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8-Bit-Inspired Fashion Store

If you love the nostalgic feeling that comes with 8-bit anything, then you must check out the Anrealage store in Harajuku, Tokyo. Not only will you find some fierce pixelated fashion by emerging Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga, you'll also be able to check out a whole store decked out in 8-bit including the chairs, table, light bulbs and more.… Continue

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The Art of Fashion Starring Drew Barrymore

Though this new Neiman Marcus campaign, called Art of Fashion, has shots that look overtly like advertisements, we couldn't help but want to share it with you when we saw who was the star. All-American actress Drew Barrymore dons decadent outfits by everyone from Gucci and Prada to Tom Ford and Carolina Herrera, all shot by Norman Jean Roy. Like a modern-day movie star, Barrymore looks… Continue

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Undeniably Glamorous Fashion Illustrations

We'd seen Laura Laine's incredibly beautiful fashion illustrations before, but it surprised us that we actually never wrote a post about her work. The Helskinki-based illustrator studied fashion design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, but after her first course on fashion illustration, she decided that she had found her true calling. As she's said in a… Continue

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Investment Banker Turned Photojournalist

Marcus Bleasdale's dedication to his work has influenced policy makers all around the world. His photos have been used in the US Senate, US House of Representatives, United Nations and the house of Parliament in the UK. What's even more amazing is that these images come from a man who changed his rich lifestyle banker career to that of a not so lavish photojournalist.

As… Continue

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Voyeuristic Fashion Photography

A few days ago, we launched YPOC's Visual Storytellers contest where we asked you to show us a story through a personal piece. To give you another example of what we're looking for, here's one provocative series by Andreas Kock called Stalker. This was originally created as a fashion editorial.… Continue

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Sizzling Sex Appeal

Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated model Jessica Perez continues her upward climb towards stardom. Fashion photographer Nando Esparza captures the sexy model as she approaches her prime. Styled by Karin Elgai, Perez certainly sizzles with sex appeal...

via [Fashion Gone…


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Stuck in Time (6 photos)

It's hard to tell whether French fashion photographer Remi Rebillard was trying to set the stage in the past, during the times of ancient Mayans - or in the distant future, in a world that resembles a sexy sci-fi movie. Either way, he hits the mark perfectly with this captivating series. Models Hanna Saul, Dominique Clerc, and Alexandra Yanina look absolutely stunning...…


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Funky Fresh Fashion Photography (14 photos)

Who knew fashion photography could be this fierce, fresh and fun! Filippo Del Vita and Laura Garcia Serventi are the talented duo behind Effelle Photography. The two met while studying at the Center for Contemporary Photography "Fondazione Studio Marangoni" in Florence. Since then, they've exhibited their work in numerous shows all around Europe including the Triennale of Milan, the Biennale in Reus… Continue

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Fierce and Passionate Fashion Photography (7 photos)

Stevie Mada (made up of Stevie Verroca and Mada Refujio) worked with stylist Christian Classen and model Sarah (from Vision Model Management) to create this passionate spread called Je T’aime. By accentuating colors that pop off the screen, the photographic duo express love and passion through the model's piercing blue eyes and fiery-red hair. Of course, her aching expressions also… Continue

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Gorgeous Fashion Fairytale (8 photos)

Model Mariana Idzkowska is looking like royalty in the latest issue of L’Officiel. The beautiful model is shot by fashion photographer Justin Wu, who is based in Paris. Dressed by Nicolas Kuttler in high fashion garments from the likes of Valentino and Elie Saab, Mariana delivers editorial gold in these neutral and crimson hues. What a gorgeous fashion fairytale!…


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Fashion Show with Google

The problem with shopping online is that you don't know how clothes are going to look/fit on you. That's why this ad by Robbin Ingvarsson & Waldemar Wegelin is so effective. “Fashion Show with Google” shows that you can do "more with Google" than you imagined. The 30 second TV commercial was played in Japan.

via [today and tomorrow]

Related:… Continue

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Beautiful and Tragic Fashion Stories (21 photos)

Born in Afghanistan, Azim Haidaryan has an envious job - he gets to travel the world as a fashion photographer. His gorgeous photos have graced the pages of Italian and Vogue China as well as Vanity Fair and GQ magazine. With a client list that includes Bergdorf Goodman, Ferragamo, Lanvin, and Christian Dior among others, Haidaryan is also credited with helping to… Continue

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Whimsical Fashion Fairy Tales (7 photos)

What happens when you take classic children's fairy tales and make them original and current? Well, you might just get something as whimsical and magical as this. Model Katie Fogarty and photographer Benjamin Kanarek have come together for a surreal editorial, called Tale of the Unexpected, for the October 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong. Stop and… Continue

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Beautiful and Dramatic Fashion Photography (9 photos)

Chinese-born photographer Zhang Jingna blows us away with her latest work, Before the Tide Comes. Model Denise dons a asymmetrical leather shrug on top of a parachute long dress, looking more like a badass mermaid goddess than a mere mortal. You've got to love the drama and mystery of it all and how those elements are only emphasized by the fact that it's all… Continue

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Fierce Fashion Photography from Santiago, Chile (15 photos)

Self-taught 23-year-old photographer Simón Pais-Thomas brings to life photos that can best be described as fierce. Though some of them can appear shockingly surreal, he's equally adept at shooting beautiful and powerful fashion photos that look like they could be ripped from the pages of our favorite fashion magazines. Simón is known for his sensitive and introspective… Continue

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Oscar de la Renta's Romantic Runway Fashion (12 photos)

Vogue gives us an inside look at Oscar de la Renta's gorgeous Spring 2011 collection. Debuting during New York Fashion week, Oscar's evening collection included incredible flower embroidery, mounds of black organza, sparking sequins, cascading ruffles and even a white swansdown tutu with a black faille bodice! It was a fantastic mix of fashion and art, that made us… Continue

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Basking in the Sun (12 photos)

Fashion photographer Nicole Nodland makes us wish summer would never end. After all, what could be more relaxing than being near the ocean, while basking in the sun. The only thing missing is an ice cold drink.

Aside from shooting beautiful women on the beach, Nodland started her career as the personal photographer to Prince. She worked with him and his… Continue

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New York Fashion Week 2010

Christian Siriano Spring 2011 Collection (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

New York Fashion Week kicked off Thursday, Sept. 9, and runs through Thursday, Sept. 16. So far, I've found that has the best photo gallery covering the action. The set is updated… Continue

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Nick Knight's Artistic Fashion Photography (15 photos)

Nick Knight isn't just any fashion photographer. Sure, he travels around the world shooting editorials for famous fashion magazines like Vogue, taking photos of some of the biggest supermodels in the world. But then take a look at his work and you'll see that Knight is also an artist who embraces digital technology. As he says, "it's just a way of having more control… Continue

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Underwater Hanbok Fashion Show (7 pics + video)

Designer Park Sul-Nyeo threw the world's first underwater hanbok fashion show in Seoul last week. A hanbok is a traditional Korean dress that flows with bright, beautiful colors. The attraction was held as a part of promotional event for the opening of a new department store.…


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