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Classic Cars Perfectly Explode Into Thousands of Tiny Pieces

Swiss artist Fabian Oefner is the master of high-speed photography. His recent exploding cars projects, Hatch and Disintegrating, feature that signature style with a twist.

For Disintegrating (above), Oefner carefully disassembled 1950s and 1960s model cars and individually photographed each part, using needles and string to achieve the proper…


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Split-Second Burst of Paint Captured from Spinning Drill

Fabian Oefner captures all kinds of incredible color and motion in just the blink of an eye. His awesome skills at experimentation have once again led to this captivating series, entitled Black Hole. For each image, Oefner drips acrylic paint onto a metallic rod that is attached to a drill. When he turns the drill on, the paint instantly flies away from the center of the rod and, in that…


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The Beauty of Bursting Iridescent Soap Bubbles

After checking out his colorful mosaics, his dancing salts, and his…


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Glowing Lamp Lights Appear to be Astronomical Explosions

Artist Fabian Oefner is on a roll these days, creating all kinds of scientifically-based artistic creations that cannot be missed! We absolutely love his watercolor mosaics and…


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Colored Salt Dances with Sound Waves

Just recently, we were very impressed with Fabian Oefner's brilliant watercolor mosaics, and today, we focus on another one of his remarkably inspiring scientific experiments. Dancing Colors is a project where Oefner turns sound waves into visible sculptures and he says,…


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Watercolors Form Tiny Colorful Mosaics

These tiny little circles are colorful fluid mosaics created by photographer Fabian Oefner. The Swiss photographer likes to experiment with scientific phenomena to create his images. In this project, Millefiori, Oefner starts with a base of ferrofluid, which is a magnetic solution similar to motor oil. Under a magnetic field, the liquid stands on edge and rearranges itself into black…


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