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Real-Life Angry Birds

What happens when an artist, who has a passion for the hit game Angry Birds, takes actual photos of birds and digitally paints over them? Well, if that artist is Mohamed Raoof, we get some of the best examples of real life Angry Birds anyone has ever seen! These photo manipulations are so good they'll almost fool you into believing that Angry Birds actually exist in real life.… Continue

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Hitchcock x Angry Birds Mash-Up

Who doesn't love a good mash-up, especially when it involves something relatively old and something new? Called Them Birds, this illustration pits a stoic Alfred Hitchcock with a group of very Angry Birds. Created in collaboration by illustrators Dan Eijah Fajardo (aka Dandingeroz) and Pedro Kramer (aka Badbasilisk), it's currently submitted on… Continue

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Angry Bird Spotted in the City!

Street art and pop culture collide again! Street artist OaKoAk just put up this awesome, new piece he calls Angry Bird in the City. If you're not familiar with OaKoAk's pop culture-inspired work, go here and… Continue

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Flock of Birds-Inspired Art

With Milan Design Week ending today, no doubt one of their highlights was this mesmerizing installation called “Flylight” which consists of 160 glass tubes that lighten up and respond to the viewer's movement. Inspired by the behavior from a flock of birds and the fascinating patterns they seem to create in the air, the installation is best appreciated not through photos but in person or by video… Continue

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Angry Birds x Banksy Mashup

Take a hugely popular game, Angry Birds, and mash it up with a very recognizable street art piece, from Banksy, and what do you get? This very clever creation. Called Angry Birdksy, it's by Austin, Texas-based graphic designer Brandon (or Bortwein). Love it!

Bortwein on Flickr

via… Continue

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Pic of the Day: Angry Birds

Angry Birds has taken the world by storm and who better to show us this than our favorite father/photographer Jason Lee?

Jason just put up this great photo of his two daughters reenacting the game.

"The kids love Angry Birds and, I admit, I'm a big fan too," he tells us. "I saw these hats for sale on… Continue

Added by alice on February 3, 2011 at 3:30pm — 6 Comments

Pics of the Day: Opera Birds (4 total)

These four birds tie for today's Pic of the Day. May we all live our lives with this much enthusiasm!

By Aorta +… Continue

Added by alice on January 30, 2011 at 8:00am — 4 Comments


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