler number, which is a measure of their significance, onto the vector map he created.…


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Head in the Clouds Pavilion Raises Environmental Awareness

Built on New York City's Governors island as part of grassroots creative organization Figment’s City of Dreams Art Celebration, Head in the Clouds is used to make visitors contemplate the ever-changing light found inside the pavilion. Designed by members of architecture firm Studio KCA, the structure was made out of 53,780 plastic bottles and jugs, which is the amount New…


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Creative Pop Culture Icons by Rene Mambembe

While Helvetica has become one of the most popular and clearly recognizable fonts, graphic designer Rene Mambembe has re-imagined it in a brand new light. Turning towards iconic pop-culture figures in his series "Helveitca, My Hero," instantly recognizable characters from movies, comics, and video games are combined with their corresponding letter. From Alien to Zangief, these comical images are a fun way to see how little it takes for us to recognize these famous…


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Aged Oak Tree Rings Symbolize Life and Inevitable Death

Created as a public arts piece for the newly renovated Wilkshire county hall in the United Kingdom, 'Grain' is an installation composed of 15 large oak tree rings meant to show the full range of human life and experiences. The age rings of the tree were highlighted with ink and then sealed with wax, polished, and mounted to the wall on hidden brackets.

Tania Kovat, the artist…


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Mesmerizing Three Dimensional Bubble Landscapes

Alexandre Bordereau combines his passion for graphic design, photo-manipulation, and photography to create some truly unique and imaginative images. We've featured the self-taught photographer's work before, and now he has reemerged with his latest series entitled…


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Floating Hammock Bathtub Provides Ultimate Relaxation

Splinter Works may have created the ultimate way to relax with Vessel, a new and elegant take on the modern bathtub. The design resembles the imagery of a hammock, and is constructed out of carbon fiber for its strength and ability to form complex curves. Floating off of the ground, Vessel is attached to the walls by two stainless steel brackets that can be…


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Cleveland Library's Massive Reading Nest Made of Pallet Boards

Inspired by mythology involving griffins, trees of enlightenment, and wise owls, artist Mark Reigelman has created an enormous wooden bird's nest sitting right outside Cleveland's Public Library. Measuring 13-feet-tall and 36-feet-wide, the Reading Nest is built out of 10,000 reclaimed pallet boards and uses 40,000 nails to hold it together. The exterior walls are a mix of raw wood…


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Artist to Live a Year in a Wooden Egg to Raise Environmental Awareness

The Exbury Egg project is a functional exercise in art and sustainability. Created by artist Stephen Turner, SPUD group, and Pad studio, the project aims to make us re-evaluate the way we live, as well as our approach to sustainability. Made out of local materials and using classic boat building techniques, the Egg will be tethered to the shore and will be floating in an estuary of the river…


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John Jaggers' Astounding Metal Wildlife Sculptures

Sweet Dreams

Profesional sculptor John Jagger has dedicated 45 years to his artwork and it shows in these impressive metal pieces. A number of the works are on display at the Sculpterra winery and sculpture garden in Paso Robles, California as well as many other venues throughout the United States. Focused in metal work, his creations have such a natural life-like style to them while still being abstractions of their real-world… Continue

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Street Fighter Art Show Tribute

Ron English

For many kids (and now adults), Street Fighter is one of the most iconic arcade games of all time. Last weekend, San Francisco lifestyle boutique Bait paid tribute to the game by throwing a Street Fighter event featuring an art exhibition, mini tournament which was streamed live with onsite commentary, and a personal appearance by series producer Ono-san.

According to…


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NYC Street Signs that Address Modern Day Etiquette

Rather than simply complain about the pet peeves he was noticing on the streets of Manhattan, graphic designer Jay Shells decided to take a proactive (and somewhat humorous) approach by creating some new streets signs under the guise of the "Metropolitan Etiquette Authority." The social issues addressed are directly related to people walking while distracted by their cell phones,… Continue

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Children Collaborate to Build 1.8 million LEGO Map of Japan

The reason that LEGOs are such awesome toys for kids is because they are not only fun, they inspire kids to build whatever their hearts desire by using their problem solving skills and ingenuity.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary of being introduced into Japan, LEGO sponsored a cross-country workshop where over 5000 people in 6 different regions collaborated to create a gigantic map of their…


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Stunning JFK Portrait Painted in Under 6 Minute

Aaron Kizer, notably known for his Steve Jobs speed painting and…


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Magnificent Date Stamp Artwork

That's not a photograph or a painting you're looking at. It's actually made using something many people have sitting in their office - a normal date stamp. Berlin-based artist Federico Pietrella layers ink dates to create the gradients desired for the scene so that when viewed from a distance, they all blend together, revealing an impressive portrait or city scene. The longer I…


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Incredible Bullet Portraits

Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon, and John F. Kennedy, Jr. Besides being amazingly accomplished men and acting as inspirations for future generations, they each have something else in common. All were taken before their time by a bullet. Since their invention, bullets have been used for hunting or war, but now artist David Palmer is taking the discarded shells and creating phenomenal…


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Record Breaking Domino Spiral

15-year-old German teen Patrick Sinner is dead-set on claiming a Guinness world record. In fact, this aspiring teen has wanted to do it ever since he was just 12-years-old. With the help of some of his friends, he's as close as he's ever been.

They attempted to make the largest spiral shaped wall of domino pieces by creating a colorful 26-ft diameter spiral made up of an astounding…


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Unique Display of Steve McCurry's Photography

Photographer Steve McCurry is a world renowned photojournalist whose incredible photos have been published in an array of magazines. We've featured his photos several times on our site before, however, this only represents a small…


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