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Hyperrealistic Balancing Elephant

My fondness for hyperrealistic art led me to this strangely mesmerizing sculpture by French contemporary artist Daniel Firman. Exhibited back in 2008, this life-size piece was seen at the Fontainebleau Castle in Paris, France. Called Wursa, the sculpture is balancing on its trunk 18,000 km above the earth. Firman consulted with a professional taxidermist to construct this piece making it look as… Continue

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Tightrope Walking Sculptures (10 pics)

Highly trained acrobats precariously hang in mid-air. While this may sounds like a description for a circus act, it's actually far from it. Poland-born artist Jerzy Kediora (JOTKA) recently showed some of his magnificent sculptors at this year's Kinetica Art Fair in the UK. On a simple strip of wire, his sculptures seem to magically balance themselves, challenging the rules of physics, and… Continue

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The Precariously Balancing Bookcase (4 pics)

Are our eyes playing tricks on us or is this bookcase really balancing boxes? Columbia-based Malagana Design has created the Equilibrium Bookcase, modules stacked on top of each other that are anchored at a single point. Made of natural walnut veneer, the bookcase can magically hold up to 120 lbs of weight. Now that's what I call a conversation piece!…


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Balancing on the Edge - Part 2 (8 photos)

Daredevil Eskil Ronningsbakken hasn't fallen to his death yet and he has more amazing balancing act photos from his home country of Norway to prove it.

Describing his performances as "expressions of art," the 30-year-old is currently touring with a team of 10 people as part…


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Balancing Brute with Cute - Luke Chueh (5 pieces)


You can always count on artist Luke Chueh to both shock and surprise you with his sweet but disturbing work. CoproGallery is the current home to Luke Chueh's new pieces. The show, titled Beginnings / Endings (And Other Worthless Epiphanies), toes the line between comedy and tragedy,…


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