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GIFs of Remarkable In-Camera Projection Mapping

Box is a visually stimulating short film by San Francisco-based design and engineering studio Bot & Dolly that exemplifies the optically transformative power of current projection mapping technology. With the use of a few robotic arms, moving panels around, the scene is set for a live performance combining human interaction with the illusive images projected onto the moving…


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Artist Covers Himself With Stamps and Asks to Be Mailed

Last year, performance and installation artist Wilmer Wilson IV conducted a series of three public performances, collectively entitled Henry Box Brown: Forever, along the streets of Washington, DC. For each performance, the artist covered his entire body with a single value of postage stamps, with increasing values for every journey. He then walked a planned distance across the…


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Incredibly Realistic & Shocking Cardboard Scenes

Box is a project by Belgium photographers Maxime Delvaux and Kevin Laloux, in which they utilized cardboard and miniature dollhouse furniture to create these dramatic scenes. The elaborate portraits portray the imperfections of life through very surreal and cinematic moments. Each character seems incredibly downtrodden and unresponsive to the life around them. For example, a car crashes…


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Water Chaity Box

Donate some change to give this thirsty man a drink! Chinese agency McCann HealthCare came up with up this clever charity box, which is part of a campaign to help build channels and reservoirs in the dry lands of Western China.

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Urban Picnic Box (10 pics)

Sure it's just a pretty piece of cardboard but damn, this is cool. For $35 the eco-friendly Urban Picnic Boxsal also comes with the following: compostable trays, large bowls, small bowls, utensil sets, cold cups, napkins and trash bags.

Marketing to the hip, urban crowd, you can just imagine your Droid-carrying, Banksy-loving, Chucks-sporting friend carrying… Continue

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Clever Design - Eco-Conscious T-issue Box (2 pics)

Sometimes the simplest designs send the strongest messages. South Korean designer Lukas Koh took an ordinary tissue box and transformed it into an environmentally aware object, called T-issue. The tree shaped cut-out on the side allows you to see how much tissue you have remaining, as well as making you conscious about your consumption habits.…


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