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Herakut's New Mural Tells Misfits It's OK to be Different

Brother and sister duo Herakut recently put up this new mural in St. Ottilien, Germany. The piece is the second installment of a special children’s book project that the street artists have been working on, which centers around a young female character named Lily. The piece reads: "I am different, but.... aren't we all different?" The mural send a great message of acceptance to young children and adults that may feel ostracized by society for feeling like a…


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Record Breaking Domino Spiral

15-year-old German teen Patrick Sinner is dead-set on claiming a Guinness world record. In fact, this aspiring teen has wanted to do it ever since he was just 12-years-old. With the help of some of his friends, he's as close as he's ever been.

They attempted to make the largest spiral shaped wall of domino pieces by creating a colorful 26-ft diameter spiral made up of an astounding…


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Herakut Opens in Germany (12 pics)

Collaborative artists Herakut opened their show “Happy Doubt Day” a few days ago at Galerie Springmann.Varol in Dusseldorf, Germany. The exhibit features 20+ new canvas paintings, wood pieces, sculptures, and additional installations, showcasing herakut's unique, intensely original style.

Through the strength of their work, coupled with the demand for their…


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Urban Street Art - Herakut: Germany (2 pics)

This huge street mural comes to us from collaborative street artists, Herakut. A young girl with a peculiar headpiece is seen writing on the wall, "Art doesn't help people, people help people."

Herakut is made up of two two graffiti artists, Hera and Akut. The male and female duo have been working together since 2004. Herakut combine deeply contrasting styles…


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President Obama's Diplomatic Trip Around the World

TIME does a great job photo-journalizing President Obama on his quest to spread diplomacy around the world. Follow the U.S. President as he visits Germany, Egypt and Saudi Arabia on his historic tour of the Middle East. The set will be updated again tomorrow as he… Continue

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Urban Street Art - Mentalgassi: Berlin (7 pics)

I can't help but laugh when I look at Mentalgassi's street art installations in Berlin, Germany. Consisting of three core members, they go around wheatpasting faces on public installations, such as reclyling bins and tickets validators, thereby evoking emotion from those that pass by. Gotta love their sense of humor!…


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Carnival in Germany!!! (15 photos)

Thousands of fun-seekers have started celebrating carnival in Germany. By dressing up in costumes and singing in the streets, they are determined to shrug off what is shaping to be the worst recession since the Second World War. “When times are tough we just party even harder,” said Christoph Kuckelkorn, the manager of the Cologne's Rose Monday procession, which… Continue

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Cityscope - An Urban Kaleidoscope: Cologne, Germany (8 photos)

It's always great to see people coming up with new and creative installations of urban street art. German designer Marco Hemmerling has created a multi-faceted installation in Cologne, Germany called Cityscope which reflects fragments of surrounding buildings.

While moving around the sculpture, the reflections on the glass continuously change. In this way, the… Continue

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Hi-Def Pics - The Cutest Siberian Tiger Cub In the Whole World (7 photos)

Have you seen anything cuter than this? Meet Antares, a Siberian tiger cub at Berlin's Tierpark Zoo. He was named after a star in the Milky Way and is the 121st tiger born at Germany's most famous zoo. Antares is extra special, Siberian tigers are currently listed as an endangered species. He's sure to break some hearts when he grows up!…


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I Love Modern Architecture (and cool cars!) - Porsche Museum: Stuttgart, Germany

Who knew museums could look this good? Porsche has announced that its new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany is nearing completion, with the first 12 exhibition vehicles installed. Within the next few days, 80 exhibits will have been relocated to the museum from off-premises storage. “In the last few weeks, we have comprehensively restored all the vehicles and… Continue

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"Festival of Lights": Berlin, Germany

I guess the German's like to get lit. Berlin is hosting its annual "Festival of Lights" this week, until October 26th. More than 45 Landmarks are lit up with lamps, projectors and lasers, accompanied by fireworks and other events from 7pm until 1am every night.

See the photos at the Boston Globe

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I Love Modern Architecture - Leonardo Glass Cube by 3deluxe: Bad Driburg, Germany

How sweet is this glass building? The Leonardo Glass Cube is a glass-fronted building in Bad Driburg, Germany designed by 3Deluxe. The integrative design concept combines architecture, interior design and landscape design into a complex aesthetic structure which was built in May of 2007.

The glass facade allows the Leonardo Glass Cube to interplay with… Continue

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I Love Modern Architecture - "Dupli Casa" by Jurgen Mayer: Germany

The thing I admire most about "Dupli Casa" is the elegant lines of the private residence that seamlessly blends the structure with the sloping land. If you look at the home from different angles, it completely changes shape. Designed by German architect Jurgen Mayer, this spaceship-like building is three stories, made of concrete, and rests near Neckar River in… Continue

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Ozeaneum - One Giant Fish Tank: Stralsund, Germany

Ozeaneum is the one of the biggest aquarium parks in Europe and opened July 12, 2008 in Stralsund, Germany. It took three years to construct and cost about 60,000,000 euros. ($89,442,000)

Inside visitors can discover what is going on in a mysterious world that makes up 70 per cent of our planet's surface. With aquariums and exhibitions spread over some… Continue

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