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MMM Exclusive: Amazing Palm Springs Weekend in Cadillac's New ELR


This post is in partnership with Cadillac. The first ever ELR: where electricity meets luxury. Check it out …


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Lofty Installation Forces Visitors to Rethink Space

By using the remnants from a previous exhibition, Amsterdam-based design firm Rietveld Landscape has created Pretty Vacant, an architectural installation that forces visitors to focus on the use of space and the idea of emptiness. While the firm's original project was displayed back in 2010 with the intention of highlighting the number of unused buildings as well as their…


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Concrete House Looks Like a Fortress Floating on Water

Created to not only take full use of its surrounding area but also help re-introduce the native wetlands, the Stamp House aims to be an off-the-grid environmental statement that looks like a fortress floating on water. Designed by Charles Wright Architects and located in the FNQ beachfront rain-forest of Queensland, Australia, this building is only accessible by bridge and…


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Melbourne's Sleek Transportation Center by Zaha Hadid

World-renowned architect Zaha Hadid is working on a joint proposal with Brisbane-based firm Donovan Hill for Melbourne's Flinders St. Station competition. The design concept for the proposal is a modern elongated form that also pays tribute to the building's historic past. Hadid's main goal with this project is to…


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Beautifully Segmented Wooden Chair by Pedro Arturo

Sometimes the simplest approach yields the most beautiful results. Created out of CNC cut wooden segments, industrial designer Pedro Arturo's open chair known as Óceo presents an exercise in bare-bone design. Two vertical slats create the interior space of the structure and hold all the other cut-outs in place, though a few screws were added for extra support.

The modern seat's sturdy…


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Unique Roof Provides Natural Ventilation in Italy

In the Italian hills, presented with the problem of having to add circulation space and a new family home to a preexisting structure, Plasma design studio has created an interesting and eye catching structure. The architects took full use of the landscape by building into the slope and having the unique metal-slated roof wrap around the property.

The first part of this design that will catch the viewer's eyes is the beautiful geometric canopy roof that rises from the…


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Credit Card-Sized Tools Perfect for the Handyman's Wallet

"Sometimes the best tool for the job is the one within reach," explains George Laituri, father of the two designers who have created a set of clever, useful, and compact tools. Brother Dave and Calvin Laituri have launched an already successful Kickstarter campaign to fund Tul.

Created out of laser cut metal, each Tul is extremely durable and the size of a standard credit card - the perfect…


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Tel Aviv's Futuristic Skytrain Transportation System

While public transportation yields many benefits for population dense cities, there are also a number of downsides to it, such as congestion, environmental impact, and the high cost to the city. A new type of public transit system is being developed by NASA and Skytran to bring the future one step closer and revolutionize city transportation. The Skytran consists of levitating pods that will travel on a…


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One Workplace's Beautiful New Showroom and Headquarters

One of the largest furniture dealers in California, One Workplace has recently undergone an impressive renovation to their main showroom and headquarters. Designed by architecture firm Design Blitz, the new space is open and inviting, giving visitors a wonderful tour of the facilities while the staff gets a fun and unique environment in which to work.



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Hyperloop Carries Passengers at Near Speed of Sound

When California announced their plan for a high-speed railway that would connect San Francisco and Los Angeles, after the proposal, there were murmurs of disappointment. One person who disagreed with the alleged concept was billionaire and Paypal founder Elon Musk. Instead of just stating his dissatisfaction with the concept, Musk set out to design a better…


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Futuristic Sleeping Pods Recharge Modern Workers

During a typical day's work, many employees start feeling tired by mid-afternoon. Who wouldn't love to take a quick nap to recharge their batteries before pushing through the final hours? Unfortunately, sleeping on the job is frowned upon in many places of employment, but one company is hoping to encourage power naps to benefit both workers and their businesses. This is where the sci-fi looking…


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Futuristic Magnetic Dumbbell Concept

What is the worst part of weight training? Some might argue that it is the weights themselves. However, traditional dumbbells may soon become a thing of the past. The future is now molded by the concept of electromagnetism or so says the O2 Magnetic Dumbbell. The two small rings worn by the user above and below the elbow are powered by embedded electromagnets that… Continue

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Japan's Minimal Apartment Tower Resembles a White Ship

Created by Japanese firm Eastern Design Office, the Step Tower is described as "a stark white ship that sails in the middle of the bustling sea of colors." The new residential building is located in Ibaraki-city within Osaka, Japan and is aiming to usher in a new wave of housing to better suit the city's growing industry.

This 10-story high apartment complex has a…


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London's Famous "Gherkin" Receives 10 Year Performance Award

If you've ever travelled to London, you've no doubt seen the famous Swiss Re Headquarters designed by Norma Foster, otherwise deemed, "The Gherkin." The building has become an iconic part of London's skyline and is one of the city's many landmarks. That is why the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s (or CTBUH) has bestowed the Gherkin with their first 10-year award. CTBUH feels that…


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China's Modern Stingray-Shaped Art Museum

You may not have heard of the small Chinese island city of Pingtan, but due to a new government project in the area, it

may soon be bustling as a center of trade and as a new urban mecca. To capitalize on this future growth, China-based firm MAD released a proposal for a new museum to be built in the small city to act as a cultural destination. The Pingtan Art Museum will be the largest private…


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Messe Basel's Sleek New Exhibition Spaces

In February 2013, architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron was asked to add three new exhibition halls to the Messe Basel building in Basel, Switzerland. The structure hosts the famous Art Basel, one of the premiere contemporary and modern art exhibits in the world.

Each of the three auditoriums are roughly 33-feet-tall and have been stacked on top of each other to create an expansive…


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Zaha Hadid's Big Debut in New York City

World-famous architect Zaha Hadid has constructed buildings in nearly every major city. However, New York city has been one of the few places that lacked her unique designs. That's all about to change with this new 11-story luxury apartment complex that has just been commissioned by developer Related Companies. The building will be erected right next to one of New York's newest and most popular…


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Revolutionary Space-Saving Vertical Farms in China

Due to China's rapid urban expansion, its no surprise that much of their usable farmlands are disappearing. While the country has the largest agricultural output and supplies over twenty percent of the worlds population, only ten percent of all the land China owns is arable. This was the main driving force behind…


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Seriously Stylish Wooden Framed Bicycles

With the increased popularity of bicycles for city residents as a means of transportation, many companies have popped up that create bikes out of different materials and with a wide range of customizable features. This is definitely the most stylish wooden framed one we've ever come across. Designed by French company BSG, the WOOD.B cycles come in two different styles and have two…


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Zaha Hadid's Fluid New Cultural Center For Azerbaijan

Created by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the highly anticipated Heydar Aliyev cultural center in Baku, Azerbaijan is nearly complete and set to open in September 2013. The project was started in 2007 with hopes of becoming a landmark and source of beauty for the city of Baku. The multipurpose building will house a library, museum, conference rooms, small galleries, and act as a hub for…


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