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MMM Exclusive: Amazing Palm Springs Weekend in Cadillac's New ELR


This post is in partnership with Cadillac. The first ever ELR: where electricity meets luxury. Check it out …


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DeLorean Taxi Transports New Yorkers to Another World

Back to the Future is one of the most iconic 1980's films. Aside from its two brilliant actors, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the DeLorean took center stage as the dynamic duo time traveled through different periods in the history of Hill Valley, California.

One could only imagine the delight…


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Children Collaborate to Build 1.8 million LEGO Map of Japan

The reason that LEGOs are such awesome toys for kids is because they are not only fun, they inspire kids to build whatever their hearts desire by using their problem solving skills and ingenuity.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary of being introduced into Japan, LEGO sponsored a cross-country workshop where over 5000 people in 6 different regions collaborated to create a gigantic map of their…


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Revolutionary Ocean Skyscraper Designed for Research

Designed by French architect Jacques Rougerie, the 170 feet (51m) tall SeaOrbiter will be the first vertical skyscraper ship of its kind. Two-thirds of the spectacular vessel is underwater, perfect for accommodating a team of 18-22 researchers who will be able to spend 24 hours a day underwater.

Researchers will use the facilities for a variety of purposes,…


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Cosplay Queen Meagan Marie

Lara Croft of Tomb Raider

Meagan Marie is the real deal. She doesn't just wear off-the-shelf cosplay costumes. She goes all the way, sometimes taking up to six hours to prepare her makeup, like in the case of her highly creative Comic-Con outfit for Lady Two-Face.

To prove just how hardcore Meagan is, she even works at game studio… Continue

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Ceiling Clouds Made with 25,000 Wooden Sticks

Inspired by mysterious cloud images at the Izumo Grand Shrine, Takeshi Sano came up with a unique design for the ceiling of Tsujita restaurant in Los Angeles, California. The Japanese designer took 25,000 wooden sticks with different lengths and spaced them out strategically to create a stereoscopic effect in the form of wooden clouds. Sano says his goal is to share the delicate beauty of… Continue

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Lazy Light Blubs

A "Light Blub" is no ordinary light bulb. It's actually a light bulb that has lost its way. According to creator Pieke Bergmans, the Blubs were "infected by the dreaded Design Virus" and "have taken on all kinds of forms and sizes you wouldn't expect from such well behaving and reliable little products. Nevertheless, they seem to be enjoying their new free existences."…


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Driving on Walls

Hyundai recently put their own spin on the projection mapping craze that's been trending with car companies lately. Suspending a Hyundai Accent in mid-air, they create a virtual vertical racetrack that's sure to blow your mind.

Hyundai's website

via [… Continue

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Creative Ad: Augmented Reality Angels

Lynx (aka Axe in America) recently launched a brilliant augmented reality campaign at Victoria Station in London. British ad agency BBH put signs on the floor, telling travelers to look up at a giant video screen. On the screen, they saw an image of themselves, plus the angels. As this video shows, the reactions ranged from surprised to somewhat lewd.

To increase impact, the agency created a social media campaign titled “Lynx Excite Fallen Angel.” Once users… Continue

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Sexy iPad Design: 76 Synthesizer (8 pics)

With 76 Synthesizer, Swedish designer Jonas Eriksson has created the sexiest iPad app interface to date. The retro synthesizer app looks so magnificently detailed and realistic, it makes it easier for people to understand how it works.

The patch cords and voltage meters might look intimidating and abstruse in the real world, but they become playful and inviting when embedded in the… Continue

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Stylish Modern Boombox (3 pics)

Updated with today's best technology, TDK's stylish new boombox pays tribute to old-school ghetto-blasters. Instead of cassette tapes and CDs, the boombox has USB and RCA auxiliary ports to connect a huge variety of music sources. The instrument input can be blended with other audio, allowing for iPod karaoke or street-corner performances.

Old analog… Continue

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Streets Morph Into Running Track (7 pics)

In an effort to attract visitors, Austrian architects Sandra Janser and Elisabeth Koller painted the streets of Graz, Austria to resemble a running track. The bright red track with separating gray lines has successfully generated a buzz in the area, which has helped surrounding businesses. The 750m-long installation, titled "Ready. Steady. Go!", won first prize in the… Continue

Added by Eugene on November 25, 2010 at 11:00am — 3 Comments

Teaching Design for Change: TED

I was really moved by this TED Talk by designer Emily Pilloton. It's intriguing to hear how design can be used to teach different subjects at school and how that could lead to rebuilding a whole city.

Pilloton moved to rural Bertie County, in North Carolina, to engage in a bold experiment of design-led community transformation. She's teaching a design-build class called Studio H that engages high schoolers' minds and bodies while bringing smart design and… Continue

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Incredible Addition to Miami's Design District (4 pics)

Oppenheim Architecture + Design is about to give Miami’s Design District a whole new look. COR will be the first sustainable mixed-use condominium in the area. The building includes commercial and office space, a fitness center, and 113 residences, ranging from studios to penthouses.

Seeking LEED Platinum certification, the structure extracts power from… Continue

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Modern Design: It's Pouring Light! (9 pics)

Designed by South Korean Yeongwoo Kim, the "Pouring Lamp" is a fun lighting concept perfect for those who love optical illusions. The lamp freezes "tea" as it spills in mid-air. Simply give the tea bag a tug to turn it on.…


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Modern Design: Seagull Reading Light (2 pics)

The Seagull Reading Light by QisDesign is the perfect minimalist piece for people who don't like clutter. Inspired by flying seagulls, the table lamp's “wings” change positions, imitating a soaring bird in the sky.

Useful for reading or setting the right mood, the Seagull Light has two knobs on its main body: the front adjusts brightness, while the back… Continue

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Citycabs (4 pics)

If you're a traveler at heart, you may appreciate these posters by Antrepo Design Industry which look at taxi cabs from different cities. Included are the Blackcab from London, Yellowcab from New York City, Panelvan from Istanbul, and VW Beetle from Mexico City. Current taxi fare information is also displayed on the bottom of the posters.…


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Modern Design: Halley’s Comet Inspired Light (3 pics)

Designed for Vibia by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal, the Halley is a gorgeous symmetrical light named after the bright comet we all know and love.

It's completely portable, eco-friendly, and features a diffuser with a strip of LED lights. The simple click-in-place system comes in three configurations: floor-to-floor, floor-to-wall or… Continue

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Modern Design: Silver Chip and Dip Server

Here's a really stylish way to serve your ordinary chips and salsa. Designed by New York-based design studio MyDesign Group for Nambé, "Scoop Chip and Dip" features a dip bowl that hovers effortlessly over a larger serving bowl.

"The inspiration for the Scoop Chip and Dip came from the sweeping, fluid motion one performs when scooping an actual chip into… Continue

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Modern Design: Polar Bear Storage Unit

If you love polar bears and tend to leave your keys, wallet, and cell phone all around the house, this limited edition Polar Bear Storage Unit could be for you! It's also great for storage and display of books, CDs, or pretty much anything else. Too bad that at $2,063, It comes at a hefty pricetag.…


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